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The Song of Amour Discussion/Fanthread

This is an announcement regarding my schedule for this weekend.
More than likely I will be unable to update the thread over the next 3 days.
I am volunteering to help pass out refreshments for a marathon in Dallas this
evening (prep work) and for the 2nd day of the marathon (on Sunday). I also have
college classes Saturday, so I might not be available as well that day. A busy beaver I will be.
I will try to update this thread as best as I can if I get a chance to this weekend. Please be patient.

This is an REI (Rapid Evolving Item).
This item has reached its finale. No new poses will be added.

User Image
1st gen

User Image
2nd gen

Oh goodness o'GCD, it looks like we have a Valentine's Day REI.
Will it have a beautifully happy story? Or a deep and depressing tragedy?
All I can say is prepare yourself for a pink and blue color scheme. Prepare!

Item Introduction

Item Introduction
Item Introduction

A sweet song whispers among the winds.
The sounds are beautiful, yet somehow sad.
It attracts many patrons, young and old,
but its sweet song was only made for one.


The Poses

User Image


Artist = Mishiri (confirmed)

Prior REIs made by Mishiri:

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
User Image = User Image User Image User Image


Rapid Evolving Item (REI) Facts

For those new to Rapid Evolving Items (REIs), here are a
few facts or observations) that you should become familiar with:

1) REIs will not have a pose count similar to the old
Evolving Items you may be used to. (old 499GC EIs)

2) At most, REIs have been known to generate 19 poses
upon reaching their finale and will never gain more poses.

3)They also evolve at a specific rate. A REI will
never lose poses upon evolving like normal EIs.

4) They evolve by gaining one or two new poses every Tuesday
and Friday until reaching their finale on a following Friday.

5) Once a REI has reached its finale, a 2nd generation
of the item shall be released in the Cash Shop.

6) This 2nd generation REI will be fully evolved and have all
the poses as the 1st generation and will cost the same.


Lovely Discussion Points

So there it is my sweet GCD lovers. Our new addition to the line of holiday themed evolving items.
What are you expecting from this heart warming item? A butt-load of hearts? Beautiful clothing?
Story-wise, are you hoping for a deep and meaningful plot? Or just a bunch of lovely poses?
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The Poses (In Depth)

User Image User Image User Image

[ Pose 1: Icon Pose ] [ Pose 2: Harp ] [ Pose 3: Faith's Hair ]

User Image User Image User Image

[ Pose 3x: Add Agape's Scissors ] [ Pose 4: Laurel Pin ] [ Pose 5: Hood ]

User Image User Image User Image

[ Pose 6: Bouquet ] [ Pose 7: Faith's Song ] [ Pose 8: Bustier ]

User Image User Image User Image

[ Pose 9: Bustle ] [ Pose 10: Fidel's Gaze ] [ Pose 11: Sheath ]

User Image User Image User Image

[ Pose 12: Fidel's Hair ] [ Pose 12x: Add Agape's Scissors ] [ Pose 13: Sleeves ]

User Image User Image User Image

[ Pose 14: Cage ] [ Pose 15: Fidel's Top ] [ Pose 16: Fidel's Legs ]

User Image User Image User Image

[ Pose 17: Gown ] [ Pose 18: Feather Scarf ] [ Pose 19: Love Birds ]
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The Announcements

User Image

A sweet song whispers among the winds. The sounds are beautiful, yet somehow sad.
It attracts many patrons, young and old, but its sweet song was only made for one.

User Image

Faith is a well known singer, and her fans pay huge sums of money and travel around
the world just for the chance to hear her voice. Her boss, however, is extremely strict and
protective, and maintains a rigid schedule to protect her. He's worried that her beautiful
voice will lure the most unwanted of people.

User Image

Despite all the protection Faith’s boss has given her. It was only a matter of time
before a mysterious figure arrives with intent to take Faith away.

User Image

Faith is becoming restless with her singing role, but her boss is very persistent,
since it is her voice that is making him rich.

User Image

The stranger appears before Faith again. She notices his sheath and becomes nervous as
he approaches her. Before he can say a word, her boss intrudes and vows to have the stranger
killed by his men if he approaches Faith again. Though she usually looks shamefully downward,
Faith can't resist looking up to see this mysterious man.

Their eyes meet, and suddenly she remembers everything. Her so-called “boss” is really her
kidnapper! Long ago, she was stolen away from her lover for her beautiful voice. Fidel has come
to take her back. The boss, realizing who this man is was, grabs of Faith and drags her back
into corridors, leaving his men behind to finish off Fidel.

User Image

Fidel fights through the kidnapper’s men and reaches the end of the corridor. He opens the
door and is surprised to find Faith locked away in a cage. With only the kidnapper now between
them, he lunges upon the man and runs his sword through him. He frees Faith and the two
make their exit before being caught by the kidnapper's men--
smiling and looking into each other's eyes, they leap out of an open window.

The kidnapper's men run up and look out the window at the ground below expecting to see two
bodies, but finding nothing as two love birds fly out to the horizon. The soul mates are finally reunited again.

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The Fanlist (to be added)

1. Milk Kittea
2. Vanillaware
3. Magnificent Moonbeam
4. Flz
5. Buttercream Pendragon
6. Puckeroo
7. Pfefferminze
8. Camilia_Chan
9. MoonRosePetal
10. Mr Pantiess
11. Sisterbroken
12. Sweet Angel Mary
13. A_Smile_2_Die_For
14. Environmental Unity
15. Tear of Fate
16. Tobi-chann
17. silent hart
18. Munkey Bunkey
19. Kalium19
20. Serethielle
21. iCookieMonstah__x
22. Eternal Ice Prison
23. ll mieu ll
24. Magnificent Moonbeam
25. RPC Crystal Summer

25. chocolate drizzles
26. Tsukita-chan
27. -Seraphoid-
28. Gwendolen Leir
29. H3av3n
30. Yulania
31. Black Death Goddess
32. Strawberry-Fappuccino
33. Evelin333
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The Contests (to be added)

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Thread: Open

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Oh and I should mention that my guess for the artist of this REI is Mishiri.
(Obviously posting to get this thread moving)
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Good Morning! wow! new REI...
I really luv this theme... sure have good acceptance by angelic fanatics...
I'll enjoy it!
heart yum_puddi heart

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_________________User Image
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Funny how the DFW users got the discussion rolling on this one.
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I love the chunkyness (someone has complained about this) of the harp...
Just...I'd probably not that harp pose XD
Love the colors too..Hate that little lamp? (the main icon) though LOL
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I am excited! It's super cute emotion_kirakira
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The colours are interesting, but I'm not sure if I like the theme...
I'll wait for some more poses until I decide if I buy one or not.
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Um, I think I will sit this one out, I'm not feelin the wonder and super saccharine factor of the holiday REI.
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User Image
I think it has a lot of potential for prettiness. *__* I'm very excited to see how this evolves.
Whenever the fan list is up, please add me to it. <3
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Let me in on this Fan thread biggrin

Love the color scheme already~

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