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My avi is usually a reflection of my inner feelings, whilst reflecting a gaian theme.

This current avi, is a follow up of my Raykl based avi (which I made to reflect the look of a dragons hero from HoC but not based on a specific one) which I made to support Rakyl after his nerf, this is a "fallen" based version of the previous reflecting the termile of falling from such a position, as the fight for power remains, but the previous pride is lost.

So currently its reflecting my views on a gaian specific happening

Of course I wouldnt expect anyone to know that...since to most it would just be a typicalish avi.
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Man, fashion analysis is fascinating. Heck, shoes alone are the best rule of thumb personality indicator there is.

It seems to me, now that I think about it, that irl me and my avatar are rather diametrically opposed.
Thanks to my Weird Damn Job and it's unpredictable hours (It's 1am. How soon can you be here?), I'm rarely more than two degrees away from clothes I can haul cable under a stage in, even at my flashiest or nicest. I'm practical, lazy and cheap. Also, when you're under 5' tall, the clothing options get a little limited. I only ever wear pants (you can't climb fun things in a skirt, not unless you want skinned knees!). I'm sloppy and boyish, and look very, very young. My clothes generally scream either 'construction worker lite' or 'tomboy':
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. vs. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. fancy everyday and work User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. ...aka 'accessory change'

On the other hand, my avi is way cooler than I am, and comes across as more mature (I look 15 at all times, no matter what I wear or do). Primarily black clothes do seem to be the common factor here. She projects seriousness and calm, and is total wish fulfillment! She currently has classy, formal clothes (far beyond my irl price range), and vaguely reflects my love of steampunk and astronomy. Plus, she can wear frilly things or fancy clothes and not look like a little girl playing dress up with mommy's things. The hair is the kind I'd love to have: impractical and lovely and maintenance-free. Her wardrobe is stuff I would wear in a perfect world (where everything fits!). I'd love to wear clothes like this now, but probably only for short periods of time, because I'd be terrified of wrecking them.

TL;DR: Irl clothes chosen according to cheapness + practicality, avi based on "ooh, pretty, want!"
When it comes to dressing up my avatar, I guess I tend to be more practical about it. I just post on the forums and play games, and whatever I earn I spend it on the clothes and items that I can afford. I don't bother saving up for items I want, neither do I buy items that have just come out, unless they are within my budget. And I guess I do tend to dress in clothes that I would wear in real life. Just... more outstanding than what I would are to wear in real life.

In real life, I'm quite casual, yet at the same time, feminine, so I tend to like fluffy blouses and long tops paired with skinny jeans. The blouses are for work though; I prefer to wear cotton whenever avaliable.
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Ah, my avi is definitely a representation of what I wish I was more so like in the sense of being elf like (thin and waifish), but irl this girl has curves like Monroe or Bardot.
Here is a close tek tek of my irl look:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
I'm a big fan of the boho-chic/bohemian lifestyle look.
I believe my current avi reflects this. I actually had this song in my head when I created it about a month or so ago. Wacky inspiration I guess. xd Flares for the win. lol
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Kitty Gnar-Gnar


i will reply to everyone in this thread if it KILLS me.

...later. sweatdrop

I hope you're not going back on this. I'm interested in what you have to say.

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I don't really think my avatar really reflects my personality. I mean, that looks quite extroverted and confident, whereas I'm shy, antisocial and rather unable to speak up, even though I do insist on doing my own thing and not follow the crowd.
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You know... I never thought of it that way. But looking at my outfits, I'm a little divided.

I mostly go for a boyish look even though my avatar is female; exceptions happen, and they're very beautiful, but they make me uncomfortable.

I guess here it reflects what I like and want to be-- I want to be like the boys, but I'm a female. As pretty as I can make myself look with skirts and cosmetics, femininity makes me very uncomfortable.

I tend to use only what I have and hardly ever buy anything new, both here and IRL. I'm a cheap b*****d, and it shows. Just compare my avatar to the "real" me*:

*I only wish I was a waifish as these avatars

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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The chibi in my signature is an image of me just chibi-fied. xD But that's a few years old, and now my hair's short. I also tend to not put knee socks over leggings as much these days. I guess I've just grown out of it. I never wear anything too crazy in real life. I'm shy.

On Gaia.. any small whim of mine can be indulged. <3 I can be a princess, fairy, lolita, victorian woman, knight, goddess, or futuristic rock star. My avatars show my love of fantasy and video games.
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I'd say my avatar reflects my love of adventure. The color scheme of indigo and beige also reflects my favorite colors, and that's the colors I usually dress in IRL.
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I went up to the Avatar Dressup room with no expectations. I come out looking like an Anime character. 'Nuff said.
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Statements, statements, one must make statements. heart
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So I'm not really to sure what my avi says about me. I know that if i had the money i would want to dress like it minus the hat and holsters but i have to say it looks nothing like the real me.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

When making my avi i like to keep them simple in design and concept. i cant afford the fancy stuff and i dont mind because it makes it a mini challenge for me to make a nice looking avi with a small amount of gold.
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I've been a dragon avatar since ... I lost count. It's been a long time; to the point people don't recognize me without the skin and horns. Including myself. whee

Funny thing though, is that I don't actually have a lot of respect for other people in dragon avatars. They'll make one dragon outfit, and leave it at that, with the whole focus being, "I'm a badass dragon."

But the dragon style is just secondary to the other things my avatar does. Today, I'm a high-tech dragon who hunts other dragons (an upgrade from my dragon hunting with a pointy stick days). Yesterday, I was a dragon who loves Gaia's anniversary. The day before, I was a dragon who charms giant serpents. Tomorrow, I might bring back the "dragon prophet" look, because it was funny.

I'm pretty damn lazy when it comes to style IRL though. It fits, it isn't some horrible color, I'll wear it.

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