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Morning GCD!

Well, yesterday I noticed the little Jet icon appearing in the header every now and then whenever a gcash sale would pop up. And I've also noticed a real decrease in the lack of announcement spam about gcash sales!

IS ANYONE ELSE HAPPY ABOUT THIS?! emotion_kirakira I mean, they implemented what y'all asked for, and I'm personally pleased as punch.

gaia_spoons Do you like this new development? Yes? No?
gaia_spoons The staff is of course reading this forum and listening! How do you feel about that?
gaia_spoons ISN'T THE TINY JET ICON ADORABLE?? emotion_kirakira
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They may have found a loophole. If the GC sale comes with some free item, they'll still announce it several times.
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I'm quite pleased with it as well. I was just waiting for a cash sale not too long ago and -- BAM! Jet cash sale icon popped up so I could get discounted cash, without missing it, so I could get an item I wanted. I actually have announcements blocked, since Gaia didn't seem to get/understand that they were doing waaaaay too much in a day, and too many repeat advertisements when we already know what's there, like we're fish with a 5 second memory. So it's very nice/useful to me to have that kind of icon for sales instead. I hope they continue with that.
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Still getting a lot of gold gen spam, but yes I definitely prefer this. It also lets me know a lot more easily that there is a sale on. 3nodding
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The little tiny Jet is so cute. I much prefer seeing him there as an indicator of a GC sale rather than getting an announcement about it.
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Are you guys really getting a lot of spam? For example I logged in today and only have 5 announcements -- I think that's quite an improvement from the usual 10+. OAO
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I think its great heart
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Very nice! That's somewhat of a relief. After a while, I'd stopped clicking on announcements altogether. rolleyes

What I'd like to see in the future are banners made to fit icons like Jet in more naturally.
They're just floating around randomly right now. It would be cool to see their designs integrated into more fitting backgrounds someday.
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man, i adblock that thing but it just keeps coming back..... . . it just kee.. .ps coming g bac............ . . .k .. . . . . . .

hm now that you mention it though i guess the announcement spam "____ STILL ON SALE" has decreased..... hm.
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It's freaking adorable. Sparkly Jet is so cute. I don't even mind it. I mean we do get the occasional announcement when they add something like an item on top of getting GC but it's a lot better than before.
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I like it. It's something I can easily ignore while I browse.
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I'm happy... really I'm always happy when the community is heard...

Of course, I still believe there's always room for further improvement. I'm still waiting for a day when a nice solution is found to separate CS announcements from community announcements...
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Very happy what is jet icon?
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Very happy what is jet icon?

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Free Killz
Very happy what is jet icon?

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Oh that icon, lol it is rather cute looking, like how it bounce the G bal, on it's head

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