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[Whenever you are here, i'll always be around.]

I dont wanna quit on my quest but I think that it is its been really hard b/c this is my most expensive avi so everything is just really slow right now
[CarlaaEfronn Was Hereee]
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Hmm, personally I'd just use the store "Inquisitive" eyes before going after a Wendy or a Fallen Star. So much cheaper and I actually think nicer a lot of the time.

As far as quests go, firstly I don't tend to go after quests I think are impossible in the first place (eg. I'd love a Panda Hat, but nope). Once I've picked an achievable goal, I either take the determined route where I throw everything at it for a few months and try to raise money through vending/investing and such if I really want it, or I decide I don't need it right away and just wait until I accumulate some extra gold and find a cheap deal. The longest I've spent on focused questing is probably about a year for my Angelic Sash quest. I wouldn't want to go much longer than that, though. Too frustrating and I don't think any virtual item is worth that kind of effort (for me, anyway).
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Right now, the only item I really, really want is Cartier the Dragon.

Seeing a listing at 11mil has actually gotten me to liquidate a lot of my inventory for it. I'm surprisingly close. If I decide to dump some GC into Gaia, I could probably snag it.

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I was questing zodiacal since it came out. When it finally finished evolving and went up to 1mil+ I made a quest thread because I knew I'd give up on it. i had a lot of generous people come in and chat to me and some of them were really nice and donated to me >w< I got a lot of stuff off my wishlist and some gold. Then Chocolat Tiramisu donated Midnight Rainbow and 1mil to me gonk and I had enough to get 2nd gen. So, I got 2nd gen. And now I can move onto my next quest Sainte Ciel: Eros. Curse you Rosamund's Revenge! I could have bought it before you came out gonk
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once i get past the 1 month mark i usually don't quit.

My longest quest lasted about a year, though tbh i wasn't actively questing for most of that year xD

my most recent quest was maybe 2 months~
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Ridley Starsmore

I, I, I....Why is everyone being so mean to me? I can't help it if I like buying random items? gonk

Also, what are your lips? I NEED TO BUY THAT ITEM SO I NEVER USE IT. scream

-chuckles- it's not that you buy random items. it's that you buy random rig rares/03 MCs cause you feel like it.-lol-

-checks your pockets for dat lucky rabbits foot, so as i can get it reattached-

But...ilu and I can't help myself? I've got itchy palms? My gold burns a hole in my pocket? I like having my avi look kinda cool every once in a while? gonk

Is fine by me, it's your gold to do with as you see fit. 3nodding

And I know about wanting a cool avvie. Part of me says "You could say 'F- this, stop, sell the minis and get ALL THE THINGS."

But then I remember I like the minis and such, and I made a promise to myself to be one of the few Gaians to have EVERY MC. Being this close, it'd be a shame to stop now, really.
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I tend to give up when I think..."Is this really worth it? It's not really nice. neutral ". Also, when I change avatars, and I don't really have a reason to use it anymore. I actually might stop questing Heart X Mind because of these two reasons (and start questing Manslayer of Lalune + Solair? :'B)
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When I'm hardcore about a quest, that sucker is getting done no matter how long it takes. It took a little under a year to get my Angelic Scarf, and a little over a year to get my OMG.

However, I'll definitely abandon a quest if I feel that the cost/benefit ratio changes too much. I was questing for Shibuya Nobody a while ago, for instance. It had been a while since I had checked the price, and I found that it had more than doubled. It only took a second to decide that the item was no longer worth the price, so I had no qualms about spending that gold on something else.

On the other hand, I had fancy quest threads and received donations for the A. Scarf and OMG. I was working on the Shibuya Nobody quest quietly, by myself. I may have reconsidered abandoning it if people had donated to the cause.
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Princess manner omg
I remember when it was 7m now its 20m ;u;
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I don't give up on my quests, they just collect dust in my sig as I am recently distracted by alchemy. I also have learned not to pick things that I don't have enough willpower to quest.
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I find its easier to get what I want by not questing for it, because I can spend the energy I would have used on questing (and when I say questing, I mean doing more than just putting a "donate to me" bar in my sig, but like actually setting up a quest thread and keeping it alive, etc) for more gold-earning activities like BG, vending, etc cat_3nodding

For example, 2 games of BG will always earn you, at least, 1k, which might be the equivalent of four, or five, bumps in a quest thread, which means you'll probably make about 50g, if that, from bumping versus the 1k you'd make playing BG, so... You see what I'm saying? cat_rolleyes

Still, props to all those capable of achieving their dreams/goals through questing cat_wink
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I'm not crazy about avy dressing so I've never had an item that I ever quested per se. 3nodding

It's usually impulsive purchases with me; often driven by an idea I have for an avy. I've had to compromise a lot though in most of these cases. lol
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Princess manner omg
I remember when it was 7m now its 20m ;u;
Majoko Mariko doll from 11m-->13m-->20m
impossible.just.seems.so.impossible......now.... crying
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I usually quit after I find someone questing for something and realize I'm questing for the same thing. Then I give them what I had, and feel happy about it, all while giving up on my quest.
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Usually, if I give up on a quest, it's because I became disinterested in the item. A lot of the time, I will fall in love with an item will make plans for how I am going to use it, only to later change my mind and find something else I like better. (Hopefully, something much cheaper). I add things to my wish list and prioritize one or two items, but because it takes so long to get certain items, I have more time to think about it, rather than impulse buying something that looks really cool, only to rarely be used.

So yeah, I don't really quest much, but when I do, those are the main reasons I quit.

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