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For a long time we've been speculating about Timmy, his parasite, and exactly what's going to happen at the prom. We've predicted infection. We've predicted fatality. We've predicted disaster. Now is the time for our suspicions to be disproved - or verified.

Join us for the time of your life.

-- Specter Flux, who has "[far] too much time on [his] hands."



This thread is dedicated to the study of Timmy, Dr. Singh's lovable/irritating companion. No matter what it takes, this tabloid reporter conspiracy theorist will find the truth about what's happening.

Oh yeah. Other people help too.


Timmy tends to evolve every Thursday Friday now, since that's when the evolution updates usually are. Unlike most evolving items, Timmy evolves every update, without skipping any. He began evolving after Dr. Singh shut him into a barrel filled with green sludge.

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Image by Rei Yami Hikari

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Since there's no telling if the Alaric Martin account's ever going to be freed from the banning imposed by the [very broken] anti-botting script, a new thread was formed. You're looking at it.

Been There, Done That section was formed, at the request of Serving_God_Forever. Also, Singh said "parasite." Whoot!

Sci-Fi Team was formed. Lol. Also, I was we were totally right about mind control.

This thread opened. We needed more room. May the old one rest in peace. Links should be updated.

The first TRUTH About TIMMY thread was formed.
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There. If that word didn't send you scurrying about looking for another thread, then what follows may even interest you.

We've all seen how Dr. Singh locked the poor kid in a barrel full of toxic mutagenic sludge. And we've all seen what's been happening ever since.

And then, we all sat down and theorized. What was happening occurred to me at once, of course, and upon studying the main ideas put forth, I was shocked. The very thought of such things! Timmy isn't going to become some unicorn/zombie hybrid. He isn't going to become a super-intelligent criminal mastermind with a fetish for biting people. He isn't going to become a strangely evolved narwhal. In fact...


Now, I know what you're going to say: "But even you admitted it, we've all seen..." Still, hear me out. See that horn growing from Timmy's skull? Oh wait...did I say from Timmy's skull? Because that's not what I meant. That horn is most definitely not growing from Timmy's skull. If it were, since it's evidently pushing through his brain, it would have to be growing from the inner base of his skull, directly through his entire brain.


Oh yes, we've seen the so-called "x-ray" Dr. Singh showed us. And, well, it's obviously phony. Tell me, when you check the image, is the horn not simply growing from the front of Timmy's skull? And tell me, when you check Timmy himself, is it not growing through at least some of his brain?


What she is hiding is: Timmy has a creature growing within his brain, intelligent at the very least, and slowly taking over its functions as it destroys it. It also, quite obviously, has Timmy on some kind of drug, to cause him to think this is all quite normal. The poor kid is even hallucinating, thinking he can see through stuff, etc., and having delusions of superior mentality, both signs of the usage of certain drugs. 'No, no..." you say. "Timmy is evolving. Remember the toxic sludge?" May I ask you this, then:


As the creature slowly removes Timmy's brain and replaces it with itself, we shall see more and more of it. Eventually, it will have done this to such an extent that Timmy becomes nothing more than a mindless corpse [or shall we say "a corpse with a new mind"]. However, most of Gaia will be tricked into thinking that Timmy is merely becoming more highly evolved, and watch with interest, or even acclaim the process. When the creature is finally through growing [into some kind of giant rhinoceros beetle, I would assume], and revealed to Gaia, almost none will have thoughts of protest. Many, indeed, will actually strive to share Timmy's fate. If some spark of his old self still remains - if the drugs wear off and sentience reasserts itself, it will be forever under subjugation, with no hope of rescue. Poor kid.

At Stage Ten, I was wondering whether the greyish things are hairs/fibers/etc., or torn-back flesh as I had originally assumed. Perhaps they're tentacles/arms, and the creature is emerging. It makes sense the it would come out at least slightly even if it is going to use Timmy as a host indefinitely, because Timmy's eyes, frankly, don't look like they're getting the bright side of the deal. Maybe the "evolution" is getting to the point where the creature will have to rely on its own vision. Also, Singh now looks worried.


