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My home forums have slowed down so I've been looking at other ones lately. Still have to find a keeper.
I don't find it a bore, that's why I decided to come back and I'm trying to be more active and make friends. 3nodding
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I tend to get bored only if I spend too much time on Gaia.
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"But don't say that gaia doesnt offer different things you can't get into."

Believe it or not, for some people that is the case. Just because Gaia offers a bunch of different things, doesn't mean any of them are of interest to everyone.

Myself, for example, I'm not really social, and a lot of Gaia is based around being social.

The games Gaia offers are of no interest to me, since I'm a pretty big gamer and would rather go play those instead.

I do enjoy occasionally posting in the forums, but again, if you're not overly social, you're just another lurker type posting in a topic full of "friends" that you feel like you're butting in on their convo.

The things that did excite me (Gaia items) have been lacking in interest for me for the past year now because Gaia decided to pretty much make only cutesy girly things all the time now.

I used to spend up to $10 a month ( I realize to the hardcore Gaians, this is like nothing), and now 732 GC has been just sitting in my account for months, stagnant. I'd love to buy things and be more active again, but it just feels like Gaia only wants to cater to one type of person.

The only thing that perked my interest lately is that Bara-chan, an artist I've loved for years and have been following on deviantART since I joined 7 years ago, is actively working for Gaia now making beautiful art and items that I actually like, so I'm excited again to be on here, even though I realize I have practically nothing to do.
Even if I do something outside of my everyday routine, it still gets boring.
Why I keep coming back to Gaia is because, well, why not? It does get boring, but whatever.
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Because people are stupid!
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My home forums have slowed down so I've been looking at other ones lately. Still have to find a keeper.

GCD, every now and then, this forum gets into a frenzy.
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I stopped going on gaia for about 3 years because it got extremely dull and repetitive. GCDers all talked about the same things, and everyone else, well, their conversations tended to be lacking at best.
Looking from then to now, Gaia has grown a lot. I praise the work that's been put into it..
and yet..
Gaian forums are still pretty much the same. Then again, perhaps if I ventured outside of GCD then I would be more excited and intrigued by new, interesting discussions.
I feel like those that get bored with Gaia should open themselves to new experiences or get off for a few years.
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Most of my friends left so now I'm lonely and too socially inept to make new ones sweatdrop

I was occupied questing for a Jet but when they were in the Sale I got one half price. Now I'm just making endless Caches for Alchemy.
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I come onto Gaia now and again to check what is new or if people are moaning about something.

I used to come onto Gaia for over 6 or 7 hours at a time but over time the hours went down and I went onto other websites far much more

One of the main reasons why my time on Gaia went down alot was: There are only so many times you can do something before it gets boring.

I have played all of the games many times in the past and now they are just yawnsville city.
I also do not care about gold anymore and I am fine with the big collection of current items that I have from the past to dress up my avatar with, if I so wish.

Let us not forget that there are only so many times you can have deja vu in the forums.
I have seen that topic before.....Wait! There is another one just like it so many weeks later!

Let us not forget that if you only go to certain forums you can tell how users will act to certain posts or topics.

I used to post in the Site Feedback forum alot many years ago and then when this acccount quit posting in there, I still posted on my mules so it was like my regular forum.
I know how the users in there will act to certain topics and posts.
Trust me, when you know how the users will act and what their posts will be like, you start to get bored of it.

It is again, another part of deja vu.

You could always use this information to mess around with users by making them annoyed if you so wish but I guess that would come under trolling but then again, if your topic looks like the other normal topics which make them annoyed, it would make no difference since no one would know you are messing around, only you would.

You could do the same thing but the other way around by creating a topic which you know will get people to agree with you on such as a big topic which I created once about cleaning up the GD forum.

I actually used to post in the GD forum all the time when I first came onto Gaia but I was young and so many of my posts at the time were just insults at other users (I was young and stupid and thought that, that was how you fit in with the other users since that is what everyone else was doing at the time)

If I get bored on here, I can either create fun for myself through topics or I can just go onto another website.

I am much better at talking about worthless rubbish for hours on end with paragraphs and paragraphs inside posts then I am with talking with people normally.

This post itself is bloody huge and as you can see, I just keep on talking and don't really stop.....It makes you want to pull out your hair and say "ENOUGH ALREADY"

Wait! Strike that! This post is actually not that big compared to alot of my other past ones.

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My "home forum" is the GCD, but I like to pop in and visit the Adventure Time forum, Walking Dead forum, and CB every now and again. I'll temporarily stick with event forums whenever we have a thing going on too. I don't get bored with Gaia but I'm definitely not as involved as some; I dumpster dive between doing things on other internet tabs and occasionally play zOMG to fuel my Alchemy process. This is fine with me though, I have no complaints.
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[Unrelated]Thanks to your sig pic, I understand now what those coconuts are supposed to be.

Yeah I'm a perv.[/Unrelated]

Mmh when I'm bored of gaia I go somewhere else, simple as this... Especially since all of my friends have quit.
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Gaia never gets boring. I spend half my time in the A/M/C which can get pretty ******** retarded .

Just in case i keep a tab open to Tumblr if things get dull.
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Get into a guild with people who aren't dickholes and a lot of magic can happen.

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