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So it's been awhile since I've made a thread, and I think this is a good topic to start me off again. Every avatar is unique and normally follows some sort of theme, whether it be angelic, demonic, lolita, hipster, etc. But what I want to discuss is the evolution of a theme, how one small change can take the theme you created and morph it into something completely different. The reason I'm being nosy is because with my current avatar, I started out as a post-apocalyptic bride and with the change of a background, someone made the comment that I looked like a goddess visiting her abandoned and decrepit temple. The way a single change could completely change my theme was amazing and I just had to discuss it. What I want to know:

If the shift in your avatar's theme bothers you, do you change it?

Would you keep to the change in theme if it's a better combination of items?

If you don't convert to the change, why?

Is your original theme so important to you that you could never deviate from it?

Or does theme not matter to you and if so, why?
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My avatar's theme hasn't really changed since about late '06. Why move away from perfection?
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J 4 C K
My avatar's theme hasn't really changed since about late '06. Why move away from perfection?

I wish I could say that. But ever since I joined on my original account back in...crap...'05? I can't remember, I've been changing themes like my underwear everyday. I can't stick to one main theme and I'm always changing it, or evolving an old avatar I worked on years ago.
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Considering this is a character account, the biggest shift in outfit themes was when I did her banshee costume for Halloween, otherwise the theme tends to stay generally consistent in matching the character. Same goes for my other accounts.
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My avatar theme is always white, but the hair, I see her as a character of sorts, whether she is one or not. I do keep the theme as a default with the white gown just for the sake of just liking it. The only way I change my avatar is for a guild's uniform day.
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Well, I really have only one consistency with my avvies.
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This avatar started out as more elegant in tektek, but then I found the balloon, and decided to make it more cute. Usually my avatars start out with a desire to use one item rather than an overall theme, so I've been all over the place with themes.
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I don't think my avatars are ever well developed enough to have a theme. sweatdrop
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I don't really have a theme. I just pick an item, work around it to create an outfit. I feel like themes get overlooked by others, so why should I put effort into something they'll mistake as otherwise?
Plus most themed avatars are funny jokes (See: preggos, sexy times, OMGPUKING BABY etc) or just cluttered and a shitty communication of their idea.
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          The only theme I really like to stick to is creatures, usually I don't like my non-creature avatars very much. The only time I make more human avatars is for theme challenges or arena entries. But aside from being a creature I'm pretty open to theme changes if someone brings it up.
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Theme... I either go for a fighter or rebel, if not a punk or raver. In almost all of my avatars, I have some kind of weapon. I've been doing this since the Alien invasion back in '06, with some deviations that never last long.
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I really have no theme unless what-looks-good-together counts as one since I mainly just mix and match items to come up with something.
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My theme changes so much, I'm everything from an alien, to a monster, to an adorable frilly girly mess...

But yeah, if I'm messing around with one theme and suddenly it morphs into another theme I just go with it, if it works.

I guess I don't really have a set theme. I've got the avatar ADD. D:
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I feel weird in my current avi, it's not pink or white, and it doesn't involve cats. It just feels weird. I've wanted a purple avi since I started gaia but back then it was hard to find matching purple items that looked good. Now we finally have purple items but they aren't fluffy adorable cuteness and it's hard for me to feel right wearing them. I'll need a super pink avi to go back too. hopefully the new rig will have tons of pink.
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I'd start with one item, build an avatar around that, thematically speaking.

And almost invariably, I'd end up removing that initial item, whilst keeping the final result of having jammed around that item.

I don't really deviate from this theme. I can, but all my best, and hardest quested, and most generous gifts are of this theme's style. I tend to like to use them to honour that effort, and the generosity of folks.

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