At Stage Eleven, we found that the grey things are most definitely not skin, as I had formerly thought. They look more like either tentacles or feelers. My guess is, it's some kind of sensory apparatus. Since Timmy's eyes have degenerated so drastically, maybe the creature is unable to use them to see. The horn would have functioned something like an egg tooth, to drill through Timmy's skull, leaving a nice clean hole for the feelers to emerge. That way, the creature wouldn't be "running blind," so to speak. Alternatively, it could be great evidence for the fungal theory.

Also, Timmy apparently eats corpses now. But, though Singh still seems worried, she certainly isn't hiding Timmy from the world. Did he overpower her? Does she simply want Gaians to become fascinated with the parasite, so they will willingly become infected? Why is G-Corp allowing us to see this?


- - -

suicune2001 says: It's "hard to explain the physical changes he has undergone. A parasite can't do that to its host." Well, if a chemical sludge could completely alter Timmy, I certainly think that a parasite of this kind should be able to alter his physiology a little. Perhaps the drug that causes Timmy to hallucinate is also mutating his body to create a better host environment.

Maybe the parasite inside of him isn't trying to escape. What if the scratching on the back of the skull was an attempt to reach the spinal cord. From there he can control his ligaments and use those as a new body. It's head would just replace timmy's. I say this because his enter skin tone changed paler. It might also be possible that the parasite is altering his dna somehow. Like he's making timmy's body think that it's a creature with horns coming out of his arms and legs. Just a thought.

This is a key tenet of my main theory, but I've definitely failed at explaining it properly. Inu did a far better job.

Mazzy had yet another amazingly pertinent comment.
Mazzy elf
Alaric Martin
we've seen the so-called "x-ray" Dr. Singh showed us. And, well, it's obviously phony.

It must be... if you look closely you'll see the outline of Timmy's hair... at the time of this announcement, Timmy had already lost his hair... I don't know why I didn't say anything sooner... because I noticed straight away xd
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Maybe Timmy's parasite is related to this? At the very least, this shows that things like this can happen. Parasite Controls Spider

Malaria is a parasite. G-Corp has a history of altering organisms to fit their needs. So, G-Corp altered malaria much [or something similar]? This could be the result of treating a microscopic parasite with the G-virus. Perhaps it was something natural to begin with.


Mr. Sam
It's obviously a horseshoe crab.

I agree that since the "horn" is straight, it does rather look like the crab's tail. However, it would be rather odd to have it sitting backwards...

See: Figure 4

Mazzy elf
I think Timmy has a G corp modified parasitic Fungi growing inside of him.

See: Media 1

It's something with a beak and oddly placed eyes. Like the labeled "x-ray" states, this being once tried to escape, causing the expansion of the top of his head. It couldn't, so it burrowed further through his head and drilled its beak through his skull once more, successfully this turn. What this parasite may look like:

[image snipped]

Of course, this parasite will grow into a different organism sometime, but other than that this is my idea.

See: Figure 6

[Dont know if this has been stated]If you look closer on the latest evoloution,His arms are longer.
Maybe he is turning into a quadriped?His arms will get longer to the point were he has to use them to walk.
And the horn reminds me of a mole's nose.

[image snipped]

Maybe he has a brain mole?

Brain Mole Is Win.

See: Figure 7

This parasite hypothesis of your does seem quite interesting. But I must disagree that the creature growing in Timmy's head is something more like an Anemone
[image snipped] or a Sea Urchin [image snipped]

That's just my opinion, anyway. mrgreen

See: Figures 8, 9

But, anyways, I think he's becoming demon Narwhale that we will get to battle whenever the battle system comes out.

No...not a narwhal! gonk I admit this sounds very likely.

This is my top theory. It is going to change timmy's body to provide itself better structure to its adult form where it will not stay inside of him but use him as a skeleton. It would completely engulf his body covering it with its form as it is with the top of his skull right now. The part of it on timmy's head would be the first part of the "new" body timmy will get.

Zen Mo
Do you think all the parasites might be one collective mind? Like they're all connected telepathically?

