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For me, my avatars reflect the variety of different moods and interests I have. I have no distinct theme except for a marked preference for the colourful. Which is odd, since most of my clothes IRL tend to be pretty toned-down colourwise. I think I'd dress more like my avatars if that kind of clothing was available and not too expensive. Also if I had unlimited closet space.

For comparison:

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Here's something like what I'm wearing today. The sweater is plain black IRL and the scarf is a little lighter, but it gives you a good idea of my general style.

Oh, and both my IRL clothing and my avatars tend to cover me up pretty well. I think it's more for temperature's sake than anything--I feel sympathetically chilly when my avatar isn't wearing much.
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High-functioning Lunatic

Mine communicates that I suddenly started humming "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
My, oh my what a wonderful day!" while browsning my invo.
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Eternal Gaian

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Seeings as my serious avatars focus on jangly clutter and overall decor, with items I want to use? That sounds to me like independent and social. But at the same time, I draw inspiration from others and can enjoy the simple avatar too.

Maybe I go through mood swings.

Interesting tidbit: I usually make (and draw, I guess) avatars with darkness around the eyes, or at least some colorant-- this is because my eyelids are very discolored because of lack of sleep. I never noticed the connection until recently.
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wowzers that sounds like quite the fun class. makes me jelly lol.

as for my avatars i suppose they express my desire to escape and be whatever the hell i want, sometimes ill pop headphones in and just make different avatars if im in a bad mood.
it is an escape really when i think about it considering how unsatisfied i am with my life and who i am right now, and being able to be hella rich with gold, and dress however i want without lash backs just makes me feel good.

though this current avi is based off something for a world i am building with a friend.

as for comparisons..

User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

im pretty low maintenance, and usually just wear jeans tennis shoes and a t-shirt, the majority of my shirts being from games and comics other nerdy stuff lol. And i havent bothered styling my hair as of late so its long and bluh.
my clothes also tend to be ragedy and torn up. i was always poor as a kid so when i got new clothes i wore them until they had holes everywhere, i guess the habit sticks. and then when i mostly shop at like Goodwil or Value Village since it is far more cheaper. i mean $5 jeans as opposed to $20? yeaaaa.

quite the difference really XD
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my clothing style on gaia definitely changes on a constant basis and rarely reflects my ACUTAL style? HAHA I dunno, man. I just like playing dress up I guess. I don't think I could ever pull off this cutesy decora sweet lolita thing my av's got going on right now. I remember I tried to wear a pink btssb dress once and I just looked the polar opposite of kawaii. I AM ANTI-KAWAII. yet, here is my av, kawaii as ********.

personally though I think my style is ... more.. punk/street/oopsIlistentotoomuchkpop inspired? I have no god damn idea.

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I look like a dirty hipster oops
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its pretty interesting to see the comparison of our avis on Gaia to those based off of real life lol
I did not realize there were so many girls with male avis
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Dangerous Sex Symbol

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I'm a little chubby in real life, so I know I could never really get away with dress how my avatar does most of the time. :c
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Magnetic Lunatic

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I clash and am extra pale!

I change my avi pretty much every day. I don't see as being a me. I think I did see it as being Amy at one point, but not anymore. I just use it as inspiration for drawing or writing.

I'm really lazy with my actual clothes, I just wear whatever's around. It is very difficult to make me shop, I hate trying stuff on. I wear clothes until they get holes. The little avis are lucky, everything fits them.
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Perfect Saint

I also got a pink box from this thread so I felt obligated to respond for once!

My avatars lack a flashy (I prefer the subliminal) quality to them but I'd like to think they made up for that in balance or substance.
Really, if I thought about it they often reflect my current life outlook. For example, some of my more recent avatars were sort of
dark/bloody/forbidding. Sometimes I included elements of "regality" or "holiness" in the form of crowns or behind-the-head halos.
These might have expressed the lofty sense of injustice I had been feeling for some time.

I feel the same way now but I don't take things as seriously as before. This is probably why my current avi looks like some yolo-hipster. rofl

I can't really recreate my face or hair given what's available but this is a close enough representation.
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as opposed to

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. or User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Bonus: It's telling that my avatars have rarely smiled in the past few years. I like to slap blush or other skin modifiers on them as well. I'm not sure what that means.

In real life, I'm actually pretty fashionable (wow try not to hurt yourself patting yourself on the back too hard there, me! XD). I either dress very cute, with light colors, flowy tops and tight bottoms that show off my legs OR in very dark, subdued colors with a few pops of bright color (eg black tights, black bodycon skirt, black cardigan, black band tee, bright teal nails, bright red glasses). I'm asian, but I always have my hair dyed a brown or red.

I find that, like in real life, I really care about my Gaia avatar's appearance. When I was younger, I used to be bullied because of my homely face, ratty clothes, and academic overachievement. As I grew up, I realized that people do judge others based on looks... so when I was old enough to buy my own clothes and makeup, I sought to give myself all the advantages that one gets from being pretty. And it worked. I managed to learn how to put my personality into my clothes and still look put together. This has carried over to my online presence, too. I always match my pixels and try to have fun with my outfits. I see my avatar as a dress-up doll for all of the crazy things I'd never get away with wearing in real life.

