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So about the Tiger & Bunny Items:

Love them so much! 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 16 ]
Love them, but they could have done more. 0.14732142857143 14.7% [ 33 ]
Dislike them, due to the series. 0.0625 6.2% [ 14 ]
Disappointed that there weren't any clothing or wig poses. 0.71875 71.9% [ 161 ]
Total Votes:[ 224 ]
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So I didn't see a list, so I might as well pop one out for everyone!
I shall be listing the items in a pretty simple manner, no fanciness here.

Anywho, so how is everyone liking the new update to the Mecha Neko?
Glad to see that the companion items are being sold separate instead of in a RIG?
So about those SDPlus -cough- I mean SDSuper+ dolls, what are your opinions?
Cute? Pointless? Adorable? Meaningless? Like these back-to-back synonyms?
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Mecha Neko - New Shop Items (199GC)

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Barnaby Brooks Jr.

User Image
Wild Tiger

User Image
Blue Rose

User Image
Sky High

User Image
Fire Emblem

User Image
Origami Cyclone

User Image
Dragon Kid

User Image
Rock Bison

Tiger & Bunny SDPlus Blind Box

User Image
Tiger & Bunny SDPlus Blind Box

User Image
SDSuper+ T&B01 Kotetsu

User Image
SDSuper+ T&B02 Wild Tiger

User Image
SDSuper+ T&B03 Barnaby

User Image
SDSuper+ T&B04 Bunny

User Image
SDSuper+ T&B05 Karina

User Image
SDSuper+ T&B06 Blue Rose

User Image
SDSuper+ T&B07 Keith

User Image
SDSuper+ T&B08 Sky High

User Image
SDSuper+ T&B09 Pao-Lin

User Image
SDSuper+ T&B10 Dragon Kid

User Image
SDSuper+ T&B11 Ivan

User Image
SDSuper+ T&B12 Origami Cyclone

User Image
SDSuper+ T&B13 Nathan

User Image
SDSuper+ T&B14 Fire Emblem

User Image
SDSuper+ T&B15 Antonio

User Image
SDSuper+ T&B16 Rock Bison

User Image
SDSuper+ T&B17 Yuri

User Image
SDSuper+ T&B18 Lunatic

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ah s**t

look at all those items i cant actually wear and therefore have no real meaning to me
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I can't buuuuy, but! *stalks the MP instead for a sneaky peek at the items* xd
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So far I do not see a RIG just a bunch of posed companions.
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Celeste Starfyre
So far I do not see a RIG just a bunch of posed companions.
Companions and a special T&B Doll CI, that's all.
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There was someone that posted a thread a few days (weeks?) ago about how T&B are a hot topic so they'll probably end up in Mecha Neko. Turns out he/she was right. XD

/scurries over to MP to look at items

EDIT: emotion_donotwant All companions and dolls? Not my cup of tea. Granted, I'm not as into this show as I was with FMA. emotion_drool
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It's all companions and dolls. I'm sure enthusiasts will love it, but I myself have no need for them. A shame. There was a lot of potential here that just got dashed along the floor.
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This looks terrible!
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          Oh, look! It's another sponsor that's going to be forgotten in three days' time.

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Not available to my side emo but stalk this thread and the mp I will >D

Spiffy! thank you Hue for all the item lists<3
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yay! more more! XD

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advertising wise its okay
but i hate it doesnt have extra poses

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