How do we know the parasite(If thats what it is) is going to stay inside timmy? We all know that timmy can now speak through singh directly. but what if thats only step one? I was thinking, whatever is inside timmy, is going to pass through him, and take over singh. I mean, she is the more intelligent/wise/mature of the two. But what will happen to Timmy, you ask? I think, once the parasite leaves him, he will be left as a hollow shell of a kid. the parasite would drain all of his human-ness, taking the energy from it to transfer to singh. He would become a sort a zombie.

well the obvious reason for the slow but painless consumption of the arm is that like most parasites the saliva of timmy now contains an anaesthetic to stop the nerves reciving the signal of pain. otherwise singh should have passed out by now. o.o' take for example the mosquito, probably the most well known blood sucker, "When a mosquito bites, it injects chemicals to prevent the blood from clotting and reduce pain.These chemicals cause irritation"

See: Media 4

Rei Yami Hikari
My theories related to parasites= both of these theories MAY result in Timmy's unfortunate demise...

THEORY ONE; let me introduce T-1

There is a parasite that lays eggs in water, or in this case, radioactive schlup. or spores floating around in there, (e.g common mold spores) that were mutated by said schlup. the said creature may just be the horn itself, and like a parasite taken out of real life, relaeses chemical compounds that;
1. kill pain
and 2. Influance the host's brain.

The hair loss and timmy's mutating may also be due to the influance of the chemical compounds. And the spores/eggs of said parasite, may spread through the host's bloodstream, and entering his saliva and gastric tract. and Biting Dr.Singh transferred said eggs/spores into her blood stream and the chemical compound goes with it. and since that chemical compound belonged to that parasite, it may be sending a link FROM that original parasite, (let's call it T-1, shall we? Timmy-Parasite specimen 1) To Singh. (S-2) and T-1 may also be influencing Timmy's body to fit it's specific needs, Timmy may become nocturnal, for example, explaining the night-vision. it also may burrow under ground, if you have yet to notice, Timmy is starting to get spade-like hands, and since it eats mammal meat, and is a carnivore, it will need to look through the ground to get it's prey, hence the X-ray vision.



Another one, also under influance of the wierd real world, is again about the parasite in the radioactive schlup. The "horn" is the parasite's breathing hole. and it is growing, hence the swelling of Timmy's cranial space. after it has grown too large, it may, unfortunately, come out of timmy as an adult. Since it no longer needs his head for incubation, as it did in a smaller stage. It also may be, unlike in theory one, a sentient species and not just some animal. and then it will go around causing havoc in gaia, starting a new story line, and possibly an event where you can either be a follower of T-1 or a human for the G-team (go T-1!!! ahem...)



Or, it may be just like the radio active insect from spider man. Timmy gets powers but for his own demise, and then starts rampaging through gaia since his tiny little body can't stand said power. The usual gaia NPCs will fill the role of Batman, normal people (exeption of Moria, Louie and Ian, Who may be/ are Vampires) running around with fancy gadgets, and T-1/Timmy shall play the role of Joker. Power-mad, intoxicated with a chemical, insane, and unfortunately a villian since the heros always win.'


Another theory is that it just may be a lot of little creatures that make up one whole mind. Like ants, bees, or termites. They all are just like cells in a body, one collective force in itty-bitty pieces with only one technalogical mind. it may be like a lot of little, let's say, worms, relesing the chemical compounds that rigger specific points in the brain that trigger this growth OR hormones that geneticly mutate the host's physical state, and when DR. singh was bitten, the worms that were in Timmy's saliva transferred into her blood and already started to realese the hormone, and since the worms in here are part of the colony in Timmy, they are of one mind. get it?

Well, that's it for now, that's all I can think up at the moment. Sound good? Well, I'm running off to find more info on parasites... so...

Rei Yami Hikari,
Part-time Mad scientist
-ending transmission-

The Angel of Erac
The New Timmy theory
Timmy's body was so badly mutated by that barrel that he in a way, copied himself so that a parasitic version of him was born inside his brain. This 'new timmy' uses the old body so as not to arouse suspicion in the G-corp. This would explain why he still has his memory and can speak well enough. The yeeping may have been his new body adapting to speech again, like a baby says Goo goo gaa ga.
Also, as I showed you earlier, there is a face inside Timmy's brain. Not like an eye or anything seperate, but a mouth, nose, eye and some other things I can't really explain like the vain-like structure around the head.
Although the face shows no relation to the Timmy 'skin' it certainly looks more intelligant than a parasite.


