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not loving this evo, but glad camilia's wish came true however.
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Aw hell yes emotion_dowant
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Tricky Treasure

A TWO pose evo?! UNHEARD OF eek
They're okay I guess, more interesting than the dumb bouquet at least
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the clothes are cute, i'll have to buy it eventually.
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It's nice, I feel like buying another one... confused
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the skirt thing is adorable
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Pretty! emotion_kirakira
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the skirt thing is adorable

That skirt is called a bustle--and it is indeed adorable. :3
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Formal Pumpkin

Thank you Mishiri for the cute bustle and bustier. heart
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Fluffy Kitten

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finally some cloth!!! and is adorable!!! 4laugh
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Hallowed Prophet

*u* I love the skirt. Really love it.
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Formal Pumpkin

Oh my gosh, how did I not notice this?
This item is using the Gaia anniversary colors. XD;
Pale pink and blue. Also seen in the AFK Scarf.
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Invisible Prophet

    Omg. I love it. The bustle <3
    I bought it finally. It's a shame I am not using it yet but.. I just had
    to buy it. Finally a reason to. :3
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Formal Pumpkin

Oh by the way, the estimated finale date is March 1st.
So one week from this Friday. heart
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Muscular Bear

The bustle looks good on me. But it has pink. Em not a pink person.

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