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Well, I would hope mine puts forth a love of animals and a bit of elegance. In real life...am seriously NOTHING like my avatar. XD

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That's the real life me. Just a quiet pale skinned, brown haired chick who wears Star Wars t-shirts and loves her dog.
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Blessed Lunatic

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Well, that's pretty darned close (right down to the stocking feet), though the hair should be darker. I've been trying to grow it out again - we'll see how far that gets.

I tend to go for androgynous simplicity and comfort I guess (I would wear jewelry, but it always found ways of irritating me, so I quit). I've long been tempted to dye my hair black, but I don't really want the bother of keeping it that way. I do love black and blue together, and my favorite time of the day is late night/early morning when everyone else is in bed (hence the lunar-sprite idea?). In personality, I'm not shy, but I'm not that outgoing or social, either. I don't know if I would ever dress to stand out, exactly, but I did have fun wearing a bright blue wig (and another pure white one) while I was going through chemo back in '05. Let's just say I'd be more likely to do it if I was with friends.

The odd thing about Serai is that I mostly roleplayed male characters in the past (I'm a tomboy, and often wished I had been born male so that I didn't have to deal with people's attitudes regarding females), so most of my SNs have been male. I guess I just thought it'd be fun to dress her up, since I wouldn't do it myself.

Amusingly, this is about what the original (human) concept of Serai looked like, back when I roleplayed her elsewhere:
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My avatar gives me the ability to be creative with something as I see fit. In real life, not every aspect of yourself can be changed, and it's not always correct to dress how you want. Here, I get to do that.

My avatars must match. Every one of them is color coordinated well, and I crane over them until I find just the right combinations. Color distribution, shades and hues, whether I'm top or bottom heavy, it all plays a part. They all mean something different to me, and each one brings back memories, ranging from life events, to the music I listened to while making them.

I aim to broadcast that, even though I can't afford the best items, I can create both unique, and tasteful avatars. They do reflect that in life, I dress very in a very reserved fashion, with much left to ponder.

As for real life... My work has a strict dress code... Black slacks, collared shirt (short sleeve) and black shoes. When I'm not at work, I eat sleep and live in cargo pants and flip-flops, with the collared shirts carrying over. It's a bit goofy to look at, but also what I'm comfortable in. I've never been one to people-please and I don't see a reason to change that for my attire. Hair is down in pretty much any fashion that stays out of the way. I have exactly two pairs of shoes, my work shoes, and my flip flops, and I wear them until they break. I pick colors that work with each other, so I can just grab and go, without needing to worry if something matches, because I already know it does. I don't wear jewelry. The most I've ever worn was a pendant, but I don't like having things touch me.

Very, very introverted. People aren't really my forté, and I don't really mind that. No parties, drugs, alcohol, anything. Some people would call me boring, I say I'm sober. I'm horrible at keeping up a conversation, and probably won't say anything unless approached first. I've come to believe I can get to know a person before they talk, and all too often I find my guesses are correct. Even just the look someone keeps on their face, or the way they hold their body, speaks far more truth about them then they want to admit.

Work:User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
(Oh god I wish my hair stayed *that* nice)

Home: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Captures my attempts at doing my hair, but that it really only ever settles, never cooperates.

And my Avatars.... You can see the primary on display now. Others would be,Here (Note, hair is usually cut with Agape) Here (Again, hair usually cut.)
And here
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How I dress in real life:
At work:
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I do wear small accessories every day, and I do coordinate them with my outfit. I also always wear my hair up at work, although some of the short hairs in the front tend to escape and curl.

At the coffee house:
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Yum, iced mocha~! blaugh

On a special occasion date:
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Scarves are an essential piece of my personal style.

My avatar represents me and also provides wish fulfillment. I rarely equip spectacles but gave myself huge anime eyes. whee I am quite happy to be a human (or sometimes a valkyrie), and I rarely change my avatar's skin, hair, or eyes. Today's avatar shows how I would be likely to dress if I were a professor at one of the Mana Khemia universities; you can see one of the campus buildings in the background.

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Kawaii Striker

It all comes down to being able to be somebody I'm not
I've got a horrible self image so I enjoy being as unlike myself as I can be

It wasn't till recently that I created my current favorite OC: Pengaana
I use her for roleplay in Pathfinders when we started playing and she's fleshed out more since then
I use her for almost everything these days, she's become more who'd I'd like to become
Unlike me, she's spunky and in shape; while I sit around and stay very quiet
She's got a go get-em attitude and she'll always protect those smaller then her

Also here I can wear anything and it'll look nice
I can cosplay what I want and not feel embarrassed of my size
Tektek as accurate as possible because there are no fatty fat fat"plus size" bases
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*disclaimer: I don't actually wear Sable [my hedgehog] on my head
I just wanted to include her

I'm usually seen wearing 1 of 2 pairs of jeans that both look the same,
a t-shirt with something on it (mostly), and always my wedding ring
I'm as plain-Jane as you can possibly be

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