Zen Mo
exclaim The barrel was full of a life support liquid and G-Corp dumped a parsite into it.
exclaim The horn is an antenna, telepathically linking the parasites.
exclaim It is now taken up permanent residence in Timmy's head.
exclaim It asexually reproduces.
exclaim His saliva transmitted the babies.
exclaim Singh runs G-Corp
exclaim She might actually be Timmy's mommy.
exclaim The only reason Timmy yeeps is because he can't control his mouth muscles entirely.
exclaim The orphans are not involved, so stop worrying.
exclaim The Zurg might be involved. ( I want them to come back!!!! crying )
exclaim Flynn is either blind or retarded...
exclaim I like muffins. 3nodding

Just my theory, thanks for listening! (A mixture of all my previous ideas and ideas borrowed from others...)

Hello! I've been lurking the threads for a while, and finally got a thought that seems decent enough to mention. Sorry if I mention things you guys already talked about. Feel free to swat me with a towel if I'm being redundant.

I have to wonder, if Gene's in it for the research, what if someone wanted it to escape? Maybe, after Gene had put it in a cage and was busy putting Singh and Timmy back together, a third (or would that be fourth?) party came in and let it out? If Gene really is part of G-Corp, and is a highly ranked member, he could have a rival of sorts. Said person's trying to stop him from getting all the credit for the discovery. What better way to make the scientific community aware of all this than for the parasite to get out and cause a little "harmless" damage? It would also be a good way to defame an opponent, while the other person would come out looking like a hero.

Slightly different topic: Gene was upset about Singh locking Timmy in there, not just because he saw it as a horrible thing to do to a child, but because she messed up his research. Bad enough that Timmy got locked into a dangerous place, but he ended up in the batch of sludge that had the parasite in it. If Gene wanted to study it and see how it would interact with another living creature, I doubt he would have picked a human. The other techs used test animals at first, right? So he probably would too, if only to avoid the uproar that most would have about testing on people. (And people are unpredictable. Using a 'harmless' animal would be safer...though, after what happened with Grunnies, I'm not sure if anyone really thinks that anymore...) Unless...maybe they've been working on this project all along, and they were ready for someone to get 'infected' anyway? It could be that they didn't plan on Timmy being the one.

Anyway, Timmy's brain might have become an incubator of sorts, meant to give the creature a safe place to grow and to speed its development. In some ways, the parasite's way of thinking ("I only see people as chunky blood milkshakes! Tee-hee!" ) seems animalistic, despite its powers. Maybe it was from an early batch, one that wasn't quite ready for human consumption. Gene was placed in charge of studying it and taking control of the situation after the folks at G-Corp realized their blunder. (I'm thinking it could have been an accident; Singh was supposed to find or receive something from them, but she ended up with a barrel she wasn't supposed to have. They just wanted Timmy to get some of the 'regular' solution in him, not the experimental parasite. So then they find out about the situation, Gene goes out to help, and he sends reports back on what happened.) No one expected for it to grow as it did, so instead of destroying it, he decides to lock it up and take it back to the lab. Of course, it gets out - either because someone wanted it to and let it out, or due to abilities inherent to the parasite-creature itself.

And voila, we have a plot straight from a monster invasion flick! I bet ET's already taken over some unknown, yet-to-be-introduced NPC. Unaware of what's happening to them, but feeling under the weather, the poor fool soul keeps going through life as normal. But with so many yummy looking people out for prom - and all wrapped up in fancy clothes like giant expensive candies - they have a little dinner along the way! 3nodding It'll be fun if people get bitten while in the middle of prom stuff. Like a random event, you know? It seems innocent, and when you click on it, it's already too late. Then it turns into a race against time to find out how to stop it before everyone gets changed into mutants...or one of them evolves into some super powerful boss monster. Even if nothing happens at Prom, it could definitely make a good intro for the battle system. Maybe it's all connected!

Yeah, that was all very random. :3 I just wanted to comment because I've been lurking all this time without inputting...and I wind up rambling my head off! I don't even know if that made sense. ^^; Sorry if it didn't, my brain moves faster than my fingers type. There was more, but the post was getting massive, so I stopped.
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Every once in a while, people drop into the thread, then post some random speculation. This is good. Awesome, in fact. However, there are a few things that are posted quite a lot, which really don't have much potential for discussion [yet, anyway]. This is a not very comprehensive list of those things.

