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The bouquet was pretty and adorable imo, but ... I don't like that face. At all.
Something bugs me terribly on it. It's not just the fact they made it a facemod again.
I don't think I'll pick up another one, I'm content with the one I have so far.
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Striking Heckler

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I had high hopes for this item, so far they hadn't been met. I hope it picks up soon
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Magical Kitten

Ohh, not liking the face. neutral It looks flat.

Well, I guess I gotta wait until Tuesday. I just can't justify spending five dollars for a bouquet, please artist, gimme more lovely poses.
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Lady Reveler

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The face mod is just so lovely... but I wish that we'd get more than one pose every evolution.
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Man-Hungry Vegetarian

Were the lips really necessary? I would have liked the evo if the lips and eyes were separate poses.
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I love it!
Has pink in it
has a nice blue in it!

I smell a lot of impatience in here; while one pose at a time sucks, I'm learning to treat it as a mini-bonus.
This evolution also ties nicely with this months MC

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Beloved Foe

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♥ ♥

I like the face. biggrin
The Hazmat makeup works with it but makes the lips atrocious. Makes
the eye shadow a nice purply color though.

Too lazy to check if Mad Hatter mouth can layer with it. XD

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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Partying Fatcat

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CURSE YOU MISHIRI crying . ( I still love your work)

I am tired of this new trend where the eye's, blush, and mouth are not separate. So I guess we won't get beautiful eyes.
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Lady Reveler

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Lapin Lequesne

I totally agree with you, and I have the same opinion about the face mod as you do~! biggrin
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Friendly Friend

darn it, i had such high hopes. sad
should've seen who the artist was before buying.
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Beloved Bunny

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I kind of don't like the new face O.o
It looks weird
I don't know what it is
*goes back to stare at it*
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High-functioning Hellraiser

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The face is alright. I'm not entirely wowed over it, but I'll probably come up with something for it.
The mouth isn't as bad as I thought at first, but I think I would have liked just regular old eyes without a mouth/lips.
I don't really like the bouquet at all. The quality is great, no questions there, but it's not exactly very versatile, I'll probably never use it.

I'm really getting disappointed by this one pose evolution stuff, I kind of just want this one to be over already.
I hate to say that, as the quality isn't bad at all, the poses and the amount we're getting are just not what I was expecting I suppose.
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Buggy Mage

It's a cute blush but not all is lost, maybe we'll get a cool set of guys from the mysterious admirer. 3nodding
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Magic Spirit

I'm still holding out for something extravagant and beautiful. Stop teasing us!

I can handle the one pose per evo but for the love of god give us more than one sentence for the story. crying crying crying
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Star Star

I was hoping the announcement would be for Crosstitch. </3

Still only really like the hood. Wish the components of the face were separate, sigh.

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