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I only pick a theme once I've picked the item I want to use. If it's a cowboy shirt, I'll make a cowboy item. If it's a sword, chances are it will be a fantasy warrior. Rarely ever I go for the theme first, though considering half of my inventory is lolita style, most of the time I'm just a 'black and white-kawaii-thing' >_>
I like when avis have a defined theme though, even more than when they're just matchy-matchy. I like to see avatars that are actual characters.

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Ruthless Raider

Even when I try to break away from it, my avi always goes back to being some type of demon warrior.
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Dangerous Rogue

My current theme? I'm a college student. I need a packpack, I was thinking pandy, but I dunno.

Why? This hair is adorable. It might not work with the hair, but I have to use it, or the world will end.
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Lordress Viper's Husband


Lapsis Stella

It's a sweet-looking Avatar, by the way!

Uhm, well. . . My Avatar used to reflect my OC; He used to carry a gun with a rosary wrapped around the handle. Now he's just a slight bit of a reflection of myself. I'm a musician, and so I wanted him to have a (what I think looks like a) B.C. Rich guitar! And so for a while I had him sport this Rockstar look until I started getting a bit more formal / elegant. I went on to this J Rock kind of look (with frills, and what not), so I've kept with this formal look but still keeping the "Rocker" theme. Formal, but edgy.
Last night I was on TekTek trying to come up with a good Valentine's day Avatar, and trying to get some reds, and whites, and what not- trying to keep the Rocker Theme until my ADD kicked in and I started reading one of my Web Comics (Teahouse, to be exact- a comic that my beloved got me into!) and then. . . Next thing I know, I'm on TekTek making this Avatar with a twist of edginess and elegance- like the kind of elegance I've seen in Teahouse from the nobles, or from some of the residence living in the brothel.
So. . . In short, I do try to stick with the Rockstar Theme. I keep it close, but I want to mix that theme with a dozen other themes. Sometimes it works out, other times it doesn't. I'm still evolving! I know I'll get better!
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Kawaii Bunny

My avi usually has a lolita theme. Even when she isn't wearing lolita, I try to dress her in a spiffy sort of way.

Occasionally I will try to do proper themes, like how at the moment, Bunny is a musician. I wanted to do a really music-themed avatar, but I wasn't sure how to go about it. I also have a pirate lolita themed outfit saved. I'd quite like to do proper themes, as opposed to my usual rather boring outfits.
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Divine Nymph

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i don't really keep themes in mind when making avatars. i just sort of pick an item and work from there.
but sometimes a theme sort of emerges (like with my current, it started with the hair and evolved into a sort of bunny musician.)

i don't have a predetermined theme, really, aside from most of my avatars being somewhat "cute". it suits me that way because i'm really fickle and i change avatars a lot. sticking to a theme would probably hinder me.
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Shy Loverboy


um.... i like kitties. and demons. and butlers.

so, my avatar is usually either a kitty. q u q

or an incubus.

or a butler. o x o

but i honestly don't think i have great themes.
x u x i mean, the most i'll do is come up with a
story for my avatar... and play it in my head over
and over~ * o *

but i change so often. q u q waaah~

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Dedicated Conventioneer

I've had the same theme for quite some time since I became royalty. I've quite boxed myself in! There was a time when I would not allow myself to wear anything but white-- but i have expanded some since that time.

It can get rather tiresome but I would rather know myself than not. wink
A lot of my avatars are considered "kawaii" by others, because I always have the n_n eyes. I never have a specific theme, I usually pick a color I want and go with that. They all end up skirty with leg warmers. haha.
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Melodious Hero

No theme here. I just can't find a coherent element in all of my different avatars that ties them together. In any given week I'll change from fantasy warrior to cyberpunk fashionista to sexy accountant, or to any one of a few dozen different things. I don't even stay female all the time--I've done a couple of crossdressing avatars. I think I'd find any sort of theme extremely limiting (though it might help by cutting down on the number of items I want to buy).
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Tiny Noob

I don't really have a theme? I find one item I like and then mess around with it in the inventory arranger and see what comes of it. Most of the time it looks like hell and I scrap it, but sometimes I get lucky and I make something I like - strong emphasis on something I like 'cause my outfits really don't ever match or whatever. emotion_facepalm

I'm not really bothered by having a changing avatar, it is nice to have a change every once in a while. In fact, I find it really exciting when I accidentally come up with a new avatar by just changing one item - as you pointed out.
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Bright Hunter

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I have a character avatar, which I suppose is a theme of a sort... Al's outfit and style changes at a whim, though. Sometimes he's an imp, sometimes he's human, sometimes he has elf ears, and sometimes he's even dressed like a girl (Easily done, since "his" base is actually female, though the character is meant to be a somewhat androgenous male. I just picked a female base for him rather than a male because it simply looks better in most of Gaia's clothes. blaugh ), but he'll always have that white skin and some variety of white hair and no matter how he's dressed, I still think of him as the same silly Abyssal underneath.

That said, sometimes I do have a specific idea in mind when I dress him... a more traditional sort of theme, I suppose. The current outfit for instance is meant to be a tiny V-Day story.

He's reading a valentine (One of many, it would seem-) from a particular someone... and it's naughty enough to make him blush. He's definitely intrigued, though. He can only imagine what all of those other notes are going to suggest, leading to that absolutely cheesie grin. whee
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I make to many different types of avatars to have one main theme. But ever since i got this skin i've had to adjust so whatever i wear looks good with teh skin, usually resulting in white hair and the odin's eyes from the compass, so i guess there's that
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Durem Phantom

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If the shift in your avatar's theme bothers you, do you change it?
>> yea I do. I'll know about it when I didn't change it for 3-7 days.

Would you keep to the change in theme if it's a better combination of items?
>> depends if its affordable

If you don't convert to the change, why?
>> favorites can be a pain. My old friend used to say that the blade of the night sky's belt is cluttered for my avy. But I didn't heed despite of my strict interest of simple looking avy.
>> I don't convert to change quickly because I know how much effort I should do to make a change of avy. It's all matter of favorites and interest

Is your original theme so important to you that you could never deviate from it?
>> this is a good question. Yes I value original theme avy BUT I should be expecting inspired or copy avy that is similar to mine. I learned not to be depressing over it but instead be grateful that someone has the same interest as I am.

Or does theme not matter to you and if so, why?
>> I only have 2 themes: interest and for trolling/fun
>> overall despite having interest themes, it doesn't matter to me because I only wanted to see how it looked like. I'm not a very dedicated theme tektek maker with all sincerity.
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Ever since I was a newbie I've shuffle between two themes. Gory/creepy and warrior themes. I like dark colors, armor, and weapons. I try other themes every now and then but only on special occasions.

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