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I love the wig. It looks perfect with the Cherubic Queen of Solair dress. Which I will never own. ; w ;
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Omg I love this REI Already I must have it for dat hair!!! -proceeds to save gold-

Oh yeah sign me up as a fan!
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Tipsy Vampire

Lady Ouija

        Okay, so this wig.
        Love it! <3
        Made me cave in and get one!

Ohohoho. That combination is pretty cute. heart

        Thank you! emotion_bigheart
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I like the wig, but I'm kinda bored of all these white/pink curly wigs.
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love the color scheme..still hoping for more evo's before i decide if i sell mine or not. cant wait till next tuesday smile
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Melodious Fairy

sign me up; i liked this item the moment i saw it
i must save up for at least one
dat harp ~ ♪
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pretty pretty hair <3
looks really good when cut, as well!
i'll pick one up when the price goes down a little bit 4laugh
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Salty Phantom

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Despite being a music-themed item, it hadn't really drawn me in. I don't have a lot of white / pastel colours in my invo, so I was reluctant to get it. But then the hair came out and I messed around with it in the dress up, so ... I just had to get it.

I'm hoping there'll be some other poses that I'll end up liking to justify the fact that I just used my hard-to-get GC on it instead of saving up the gold.
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Buggy Mage

As you can see, I'm totally ready to go with this color scheme. I don't think of it as neutral/or masculine very much but that doesnt mean there wont be some in the future. I wonder if the harp is foreshadowing any future poses though because it seems to have a winged motif. Im really psyched, this could be some angelic epicness guys. 3nodding
As a side note, there certainly is a deficit of Demonic gear but then again Angelic needs some attention as well. Both are Classic Gaia and that seems to be the theme of this REI, among others.
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Well that hair is just friggen' fantastic. Already worth it IMO.
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In a relationship with many fictive characters

Kawaii Phantom

I have a feeling I will love this item.
Must sell something~
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Lavish Nerd

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Fantastic color scheme *O*
I'm definitely going to buy one, and I'm so happy it's from Mishiri, I loved Wisteria *O*
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Noble Bunny

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" I really really really like the wig. Gosh... "
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Sparkly Fairy

Dear rei, i wish to hate you. You and your pastel angelic blue which i am not fond of. Please dont woo me with your pale locks of curls. I will not fall for your tricks. Despicable.

Must have hair......

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