I'm not saying these things shouldn't be brought up. I'm not saying not to bring up these things. I'm just saying, before you do, think about it. Find a new angle. Make sure we haven't, you know...


"Hey, that's my theory! stare " [Yes, I love seeing wars about who posted what first, just for fun. It is sort of important. And something to be proud about. And I don't mind. Just don't get touchy, and remember that since we're all mostly logical thinkers here, lots of us are going to follow the same path of reasoning o the same conclusions. ninja ]

"Timmy is going to be a monster in the Battle System."

"This is going to be a Halloween/Easter/Random plot event someday."

"This couldn't be a Halloween/Easter/Random plot event."

"Timmy is changing."

"Timmy's arms are changing."

"This isn't going to be anything big." [Actually, you really shouldn't say this one. XD]

"Did anyone notice the X-Ray is just like the Grunny Invasion picture?"
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We can always use more banners. And we're always happy to trade links [...mostly]. cool

By Alaric Martin

User Image


By Zen Mo

User Image
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Because I want one. STFU.

Timmy Threads

Random Threads

how do you get giftrape?
"only on your birthday.....in prison"

Someone is concerned about users comparing Gaia to Facebook. Hilarity ensues. Unfortunately, the first post was emptied.
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Minamoto Yoshitsune

*gives gold star* best point about this i have seen all day ^^
We can only hope that this remains true for every subsequent day.

User Image

When someone drops by just to post something like this, it proves beyond a doubt that our hard work is being recognized. I was afraid for a moment people thought all this was easy. Wouldn't want to lose a stunning reputation.
Thank you, rajan530.

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Sci-Fi Team

Saving the internet from disasters, one fictitious parasite at a time. - Zen Mo

Apparently, we needed an official Timmy-information-gathering team. It's called the Sci-Fi Team because Buwaro_Panda called it a "sci team" and Seth221 called it a "sci fi team" and I thought the name in general was awesome. Alternate names will be considered and possibly added, because organizations need aliases as much as normal people do. Seriously. It's been proven.

...I think.

Therefore I am?

We need a tagline too more taglines now. Because taglines are awesome.

All who visit this thread can consider themselves honorary members of the Sci-Fi Team. Or not. You don't have to. This list pretty much only contains the people who said they wanted in.

If you want in, post. If I ignore you after I post, it's probably not on purpose. PM me. XD

Feel free to make up ridiculous categories for yourselves as needed.



Alaric Martin

Conspiracy Theorists

Okami Higurashi [Demon Assassin]
shadowtrust [Uber Awesome Weird and Crazy]

Crackpot Theorists



Zen Mo



Internet Geeks


Mad Scientists

Franky G 07
Rei Yami Hikari [Living-Impaired Ninja]




Minespatch [Paranormal and Death]

Resident Geezers


Robotic Vampire Conspiracists



Crazy With Love




The Angel of Erac
Sakura knight kuro-rin
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Figure 1: Timmy's Evolution
User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
User Image User Image User Image

Figure 2: Timmy's "X-Ray" - Stage 8
User Image

Figure 3: Theoretical Diagram of Parasite [by The_Hardcore_Noob]
User Image

Figure 4: Horseshoe Crab
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Figure 5: Labeled Version of Timmy's "X-Ray" - Stage 8 [by Kanorfka]
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Figure 6: Labeled Version of Timmy's "X-Ray" - Stage 8 [by Elokin]
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Figure 7: Mole [presented by Alphonsesan]

User Image

Figure 8: Anemones [presented by Kuo51, found at Wikipedia]
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Figure 9: Sea Urchin [presented by Kuo51, found at Wikipedia]
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

- - -

Media 1: Cordyceps [Parasitic Fungi] [BBC]
This documentary is well worth watching.
Short Version [Pointed Out By Mazzy elf]
Long Version [Pointed Out by 7luvlysins22]

Media 2: Parasite Controls Spider
This is well worth reading. It shows that certain parasites can indeed influence the behavior of the organisms they inhabit.
PDF Document

Media 3: Lanzer Speaks of Timmy [presented by Nawat Cooper, emphases added]


I've always wanted to make it to one of these sessions, and now that I have...
I forgot most of what I wanted to ask. gonk

However, I do still have some on my mind, so here goes:

1) Will users ever be able to in the future control certain NPCs, or will there be NPCs crafted after specific users? (Like the users who were used in the Manga in the past, for instance)

2) I don't recall if it has been answered or not yet, but Any idea what is going on with for Angelic Rod?

