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Finally, clothes! They are very pretty, too.
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woah. Nice, I think I can wear the bustle.
Nice work.
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Finally some clothes~
They're really cute but I'm still not so sure about buying this REI :/ Let's see what the next evo brings us :3
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Very cute!
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Winter Hue
Winter Hue
The guys really are kind'a getting left out in the cold here, aren't they?

Granted, that's not exactly an uncommon situation any more, but jeeze... o_0

The REI just reached the halfway mark. Besides, we already have a possible male character.
We will probably be getting his poses in the finale or in the evos this Friday and next Tuesday.

Granted there was also a male character in Polar Tear... and look how that turned out...

o 3 o I thought the male character got plenty of nice poses.
Not every man in the world has an obnoxious amount of facial hair and muscles.

No one said it had to be. But I think what people want are items that are distinctively male. The only ones in Polar Tear were the shoes and apron... but even those are questionable.

Ding ding ding! emotion_awesome

I think the reason guys get frustrated is that often the male characters get very neutral poses (like...a hood. Or a very generic sweater, in the case of Polar Tear, or accessories that have no obvious gender slant to them) while the female characters get poses that are pretty exclusively feminine (like skirts, and bustles, and long, flowy hair, and faces with feminine make up).

I don't think people should discount neutral poses but I can understand the guys being frustrate at how often the male characters in REIs are sidelined while the female characters get the lion's share of the important poses.

I know that part of the difference lies in the fact that females can and do wear anything a man wears down to clunky boots and baggy pants. And while men can, technically, wear anything a woman wears down to high heels and lipstick, most men across most societies do not wear bustles and bustiers. So it's much easier to make a pose that is overtly feminine, and much more difficult to make a pose that is overtly masculine. I totally get that.

But when all the important poses are overtly feminine and the less important poses are extremely nuetral, that is what gets guys frustrated. And the fact that it honestly happens a lot. We have not had a genuinely masculine themed REI that centered around a male character in a long time. D= (No, I do not count Polar Tear, Antipathy or Stinger--all for various reasons--mostly because the poses were gender neutral, or because a female character got as many or more of the more significant poses)

That said, I think this is a cute REI. The bustle is very pretty and the bustier makes me think of cotton candy. LoL. Though I have a hard time using it due to the distinct lack of pink in my inventory, I do think the item is pretty. I think it's just going to continue to disappoint guys to see the male characters sidelined in REIs, until we start getting some balance. Usually when an REI starts out with a male lead, the female characters end up playing as important a role in the story as a guy, or even take it over completely. But it's rarely the case than an REI has a female lead and a male character pops up to share the spotlight. They always stay very, very firmly in the background.
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i hope the 2 pose trend continues on friday too ;w;
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Hurray, clothes!
And a two-pose evo. Which is nice.
Unless there's some amazing hair or something, I'll still probably end up selling this REI back, but I definitely like this evo the best so far. heart
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i surprisingly enjoy the new evo. dont know how to use it, but i do enjoy the style/color combination
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This is growing on me.. I want one even more now. At first I really liked the hood but now the bustier and butt feathers too? heart
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Thank goodness I can cover the pink in this bustle. Still hoping the manager/mysterious man would get man poses, but I somehow doubt we guys will get it, since it's a girly EI after all.
I guess these REIs can't live without gender'd poses. At least they get to add it, but for the males, it seems it's just unisex, or sometimes not centered at males at all.
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♥ ♥

I wonder what we will get tomorrow. I actually want another
one now. o__o It took me long enough to buy one and now I want another.
I don't have enough cash right now to spend on it though >3<

I hope we get more clothing though. And I'm surprised I actually can
use the face mod and enjoy it. I thought I wouldn't like it on my own
avatar because of the derpy little mouth but it is growing on me.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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That damn bustier made me buy one... emotion_donotwant
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This is an announcement regarding my schedule for this weekend.
More than likely I will be unable to update the thread over the next 3 days.
I am volunteering to help pass out refreshments for a marathon in Dallas this
evening (prep work) and for the 2nd day of the marathon (on Sunday). I also have
college classes Saturday, so I might not be available as well that day. A busy beaver I will be.
I will try to update this thread as best as I can if I get a chance to this weekend. Please be patient.

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The bustle was pretty.
Let's see what we get today 3nodding

I can't decide yet wheter buying a second one or not...
Today's evo might help
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Good luck with the volunteer work

On topic: I like the pixelling on the item though it doesn't suit my avi. I keep getting tempted to make a girl mule just so I can use it.

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