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Unsealed Pants

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Has anyone else received a PM from this NPC? I've been on Gaia longer than I'd expect to receive a PM like this with a link to 10k gold. The avatar is wonderful as well.
Scarana's avatar

Tipsy Fatcat

Yeah I got the message too. I wonder why?
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Blessed Paladin

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I received the pm too but i deleted it cause i thought it was a scam o.0
I just did, the 10k gold is legit as well. Though I'm not sure I'm too keen on the "over the next 30 days you will be receiving private messages with tips and tricks about how to get started on Gaia Online"
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More gold in the system? great...
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Perfect Phantom

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I haven't. =o What does she look like?
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never heard of it
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I like the idea of giving newbies a bit of gold to start them off.
I guess if only newbies got the gold though everyone would think it's unfair. Hence everyone getting it.
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Sparkly Gekko

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My account is pretty old and I got it as well. It's not a scam, but definitely weird.

For the person wanting the avatar:
User Image
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Healing Fairy

Maybe one of the devs knocked something loose.

Or it could be because they have a new NPC doing the welcoming and the newbie walk through as I'm pretty sure that was Moira's job.
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Unsealed Pants

14,300 Points
  • Unleash the Beast 100
  • Streaker 200
  • Risky Lifestyle 100
Thanks for the feedback!
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Dangerous Ladykiller

[Honestly, it sounds annoying as ******** to be getting PMs like this for the next month, but unfortunately it is true that someone would whine if only newbies got the free 10k.]
PurpleLovr's avatar

Friendly Conversationalist

I've been here since '07 and didn't get the PM. I totally don't need 10k, but I'm curious what the cut-off point is for that.
Koroux's avatar

Magic Glitch

I got the pm as well!!

...seeing as I've been here for five years now, I thought it was very amusing. lol

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