3) In a recent AtA session, you said the Weapons shop had slipped. Do you mean it is just getting pushed back, or has the idea failed altogether?

4) The observation was made by a fellow Gaian that Timmy's skin resembles that of the H2K4 Zombie skin. Will that skin at some point be rereleased, or is there something else in store for us you will not yet speak of?

That's all for now. Thank you for your time. ^_^
I hope the holidays are good this year for you and the rest of your team. mrgreen


1) Do expect more NPC related quests, but nothing more than that is planned for the moment...

2) Angelic Rod had been disabled due to all the botting and exploits. Which is a shame. We hope that we can fix the problems and once again introduce the "hidden" features.

3) The weapons store should be opening early next year. I wouldn't want it to slip any longer as everyone's waiting for it.

4) The plan originally was to allow easy access to the new skin. We'll be working on it. :O


Hello Lanzer.

You always welcome us to these meetings, and thank us for coming.
I'd like to thank YOU for coming. You could surely be off doing better
things, but you take the time to talk to the users, and it is greatly appreciated.

1) Before the Marketplace changed over, we were able to search game items by number, such as 100 tickets, 50 Green Bass, and so on. Will this return some day?

2) The Official G Corp guild, created by Johnny K. Gambino and several LabTechs, has been lying unused since almost its creation. Do you think we will ever again see activity there?

3) Previously, when a group of users through the GCD had a "G Corp user event",
Fleep had made a thread to remind everyone they were only users, and so on. In that same thread, he mentioned that users in the future may gain control of individual NPCs for user run events. Is this something that could actually happen, or is it not practical?

4) Weapons shop. I think i've seen users foaming at the mouth waiting for this one. Any word?

5) If all the NPCs of G Corp were to, I dunno, go on permanent vacation, would it be possible for a user or group of users to OFFICIALLY take over the G Corp name? WANT

I'm not a big sports fan, but I do love the commercials.

Thank you for your time, and I wish you a good week.


I'm glad to be here. Aside from the occasional PM I hardly have time to spend time in the forums, so I'm really happy that I've set this time to talk to other Gaians.

Let me check with Darknrgy, I don't see why not.

Zombies will always make a comeback, just look at all the zombie movie remakes out there. biggrin

Certainly, our end goal is to provide as much tools and functions for users to host their own events. Gaia is a place for all to have fun, and all our features and efforts will all lead to that goal.

Weapons shop is still on-hold. Sorry.

Not for the time being, I think some storyline is still be plotted deep inside the depths of Gaia. biggrin

Media 4: Anasthetic Saliva [presented by Gaesif]
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Rei Yami Hikari

Has it dawned on anyone Gene's hat and pants are black and not blue-green?
User ImageGENe= black
User ImageLabtech 13; blue green
User ImageLabtech 101; glue green
User ImageLabtech 912; blue-green
User Image Hell, beyond the shadows weven Labtech X is blue-green. what makes this Gene guy so special to wear black?


If he's a survivor, then where'd he get a different uniform form if all of G-corp is practicly burnt out and uniforms aren't needed? And there were many different divisions.

Waaaaiiit a cotten picken second... I've done reserch. apearently there were PURPLE gunnys. PURPLE.
read the first post. PURPLE rabbits apearently.

maybe Timmy is one of 'em purple grombies!


things I have found by snooping around like a living-impaired ninja; ((living impaired ones are better. no heartbeat, PWNAGE!))
1.User ImageREAL living Labtech, Labtech 123.
2. From the journal of Labtech062; "...At the lab there's been rumors about a few specimen that went missing on Friday. Need to hurry to work and see what's going on." whasn't the grombie thing started by 13 biting a lot of people? where did THOSE go?!?
3. from the journal of Labtech909; "... I had the weirdest dream though. I dreamt that I was lying on a cold forensic table with this bright beam of light blinding me. I could hear chattering, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. I deseparately cry for help while trying to struggle my way out of the restraints, but no one came to my aid. I felt powerless. All of a sudden the chattering became dead silent followed by a sharp surge of pain in my head and that's when I woke up. "

didn't Timmy say his head hurt? Maybe this is from a looooong time ago....

