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What in the world was gaia thinking when they came out with this.

People lost lots of real money

I got a gold sink of 300mill

Yet gaia verge and hot 24 to 48hr sales are pumping out item for 50 usd or 100 usd . How u mislead us into thinking this gonna be the epic rig of the year. 3 part rig where only the pet is rare while all the other items seem like epic fail. watch out cause when Christmas over we got super chance rig with recolors coming. Unless gaia took that away or will up the price 1499 for 1 super chance and 49999 for 6. I just cant afford this. Yes gaians inflated the market but gaia ur not helping deflate .
How does other gaians feel about this
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✦sue gaia
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From a bystanders perspective this was confusing. Actually, no one seemed to have a single clue what was going on until one of the artists gave an explanation, closely followed by a staff alert. To be honest, the RIG is nothing special, in fact this RIG has failed to interest me at all, there's nothing I want from it and most items actually look pretty hideous.

Not to mention The White King item is an hilariously bad attempt at a male item. The uproar isn't as bad as I thought it would be either, but we'll see how that unfolds, apparently lots of tickets being filed from what I've seen. All in all, a poorly executed RIG with mundane items.
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Horribly misleading.
Horribly executed.
And they did a banging job of making people think their real money was being spent on something that was what they were promised (only to get one piece of the actual rig).

I feel bad for all that gave cash during this event.

My 20mil sink is nothing to the amount of hard-earned money people wasted during this whole debacle.
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I didn't buy many so I didn't lose as much gold as I could have done. The fact that AC bundles were split up to begin with rang some alarm bells.

Since I didn't make a profit I didn't play anything, I bought this rig fail bg item and I'm done with this rig.

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