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ITT: We all make assumptions about each other based on our pixels
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Depends on what day you catch me, I guess. If its a day I feel good, I dress much better. If it's on a day I wake up early after staying up til 5? It's PJs to class.

My avatar and me are two seperate identities, and I guess you could say IRL I dont give a s**t about matching.
Some colors just look good together.

I'm moderately shy, but I don't dress to blend in, because blending in at ASU means butt out, tan on.

=( I like being pale, brunette and girly (not womanly)

So I aim for cute.

I even have a hoodie with bear ears on it I got "ey booboo!" on the metro when wearing it... caz yogi bear.

;_; I fit in on gaia, and I dont like it
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Codebreaking Fairy

My avatar tends to bounce around between different characters, but this is pretty much me RL. Though lately I've taken to wearing a zip up hooded sweater over my clothes even indoors.

edit: Though, lately the second variant has been more correct as I'm back in school again.

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What I try to emulate:
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What ends up considering my budget:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Goal: Huge bishoujo eyeballs.
Result: Epically caked on makeup and awkward, rehearsed smiles.

Goal: Pale skin of sweetness.
Result: Lemon juice in my eyes, and money in a furnace.

Although, I attempt to get this done by wearing a lot of black. Makes me look like a gaudy, 90's goth.

Goal: Look at my hair, don't look at my face.
Result: A full head mask of matted, bleached to death hair.

And I haven't put effort into my Gaia avi since middle school.
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Kitty Gnar-Gnar
Slick Southpaw

Oh I just bet that's an interesting experiment. :> ...I only kind-of crossdress anymore. Even when I go out full-throttle dapper I'm still usually wearing earrings and have hair down to my mid-back. But people tend to assign me as masculine anyway, no matter what I'm wearing, even skirts, so I'm not terribly sure I've *ever* been treated 'like a girl'. I just give off the dude vibes, I guess.

It still boggles me when people expect nurses to be *girly* girls. :> Shows exactly how much they do not know about what that profession actually entails :V
It always is, haha. Sometimes I get surprised when I discover I do the same exact things some women do when a male that they do not know sits next to them. xd

Like this mom I was sitting next to, she was convinced I was a high school aged boy doing a project, and because the pharmacy seats are uncomfortably close to one another, she still scooted closer to her husband to lean on him to be like 5cm farther away from me. I still do that, myself, and it was kinda hilarious seeing another woman doing it specifically because she thought I was a dude.

sweatdrop I'm um, not really surprised, actually. This might be because I'm going to a Christian university, but 99% of the nursing school are made of girly girls and it's completely expected (don't get me started about how many chicks talkin bout their boyfriends/husbands/children on a reg basis as well). The 1% consists of dudes, nonconforming females like me.
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i studied this stuff at college and wrote 5000+ word essays about it. gonk horrible memories.
it makes me really aware of what i'm dressing like though and i guess i apply similar rules when i'm dressing my avatar. i think really hard about what my clothing is saying about me.

here's something like what i look like IRL today:

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i don't think the style is too different from my current avatar.

i was going to type something here about what i'm aiming for with my/my avatar's clothes but it's hurting my head thinking about it so feel free to interpret however.

usually with my gaia outfits part of my aim is to still dress like how i want but in a way that people will STOP MISTAKING ME FOR A FEMALE ALL THE DAMN TIME. it never works. i don't even understand what looks female about my avatar right now. people online see my RL pictures and half the time make the same mistake. yay consistency.
Kitty Gnar-Gnar

Praying mantises are a lovely accessory. You would not believe how jealous I am of your mantises. I just have to make do with waving at the house spiders when they come inside for the winter, and hope my cats don't eat them.

With as much as I love mantises I wonder what it will do to my style if Gaia actually does release a cute mantis companion type item one day. I doubt it will remotely match any of my current favorite outfit themes so will my style completely change? If it has an I am pose will dressing up become obsolete for me on this site? xp
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My Gaia avi usually has a beautiful, colorful theme--depending on what colors that I prefer for a look that I come up with. For example, my current avi has a lot of pink and black, with a pop of yellow in it. Here's what it looks like: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

In real life, I have green eyes and short blond hair that's in the style of a bob. I usually wear a casual outfit every day, depending on the weather outside. An example of this may be a long-sleeve shirt and sweats, when I'm lounging inside to stay warm from the cold. And here is a tektek of my real-life self: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Edit: I forgot to add the piercings to the tektek of my current avi, so I fixed it. Sorry I edited this post so many times! ><''
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Tricky Saint

Gaia's got none of my stylin' so I edited around a lil...

User Image
Winter, outdoors.
IRL I prefer comfortable, easy and sturdy wear that allows me to feel capable of anything throughout the day.
I'm in my own world most of the time - lost in thought and generally anything not concerning the ground I'm walking, or my environment.
Despite that I'm often approached by strangers in public; asking me for directions, the cost of stuff, if Mary is a saint, if I have seen their friends, whether I'm a boy or girl etc.

On Gaia? Just limitless wildin; I don't intend my avatar to look anything like me - sticking with my interests, the feminine form etc.
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Very interesting thread. I've read through it all. smile

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image
irl I dress in classic, comfortable, and conservative clothing. I'm introverted and don't like random people talking to me, so I generally don't wear anything flashy.

My gaian style reflects my love of fantasy (and, usually, crows). When I make avatars I try to make them flow cohesively (but not too perfectly--some quirkiness is good), have a nice silhouette and look like there's a story behind them. My avatar has some accumulated gaian history as well--the red eyes, for example, were originally a replacement for the BOO skin eyes. Other changes have nothing to do with Gaia. I switched to the dark elf skin because I have a dark elf character in another game, I'll make a winter-themed avatar when it's snowing outside, etc. I also make them based on specific items that seem interesting. All in all, it's a hodgepodge of whims...
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Fashionable Gaian

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In real life, I wear hoodies/long sleeves shirts because I HATE showing skin.
I find it really uncomfortable and unappealing.
Other than that, just the normal skinny jeans and sneakers.
Sometimes I'll dress up but only for special occassions.
I guess my gaia avatar is based on me being able to the wear the items I would
never be able to wear IRL.
That and, being able to wear makeup without damaging my skin lol
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Fashion and colors and mood and communication do go hand in hand!

I would show you what I look like IRL on tektek bug gaia does not have bangless, long, wavy, brown hairstyles undefined
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Personally I think the easiest thing to say between my own look and the looks I'll have my avi wear is that my avi is an easy way for me to express so much of life that I feel I cannot or would not do outside the internet.

I dress simply, and judging by your textbook, in a mix between responsible and introverted.
I can have and will dress Sala as anything from frou frou lacy lolita to BDSM-bait and just about anything in-between, because I would never do anything like that outside, much as I may want to.
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Fashionable Bear

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I'm a very shy person in real life, so I try my best to express myself through my wardrobe (which is still riddled with confusing clothes that need to go, lol). The few patterned and long/drapery pieces of clothing that are in there though really speak to me since I tend to pay attention to detail and it reflects my artistic personality and comfort level. Variations of color in clothing make the outfit interesting too in my opinion, so if there's one color already on me I only apply different ones as opposed to matching.

My interests pretty much fall onto my character Ebele too, with the flowy cardigan and wide-legged pants and all, but more meaning is put behind the clothes since the outfit is handled differently with her than me.
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Blessed Lunatic

You know, I wonder if there's any correlation between personality and whether people choose eyes that look at the viewer or not? I would kind of expect there to be.

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