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The fact that it's only companions and dolls makes it unusable for me. I'll give the item a grading of D+.
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                haters gonna hate talk2hand i'm one of the few that likes companions and dolls so this pleases me no matter how much there is / isn't in the update.
                i just wish i wasn't broke so i could bury myself in kotetsus :c i mean obvs if no one else wants them then give them to people that do yo
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I actually like all the items. (I really want that kotetsu doll!! )
As a big fan of the series, I'll take what I can get XD
I wish though that there were outfits and hairs.
I would have loved more Kotetsu items *___*
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I was thrilled when I heard about the sponsorship, but disappointed when I saw the execution. I was hoping we'd get wigs and outfits from the various characters from Tiger and Bunny (similar to what we got from the Full Metal Alchemist items.) Instead all we got was companions and SDPlus Dolls without extra poses. Still, I guess beggars can't be choosers.
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Well...I would have been more exited about items instead of dolls and companions ...but I like the big , giant , green companion (don t remember the name).
It is JUST what I need for my next Aekean avi emotion_c8 .
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So I've never seen Tiger and Bunny. But I guess the Tiger guy looks kinda cool. Maybe I'd get his outfit or something. No outfits? Well, okay, SD doll. They usually have an addon or something. No? Well, it's still cute I guess. ..........But not 15 mil cute.

I mean, logically, when you get licensed crap. main characters are the most prevalent. (I'm... assuming he's a main character since I ALWAYS see him.) However, I apparently forgot Gaia is a gambling site at heart, and wants me to keep spending money under this false hope that the NEXT pull will win it.

Considering I have NO IDEA what Tiger Bunny IS though, I'm kinda not gonna do that.

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