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i would be a part of the team that handles bans
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I'm a web design student, but screw that. I wanna be the designated petkeeper 4laugh
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I would love to help write out EI/REI stories or write funny mini gag mangas like Gaia use to do. It would be fun to work with some of the artists!

Or you know, design the avatars that go in the annoucements. That would be a sweet job. Getting to know the new items before anyone does and having a chance to come up with all the different avatars that can be made with them emotion_kirakira
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chai fae
I would want to be a writer. Somebody has to untangle the billion plot threads. Ooh, and flesh out the hundreds of characters Gaia has, giving them personalities and back stories would be super fun.

This is what I'd want to do to. And also copyedit and proofread anything.

I don't know if Gaia has one, but writing the bible (the book that holds character bios, storylines, and everything about Gaia that is canon) would be something I'd be willing to do as well.

That's all. 8D
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Maybe a writer, itd be fun to come up with wacky stories or *le gasp* plot for the manga.
Hm... maybe an Intern. Try to be the "Jade of all Trades" and hopefully work up to the point of being a permanent employee with the company. I honestly wouldn't mind working for them. Hell, it would probably be a fun and entertaining experience.
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I would do copyediting. I would also like to be the person who sorts new items into the most appropriate NPC gold shop. I could also be consulted about new types of pants and shoes to add.
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I would do nothing but suggest Agape cuts...all the time.
I don't care if I was the official Gaia dog walker.. or pillow fluffer for Waffles.
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I'm really pissed and disappointed in Gaia right now. So working there may not be the go at this stage. crying I don't think they'd hire someone like me who also lives a million miles away..

But aside from all this, if I had to chose, I'd say that I'd work somewhere in customer service. As that's my specialty. I deal with hundreds per day, so I'm used to it. I suck-in the; good and the bad when dealing with people. So all walks of life come through me on a daily basis. gonk

But if I was to visualize my dream position within the Gaia work field. I'd say definitely an Artist. With no Artistic qualifications though. But this is a dream job. 'Get it? sweatdrop
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♥ ♥

I wouldn't mind being the person who goes into the forums and
posts my own opinion. xd

Hey, I'd love to get paid real monies for that.

I seriously would do anything. Even clean the toilets. That
sounds like a better job than what I have now. I'm sure they
give better benefits than what I have too.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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an artist ofc
id make all the earthbound items
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I'd want to be the person to help with ideas and sketch out things for the actual artist to draw.
I think it'd be really fun.
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I'd probably be that weird Asian guy with the black hoodie who is typing up a storm for various stories, etc.

Or the one who makes lunch for everyone.
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Well... in the past I've worked in administrative stuff, so I'd probably end up doing something like data-entry or helping with tickets. I've got an interest in coding, so I think it would really cool to help out with designing flash spaces, or the back-end stuff for the site (but I have no experience xd ). I could teach the staff college level mathematics, but I can't imagine why they'd need to know that. sweatdrop I'd also very happily re-tag Gaia's items so that the tags actually work. (Did you know that one of the tags on Ribbon Rapture is raptor? Seriously- go look it up)

Other than that, I make good tea & have vast experience preparing instant coffee. I can file and tidy, fold letters & place them in envelopes, answer the phone.... but I probably wouldn't do pet care. I'm not huge on pets.

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