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aight im just playing sour grapes here:

i can live without that hair talk2hand

/sourest grapes alive
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Beloved Nerd

I think those are...the ugliest and most odd looking curls XD
But it looks good with the Sainte.
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Hallowed Prophet

e.e Can't tell how I feel about the curls. Maybe they'll grow on me? Either way, for now, it's not enough to make me buy it for myself. I'm hoping they include a version of the hair in another style.
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I love the wig. It was the only reason I broke down and spent 400k.
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Kawaii Hellraiser

Can't wait to get this. * O *
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I impulse-bought this REI at 3am last night D:

I know this one is probably going to be all cutesy and frilly, but I'm hoping we get some cute/sexy pastel-colored outfits.

We need more sexy items in lighter colors! I'm tired of always getting them in black/red/dark tones ;_;
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Saint Sweetheart

besides crushing my hope for a pink wig, this hair kinda looks like shaded pasta noodles.

&I wish two toned wigs would stop. Mostly cause they've ruined wigs I would have otherwise liked. (Ritzy Dame)

hoping this item has some cute pink and white clothes/accessories instead. not a fan of blue personally ._.
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Not a fan of the wig cat_ninja I can do without the end curls cat_sweatdrop

Debating whether to buy Stinger 2nd Gen (I emotion_bigheart the eyes, the wig, the horns, the pants, and shirt cat_biggrin but oh my I really emotion_bigheart that awesome looking Sword emotion_kirakira I have a great weakness for Swords cat_ninja ) or Song of Amour....(I like the Harp heh because typically Harps are gold cat_ninja ) I hope there will be a cool looking Blue wig cat_biggrin because I have a weakness for good looking Blue wigs cat_stare In general I really love the color Blue....not a fan of the color Pink *A few peeps were shocked that a Girl doesn't like the color Pink* maybe there might be a pair of blue eyes cat_wink in the Song Of Amour and if there is.....There would be a high chance that I'll buy it cat_ninja

In real life my eyes are blue emotion_kirakira
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aight im just playing sour grapes here:

i can live without that hair talk2hand

/sourest grapes alive

I can live without the hair too cat_ninja
Why did the wig evo have to be the first one? gonk
Dashing my hopes of ever getting one now... maybe. I'm guessing they've set it up to end around Valentine's Day though, being love themed and everything.

Also, could I be added to the fanlist please? emotion_kirakira
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I think that hair would look good with the Coral Seafolk (pink mertail item)
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SO PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY. emotion_kirakira
Glad I bought it before it evolved. But I liked the hair better with agape.
I'm kinda 'eehhhh' with the long one.
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Noble Inquisitor

I'm liking the decision I bought it for the hair- I'll probably end up buying more later.........
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Add me as a fan Winter! heart
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I'm really not too crazy about the hair, but I'm trying to make it work. I hope this item is good..

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