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♫ /i don't like this feature. It makes it hard for me to pay attention to threads that aren't promoted.
It's also not fair to those who don't really get gaiacash.
I just wish there was an option not to see them.
Usually with most features gaia gives us an option. ♫
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I don't see the problem. What is wrong with this? I bet after a few days or weeks you wont even notice.

Are people just complaining to complain?

It cuts off the flow of reading to me. It's like trying to read a simple poster next to a neon sign.
a bit distracting. Flow of reading is a very important thing. You see people talk about things like "Wall of Text" Because a wall of text without any breaks is hard to read.

So I don't think this is the type of things that you can get used to. You could learn to tolerate it though.
Though I just ad-blocked it, those guys wasted a dollar. They could have bought an ice cream.

Colors don't pose a problem to me...no more than post styles, flobs, or any topic title in the mini shops and Booty Grab forums. Those topic titles are more annoying than a sparkly glitter banner circa AngelFire 2001. Perhaps the PMP banners will let them ease up on the cutesy symbols in their title to try and get attention. If they do banners and the annoying titles...well I will continue to squint my eyes and move past their topic.

As far as being too distracting, as, I am writing this I have a tv going, dog licking my feet, and 40 little smiley faces blinking, rolling, pulsing, and drama lamaing...yet I have managed to write a coherent couple of paragraphs with no problem. Your brain is able to ignore things it finds irrelevant.

I still think this is much ado about nothing, just like the inventory sparkles. People were raging how it upset their beautiful inventory and made it cluttered and sparkly and anything else they wanted to complain about. Gaia made it possible to turn them off. I predict a similar feature for the PMP.

Nah I just mean where you can see all the topics. The designs in the topics itself is not that distracting. Most people barely even read anything anyways. It's hard to read the titles of everything when there's 2 big yellow bars in a sea of blue is all. You know how it is, your eyes are drawn to them, tolerable problem though. Although it's not a big deal it is still something that is annoying. That is not a good thing.
I also noticed it's a bit hard to notice your mundane items in the sea of shiny sparkles though.
Like I said it's tolerable, it's just that I don't think Gaia should be tolerably annoying.

Anyways being able to not see it is a good thing right? Even if you are not bothered you want it for the people who are right? People all have differing perspectives. Would you honestly say it's better that all people have to see it?

I always look at the forum pulse and far as I can tell, it doesn't show up there...yet. So far I have had to go look for the PMP threads because I want to see the designs. Like I said, I predict they will come out with some sort of in-house block for it. They said at the ATA they are still working on it, so I can see a lot of changes taking place.
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Next step? 1 month of sticky status for $10.

I would totally pay for this. It's actually a novel idea to get traffic in charities!

That's what frightens me about the idea... it is good. But then the whole forum could get clogged with stickies on the first couple of pages... ehh!
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Next step? 1 month of sticky status for $10.

I would totally pay for this. It's actually a novel idea to get traffic in charities!

That's what frightens me about the idea... it is good. But then the whole forum could get clogged with stickies on the first couple of pages... ehh!

I think if they planned it correctly, it could be EXTREMELY lucrative:

$10 or 1000GC gets you:

(1) thread of your choice (existing or new) to be stickied to the forum of your choice (as long as its an active forum accessible to the entire community (i.e. No Heaven)) for one month.

There should be a limit, perhaps three or four threads, that can snatch these slots.

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It'll be overused, and I'm sure trolls will have their day in the sun. But it'll hopefully only last a little bit. I think the new feature is stupid.
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Snowball predictions don't get anywhere, y'know.

I really don't see the big deal. I do like the option of clickin on the thread and then pimp color status is gone (since that's the idea of the payment, get attention).


I don't understand why people have their panties in a twist. Bling to the forum, yo. Makes things interesting and colorful. I'd like some solid colors alongside ones with graphics. Take some hints from rally designs and do simple patterns/colors/ect

Course if there's a snakeskin option, ******** yeah I'm on that like flies on s**t.
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I'm just ignoring it at the moment. I click on threads for reasons like having an interesting title, I'm not going to read a thread just because there is some sort of pattern on it. I think that it just makes the forum look a bit messy.

I suppose it could get a bit ridiculous. Hopefully people will get bored of this feature.

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