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Liberal Fatcat

Definitely the receptionist. I'll be on the phone all day redirecting calls and telling users that Lanzer is in a meeting and to leave him a message on his full answering machine and no they wont be getting their money back because they spent a $100 on a rig and didnt win anything worthwhile.
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I'd find whoever makes the leg mods and kick them firmly in the groin area every morning until they get a pair of scissors and cut it the ******** out
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Mega Man-Lover

an artist ofc
id make all the earthbound items

I'd make all the Proto Man items - both original and Ruby Spears. emotion_dowant

Maybe some other Mayguh Man character items for good measure. Possibly something referencing the ridiculousness that is the mispronunciation of Bass/Forte. The musical terms are pronounced "base" as in All Your Base, and I'm pretty sure the other one is pronounced for-tay, as in oh, Mezzo Forte. The one pronounced 'fort' refers to an area of expertise.
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Sparkly Vampire

Probably an intern who just fetched people things. I can't do much for the company, i'm not creative enough to make item ideas or draw them and i'd probably fail at being a receptionist. Talking to strangers on the phone isn't my idea of a job i'd like at all.
If they even allowed me in the HQ i'd probably break something. I wouldn't be a shining example of an employee either with all the mistakes i'd make.
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Feline Bookworm

I'm a bit of a crazy cat person so I'd kitty sit for Waffles and bring my five kitties along to keep him company while I come up with new ideas for kitty items for Gaia. I'd have a whole RIG dedicated to cat items and new kitty pets. <3
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Kawaii Abomination

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I would be the person who pampers the artists so I can get nice things for my avatar.
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Manly Lunatic

The better ideas for items so people don't see the same thing over and over and over and over guy.
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Valiant Bard

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I'd likely be an artist, if anything.
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Devout Lunatic

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dog walker, I would be the office dog walker.
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Angelic Senshi

          I think right now all I'd be good for is a general office manager's position. Answering phones, filing things, putting together info packets, running errands, and all those other menial tasks that keep an office running are all things I years of experience doing before I switched to basic bookkeeping. I'd be perfect as the person who keeps track of the number of individual bags of Fritos and Cheetos along with the reams of paper, the number of sketch pads, the art pencils, the inking pens, the art markers, the Expo markers, the stick pens, the pencils, and all the toilet paper and paper towels the office needs. I'm not artistically inclined outside of photography but I'm a pretty decent office assistant. I wouldn't mind working hand in hand with Sisky and Zero Omega in helping to keep the office running smoothly.

          Now I have a friend who'd be perfect for a contract position as an artist making items for the site. I think about the only thing she'd need a lot of instruction and working one on one with is the pixel work side of the job. She's already had an item made from one of the early crosstitch contests so she has a good eye for what works for Gaia so she'd be pretty good for doing pixel work on Gaia. Heck, she's already said if Gaia was ever hiring contract artists again she'd apply for the position.

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Dangerous Ladykiller

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I wouldn't mind handling those who send hacking reports and investigating and that being my only job. I feel like I would be great at that >.>
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i think most of us would love to be artists rofl i want to be an artist emotion_kirakira
well > 3> heart
i wanna be an artist at HQ ❤ !
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Ruthless Visionary

official Gaian voice of reason.
the person who looks at the potential features and goes "umm...I don't think that's gonna work the way you think it will."
because, y'know...they really seem to need someone like that. sweatdrop
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Sparkly Stalker

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awww man. what i'd wanna do is already taken.


if i worked at gaia hq, i would always leave a lovely pony surprise at brony king's desk. and end up making plushies of every gaia cute critter.. or many colors of diedrich... slowly persuading gaia to get back into rl merchandising. xd

okay that is kinda creepy. brony king would hate me forever but PONIES!!!!!!! now i want there to be a pony rig... *cough*

and yeah being an artist would be cool but my skills are sooooo not up there. so yeah i'd be better working in other positions. xd

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