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Shy Prophet

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human expert
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It would be cool to do work for Gaia-related philanthropy.
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Kawaii Carnivore

Mmh , the only things I am good at are :

-playing music /choosing music that fits the mood /compose music .
-automatic empathy with any kind of animal .
-Writing essays,psychoanalyze things and people to death .
-Creating short stories.
-Speak 3 languages fluently .
-Endless energy .

You can 't really get a Gaia Office-related job with those XD. Maybe they would hire me from time to time to develop original music for the flash-spaces . That would change from Porco Rosso ' s Theme and other classical piano concertos .

And maybe write stuff about the NPCs for events . And look after the animals .
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Beloved Perfectionist


i hear that position hasnt been filled for a while. emotion_awesome

jokinnnng. anyway id be the HQ community bff and rant listener.
when people go on lunch breaks they would call on me so they dont pull others away from work.
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Unsealed Nerd

Can i be the masseuse?
Desk-people need to stretch and un-tense their muscles...especially the back and shoulders...
Artists need their finger and hand muscles massaged as well...
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Celebrating Gekko

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Ridley Starsmore
You know that kinda job Sisky and DJH do?

I wanna do that.

...and jazz. 3nodding
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Fluffy Wolf

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I'd want to be CEO and rewrite Gaia history with Lanzer being replaced with me, and JK Gambino would be my cameo.

I think that would officially make me a troll though...
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Timid Genius

I'd probably be a developer. Creative programming and the like is sort of my strong suit.
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Super Cutie-Pie

I'm most likely better off as a community helper type person. surprised
Or maybe help with creative ideas,
and if possible, promote gaia through making my own films/ commercial things.
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Enduring Loiterer

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Bathroom attendant. I'd probably get fired on the first day though because I'd hold all the toilet paper hostage to get my way on everything. emotion_dowant
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Rainbow Reveler

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If there's any hiring people with an ear out, I'm hoping to move to Cali and I can bake really well~

I'm just kidding. I really can bake really well, though. I'd probably work in the cafeteria. I make really good shortbread and cupcakes!
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Bloodthirsty Man-Lover

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I'd be a site moderator! Although I don't get paid, I get to work from home!
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Dapper Phantom

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I've always daydreamed of a secretary position at HQ. Answering phones, organizing schedules, making coffee, herding the office alpaca.
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Aged Genius

Crystal Sparda
I'd totally be a forum assistant!

heart ドキドキ ドキドキ heart
      emotion_jawdrop REALLY? SO WOULD I! emotion_awesome

      Haha, if you're talking about a position at HQ, I'd be an assistant (aka snack-fetcher). 3nodding
      Maybe a creative ideas person (since I can't draw well).
      Maybe I'd be the person with the stick that pokes Codemonkey, but I already virtually do that now. xd
Yeah, you could fetch Codemonkey his fritos and Mountain Dew. He needs energy to stay up all night working on Towns 2. I think they have him chained to his desk.

I have escaped to Thailand, but I'm still working on Towns 2 from here.

(they'll never find me here)
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Loyal Exhibitionist

I'd take care of the animals at the office.

Except the bear. Someone else can take care of him. He has it out for me. That gleam in his eye... he wants me. BAD.

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