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bouquet of flowers
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I hate this item. Well I don't, I just hate that I can't ever remember its name. I keep thinking it's Ame Soeur from the description.

The bouquet is nice, I guess. Be good for bride avis, especially with the little blue ribbon. I wonder if there will be any green in non-floral poses.
I still like the hood best. ninja
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So Faith got flowers from a stranger? I think I'm just disappointed there isn't much to the story. gonk
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asdf this evo sucked.
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♥ ♥

I'm trying something new, gaiz. I'm trying to be positive. LOL.
The item is nice for a spring themed avatar, perhaps. Not really my kind of
theme but it's a better looking bouquet than most. At least in my opinion.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
Why is it evolving so slowly?
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Hi everyone~ I apologize for the lack of updates.
I have been really preoccupied this week with school and just life in general.
I will be updating the thread in an hour or so. Again, I apologize.
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Ok I have finally updated the thread.
I should be pushing an update to the fan list this afternoon.
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I hope the evo on Friday has more poses. sweatdrop Same with it being eyes with nothing attached to them like how Petit Cherie's eyes are.
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I really like the bouquet pose. emotion_kirakira It's probably the nicest one we have on the site, I've already made an avi with it and I don't own the item!

The other poses so far, while very lovely, have been practically unusable for me. My previous favorite, the hairpin, hardly shows up against my hair. emotion_8c I'm hoping there are more beautiful poses to come, I really want to like this item. For once I have enough Gcash just sitting around, but I don't want to use it all because the videos could dry up any day.
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Magnificent Moonbeam
I hope the evo on Friday has more poses. sweatdrop Same with it being eyes with nothing attached to them like how Petit Cherie's eyes are.

I hope so too! *crosses my fingers*
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got a new pose!~ Its a lovely blue/pink face 'Faith's song'
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emotion_facepalm We did get closed eyes it seems, but it's the opposite of what I had hoped (an eye mod with nothing attached to it). If they wanted a lip mod, they would have added the lips alone if it was just the song part...*waits for next Tuesday it seems*
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oh....the face....it's something i have to get used to i guess. hope the others like it

*sits in a corner and waits for next tuesday*

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