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Loyal Gaian

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Themes for my avatar are either for one of the groups to which I belong, or... based around one item I like.
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Hallowed Prophet

I guess as far as theme goes, most of my avis lean toward fantasy/nature-based.Kind of a taiga sprite? I dunno. Either way, a lot of white is involved.

If I deviate from this theme, it goes right to badass avis.
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Shy Warrior

J 4 C K
My avatar's theme hasn't really changed since about late '06. Why move away from perfection?

Been a waterbending merperson since late '07 when the platinum MC came out.
And when these new items came out late '08, well perfection.
I only change for guild spirit week.
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Kawaii Shounen

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my theme... definitely varies from av to av. I don't really have much consistency when comparing past designs I've done. Within each av I usually have some kind of colour scheme though, and go either light or dark... or sometimes a mix? <_> LOL I don't really know.

I think I make avs moreso based on 'oh this looks good together' rather than a specific theme. With this one, I just wanted to do something cutesy, then the items just kind of came together.
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Aekea Businesswoman

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  • Healer 50
I....have been a cyborg for almost 7 years. Which blows my mind in the strangest of ways. It makes dressing myself up a loooot easier, since I don't feel tempted by a lot of items. Once and awhile I'll get envious of people with faces. But it's rather fleeting.
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Lonely Athlete

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undefinedI have that one strategy: Look like your avatar has amassed shiny new things or quit trying so hard. undefined
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Fluffy Wolf

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  • Team Edward 100
I never have a consistent theme. Ever. That's all I can say.
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Witty Noob

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My avatars usually come from the desire to use a certain item or item/color combination. They usually wind up more on the girly side though.
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Cluttered Kitten

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User Image
I'm known for my more "lolita" style, I suppose: sweets, frills, pastels, toys, kitties, etc. I love the style; it's my favorite. But what most people don't know is that I really have tried to slightly modify my style by integrating darker colors to my palette (in my inventory). I'm already very happy & confident with my current style, but I thought it would be fun to try out new styles for the heck of it. After a lot of experimentation, I still haven't had any luck! If it's meant to happen it will someday-- that's what I figure, at least. ^^ For now, I'm happy in my own pixel skin.
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Omnipresent Phantom

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J 4 C K
My avatar's theme hasn't really changed since about late '06. Why move away from perfection?

Exactly, I only change when there is an item that I want to incorporate into my Avi, but I still keep the same basic theme.
sometimesalways's avatar

Aged Gearhead

Manly. That's Sal's theme.

It took a while to get to this point but I really enjoy what I've made of this little avatar.
Amy Storm's avatar

Magnetic Lunatic

I will never understand keeping the same theme all the time! There's so many different fun ones out there to play with! I have to use them all.

Amy's a character, the girl here. My avi rarely looks anything like her. Because there's only like a dozen items around she'd actually wear.

I'm feeling super unoriginal cause I see people with similar avis right now though. I blame the dark omen, no matter what else you use with it, it looks the same.
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Apocalyptic Prophet

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  • Forum Sophomore 300
I generally don't aim for any sort of theme, but one day I thought it'd be cool to make a completely grayscale avi, which I managed fairly well. Then I found this spectral possession item and didn't hesitate to turn it ghostly. biggrin
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Enduring Hero

Seeing as I consider my avatar to be a character in her own right, she always has a constant "knight" theme. This means that elegant armor and fantasy weapons are reoccurring elements in my outfits.

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