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This blue and pink color just ... meh. I hope there will be that one pose that I'll just die for [like Stinger!] but otherwise I don't see much promise when it comes to color.

Too bright and pastel.
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Winter Hue
The artist has been confirmed to be Mishiri.
I have added her previous REIs to the front page.
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Ooo, very cool! I was wondering if that was correct when someone made the speculation. Thanks for the update, Winter.
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add me to the list pls biggrin
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Oooh, I just can't wait for it to evolve for the first time!! whee
i would like to be added to the list n - n!
the love the soft colors from this new REI, hoping it yields some gorgeous poses.
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Reaaaaallly hoping this tacky two tone hair fad will die soon. gonk
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The new hair pose is quite pretty! I'd still like to buy the item, but I'll hold off for now.
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i like the hair, definitely buying it, once i finish my quest
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Not crazy about the pink, but realllyyy excited. Very pretty evolution.
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The hair is nice, but it is even nicer with Agape scissors.
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So this REI is about a pop music star.

Way to rehash old themes, Gaia.
Hrm....The hair is pretty but Mishiri always shades white hair oddly---it always looks very grayish? I wish it was a little more white looking instead but it's still pretty. I may have to buy pink stuff to use it. I am not sure I have any pink in my inventory. At all.

My new quest is to create a pink steampunk avatar.......steampink. emotion_awesome
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...this item is too girly... just saying...
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I do like the hair sort've but wish it was blue and white rather than pink and white. ^^'
Hopefully we'll get a blue and white hair similar then.
Still very pretty.

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