4.Again from 909 " It's now noon on Wednesday and I'm still working. I couldn't stop working. I'm constantly having this stong urge to keep on working. I had not yet slept, but I'm still feeling fresh like I'd just woken up from a good night sleep. It seems strange, but my productivity is getting better. I shell continue. I must get more coffee...I must work...I love working here."

Timmy doesn't sleep either. hmmm...



I overheard that there might be a few graveyard shifts available over the next few weeks. Please consider me for this assignment. I know the job requires employees who are willing to take the big risks for the big advances that G Corp. has planned to make the world better for everyone and I feel I am up to the challenge.
Doesn't/didn't Timmy eat corpses?
If I could make a small request... our research tools are kinda bulky right now. Do you think you could get us tools that are new and shiny and can fit in pockets??"

User Image Shiny pocket-fit scalpal in his hand. O_O

Maybe... a new G-corp? I didn't know if this mattered or not, but check out the G on Gene's uniform. the ones on the other labtech are reversed.;
User Image

Journal of 722;"We had to evaculate the level a few minutes ago. Something about toxic fumes in the lab from a spill. Fortunately the ventilation ducts cleaned up the room in about 10 minutes so we didn't have to wait long before going back to work."

Wasn't TIMMY breathing Toxic fumes in the barrel? what spill? Spillage of what?


I woke up in the middle of the night last night and I swore there were purple gorillas and polka-dotted seals romping around the room last night and Men with cattle prods chasing them screaming "The animals have all escaped!" But now that I am fully awake, I am sure it was all just a dream.

-Labtech722's journal.
O_O appearently there's not just Grunnys... there's prorillas and uhh.... whatevers. too

I found something a little disturbing... the last posts of the labtech... well... some of them sound like... er... Timmy.
Labtech722's last post

Sateday, Octoper 30, 2004 8:20 AM
I am thinking soooo clearly now .... my head was fuzzy and cornfuzzled, but I drank some coffee and I think it snappled me out of it! blaugh I win at the scientist thing I am so grood at it. I let all of the lab animals out of their cagies on sublevel 27 so they could play with each other and they were very happy. heart heart
Feeling hungries now ... need to make myself a tasty snack. I will chop up the munky in the blender with the chocolate cheeze sauce. My brain feels like a roasted chicken.


Before, that guy was a gambling-addict and later a work addict.... and pretty smart.

labtech957's last post

Friday, October 29th, 2004 10:40 pm

I can't seem to concentrate anymore. I need a breakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Im so exited. I have this kool stik on my dusk. TI ahs like a pushing thing and makes nice clicky noseyie. oooo i aslo haf tis kool g on my shrt and if i flop oder it lock like a swrilie.

i loov wurc

mur cofee mor werk

He was a workaholic.

need I show more?


Well, no one showed up for my Home Internet Theatre party. No one likes me, its the only explanation. NO ONE can resist a Home Internet Theatre System.

Sigh... anyway, since I didn't see the point of having an Internet Home Theatre System I returned it to Best Fry's. No sense in owning something expensive if it can't even get you friends. *ANGST ANGST*

As if I didn't already hate the world enough, I decided to head to G CORP the night of the would be party to get some work done.

What I was was absolutely terrifying. THEY'VE BEGUN EXPERIMENTATION ON THEIR OWN EMPLOYEES!! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?! I saw a couple of employees cleaning their lab space over and over and OVER. They were sweating and mumbling and had a funny tint to their skin. 722 was passed out on the floor. WHY WONT THEY LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES WITH THE ANIMALS???

Thank god I skipped out early on Friday night. I heard they were doing some sort of immunization but looks like they were doing some sort of MIND CONTROL EXPERIMENT OR WHATEVER.

