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Dan D Lie N

i hear that position hasnt been filled for a while. emotion_awesome
YES. If you don't want the job, then I'll take it! It just needs to be done!
And we also need a Plot-hole-filler.
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Ruthless Hellraiser

slave driver.

maybe also the one "conveniently trained in CPR with a medical license"

but primarily slave driver.
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I wouldn't mind getting a job as an item artist, since I love doing pixel art!

Otherwise, I'd be their baker, and fulfill their daily cupcake needs. :U
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Kitty Gnar-Gnar's Husband

Liberal Conversationalist

I would like to think that I would have my head down and my backside up in the server rooms.

No site outages on my watch!

Samuel flashes a mad grin.
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Whatever job would be the best one for introverts. Coding is out, because I tried it once and it was a pain in the a**. My brain just can't understand coding. Art-related stuff is also out because my art sucks.
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Most likely I'd really be the person that goes out and gets food/coffee.

All the time.

And maybe the girl who flirts with everyone. ;D
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i just stand behind them and make snide remarks at everything they do
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Shy Loverboy


um... if i could choose... i would be an artist! or at
least a concept artist. o u o i wouldn't mind helping
them come up with new item ideas! i would even be
content if i was able to create my own gold item shop
to flesh out gaia with all of the things i feel we lack.
> o >U

but yeah~ i also wouldn't mind being an animator for
their team. o 3 o like, working to make animated items
a really popular thing. o u o and a regular thing too! for
i am an animation student~

nor would i mind working on their manga. oh gosh. i
would do ANYTHING for gaia really.

even uploading the images and organizing things, just
making everything line up perfectly. i would do it all

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Artist, storyboard artist, line-art artist, colorist,
sprite artist, flash developer, concept artist, animator.
Basically a whole lot of art/flash s**t.

I'm also decent at coming up with stories.
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Feral Girl

slave driver.

maybe also the one "conveniently trained in CPR with a medical license"

but primarily slave driver.
Omg same here, almost (sans the slave driver part)! It's nice to come across someone else who knows your pain. xp

Back on topic...
I would say that I have a patient demeanor and would be well-suited to managing the endless tickets, reports, etc. and also be one who obsessive-compulsively proofreads every announcement or e-mail atleast three times before it is sent and steals everyone's pets when they bring them to work.

Honestly, I am a little envious of the newest employee because I've always thought working at Gaia would be so much fun!
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Magnetic Lunatic

Artist's really the only job I'd want. Maybe writing. I have some coding skills but not enough to do any major features.

I promise my 3d animation is better than what has previously appeared here, but I don't think anyone wants to retry this.

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