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Sell me your August Birthstone Sash?

I've been realizing while questing for the August Birthstone Sash that there are some items on Gaia that are almost impossible to get! And it's not just the gold aspect it's their availability in general.

Have you come across items you couldn't find even though you had the gold for it?

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Haha, yes. It sucks. But it's only happened to me once.
The Mai sdplus doll. It is the only nunchaku on the whole site really. And those are
my favorite weapon so I was like emotion_donotwant

Recently a few were listed and I finally got to snatch one up, thank goodness.
Especially since they're so cheap. Like, only 200k. @__@ I thought someone
would try to post it for an obnoxious amount of gold since there seem to be
so little ever put on the mp.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
Some items are so unpopular that people don't even think they're worth selling! Recently I tried to find a Heartbreaker on the MP and I had to buy the MC envelope it came in instead. @__@
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The Snoop Dogg Chicken and Waffles. Only (normal) fried chicken item on this site so far. It's hard to find one listed on the MP, and even when I CAN find one, the price is inflated. cat_crying
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Whoa I wasn't even aware there was a shortage of march birthday sashes
Seems nobody cares about the birthday items

ahem anyway
I don't think I've seen a single Cresento's Coat since the day I put it on my wishlist
I guess not that it matters much, I wouldn't have the gold for it anyway
and what would I even wear it with? sweatdrop
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I forget what the item name is but.. It was like, salaryman's something or another. I think it had a cup of ramen as one of the poses. I really wanted it at the time, but when I went hunting for it, there weren't any on the market. I kept looking for about a week before finally giving up.

Haven't looked again in a while, though.
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Oh god. this apron. it is the Delilah SDplus doll. Impossible to get on the MP. I even had threads in the exchange. Another person had a thread too. Finally I found a friend who had the doll. THANKFULLY. Mr. Peanut could not be without it.
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I'm actually surprised I didn't buy that. It was green! redface
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I've had that problem with Macduff's Hair Pin.
It's really cheap, too, but it seems like every time I check the MP, it's not there. OTL
I've been trying to get it for the past month now for an avi I've been questing for.
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Celebrity Snare Justin Timberlakes Stage

Took me forever to find one of those suckers available.
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        Brown Simian Wig and Classic Purple Bowling Shoes, I bought the first after a month of none on the market and had to borrow the other from someone else.
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SDplus dolls, especially the older ones. Spent about two weeks tracking down Nicolae and Ivan. Ivan wasn't even that expensive.
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yeah. magenta bedouin. emotion_donotwant i gave up after a couple months of false notifications from the MP. stupid pretty shirt.
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Mhmm, I waited a long time to find someone willing to sell their pink glittering stockings. Which is understandable, since they're an alchemy item. When I did finally find a seller, they wanted a lot more than what I was willing to pay. xP
So I just went a head and crafted them myself. Turned out to be a lot cheaper for me than what I had thought it would origanally be.
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