One false move and we'll all be under the G CORP spell of control. I've tried to warn everyone here. I'm prepared. I have a 6 month food supply, an underground bomb shelter, a diesel generator with lots of fuel, gas masks, reading material, and most importantly: MY BIG a** SHOTGUN!



And so begins my documentation. Since I couldn't put myself under and inject myself at the same time, I had no choice but to perform the injection without the help of a general anesthetic. I felt the needle slide in- it burned, almost like a venom racing through my bloodstream. I felt a warmth behind my eyes, I felt a clenching in my chest as my muscles constricted. I remember passing out, but I don't remember pulling the needle from my arm. When I slackened, the needle must have slid free, as when I awoke it was on the ground. While unconcious, I remember having a dream, it was a nice dream.


Digressing from my work into more personal things, I seem to be balding slightly. This is so not fair- I think the next experiment we need under cellular regeneration is hair regeneration. Because hair cells are important. They...make hair. I hate when it comes out too, I mean it isn't much, but hair being caught in the drain is so nasty. It's all slimy and has shampoo residue on it sometimes, and yeah- ick. It makes me shudder just thinking about it.


Additionally, increasing the injection does not seem to increase the regeneration rate. Personally, my memory seems to be failing, and yet, I seem to be remembering other things- you know, life before G Corp and all that. Was I really happier back then? Something feels very weird. I have these memories, but they can't possibly be mine...


It appears the liquid is partially from G Corp, as it bears the mark, seals, and credentials of an experimental product. However, the label on the vial doesn't match the label on the sealed cap. Usually this occurs only on failed experiments or if the project was a multi-sublevel venture. That doesn't make sense though, as the neither of the experiments listed match the sublevel they actually occured on. Perhaps then, these were meerly containers for whatever the final substance is? If so, where is everything that was in the bottles?


OH. EM. GEE. I see a Timmy pattern!!!!

1. wierd liquid sludge stuffs
2. hair loss
3. loss of mind.... probably melding of his mind with somthing ELSE or someone elses.


247's prototype notes:

138 injected. She has been putting things on her head. This seems very odd, and I can't connect it to any of her behavior from before. If this is a behavioral change, then she had to be taking items from before, but there is no company records of that except for the wallet thing. Since that probably wasn't her fault, I can't place the cause of this.

101 injected. He seem to have mellowed out, and seems tired a lot of the time. This is counter to the injection's purpose. He expressed concern to me that was genuine and thought out. His napping has hindered his productivity as well. This could be a concern that might delay our product.

722 injected. He has also been fatigued. Though his symptoms seem slightly different than 101's. I can't remember what exactly, but they were just, different.

247 injected. I seem to be a bit irritable and forgetful as of late. While I don't experience the fatigue, I have been letting things slip my mind constantly. Like 722- OH!

722 injected. He has also been experiencing forgetfulness much like 247

247 injected. I seem to be a bit irritable and forgetful as of late. While I don't experience the fatigue, I have been letting things slip my mind constantly. Hopefully it is not anything permanent, as I hate overlooking things.

137 injected, but I haven't noticed any changes yet.

912 injected, but haven't seen any change. Very odd.

126 injected, but haven't seen any change either.

909 not injected. But for some reason, his productivity is up. This is good- he also seems very energetic about G Corp. Company enthusiasm I always applaud, especially if it emerges as a result of the productivity (or injection). However, I don't remember injecting him...

957 not injected. He has no idea what is going on, which is a good thing.

062 not injected.
Sonhadora's avatar

Shameless Exhibitionist

Hi Alaric *waves*

Well, I think some of the relationships here are a bit of a stretch (i.e. the anemone/sea urchin), but I like that you've made this nice, neat little organized chaos for this.

And that fungus... is effing creepy. I'm glad I'm not a bug. >.<
Specter Flux's avatar

Learned Lunatic

Ugh, me too. XD

I like lots of the stretched theories, though. Nothing wrong with poking a little fun at ourselves. rofl
Sonhadora's avatar

Shameless Exhibitionist

I guess that's true. Still.

Oh, and the mole. That one. *shudder* I wish I was that enthralled that I spent all of my time looking up theories and possibilities. Sadly, my attention span is lacking. Haha

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