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Flarie Hanami
Am I the only one that gets annoyed by people being so judgmental over one pose? It's one pose! No need to be so nitpicky.

I personally love this rei so far. Every. Single. Evolution. heart I'll honestly laugh if an absolutely heart stopping pose comes out of this rei and then all the naysayers flipflop over and talk about how much they love this item. >__>
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People have the tendency to overreact when it comes to little things like a pose. rolleyes

I'm enjoying watching the REI evolve so far, although no one pose has made me want to buy it yet.
The hood pose is so simple, yet elegant. I've never used an item that covers the face so much before...
This one is tempting though.
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Aekea Bloodsucker

The first pose I really like from this REI is the hood. I don't like the blue tip much, but it doesn't bother me. c:
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I kinda like the hood and the hair pin.
But I hate it when they do one pose evos on both days, tuesday and friday.
I know why they're doing it. But still.
Ah well, there's still hope for awesome eyes or something emotion_c8
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I like this hood, but I've said it before and I'll say it again...

I hate this one-pose-per-evolution trend.
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yay! ok! I definitely love the hood...
I've been wanting to do a combination with "Serpent's Charm item"
... when I was watching the evolution from the marketplace and puff! appeared, changed avi immediately and enjoy it! ^.^ heart

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I like the hood. Still waiting for decent male poses.
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I love this hood emotion_kirakira And I rarely use hoods! But this one is awesome!
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Omg 1 evo again?
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The hood is kinda nice, but I'm not sure I could see myself using it. I keep waiting for something that will make me want to buy this item.
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I'm really loving today's evo. <333
And it's unisex; decent enough to use on both genders.
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Not too keen on it, but hopefully there's better poses in future. (:
A face mod would be nice.
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Kawaii Phantom

It un-equips my elf ears so I automatically don't like it.
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I was more peeved at the EI report itself to be honest. The story only got one sentence of additional prose. That seems pretty lazy to me.
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He Ate my Shorts
I'm really loving today's evo. <333
And it's unisex; decent enough to use on both genders.

I got a little excited when I saw your avatar. I thought the Flight of Fancy arm-mod might remove the back of the Amour hood, and thus the tiny bit of blue, but when I tried it on, I realised that while it covers a lot of it, it was still there, you'd just found a way to make it much less obvious.
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He Ate my Shorts
I'm really loving today's evo. <333
And it's unisex; decent enough to use on both genders.
You're wearing it wonderfully. emotion_kirakira

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