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They've certainly been diminished, that's for sure. I haven't seen an MC that I felt the need to buy in years and I used to keep a perfect collection of them from the time I joined. Every month I hope they'll make one I like but every month I'm disappointed, time and time again.
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idk why but mcs give me some sort of comfort emotion_drool
The MCs seem to be just symbolic now, but still to me I still get excited about them every once in a while. However, I don't get them right away. I wait for the release date and if I like the items I get a couple of the MCs. If not, I don't get any..
And no.. they don't seem to be a good investment anymore..

I've been a Gaia member since 2004, but on 2008 that was I think the last time I was really active on the site and I stopped coming for a few years. I returned on June 2013, and for my surprise I found in my inventory about 10 MCs from 2008, and let me tell you that ALL of them are worth no more than 80k. In fact, a couple of them are only worth about 20k. I didn't even sell them, I just kept all those MCs and items from past collectibles. Same thing happened with some EIs like The Experiment or Green Corallus Egg sweatdrop
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I hope they keep MCs as a release, they allow a random themed item pair to be released eeach month without the restriction of: it must fit this theme (EIs/REIs) or randomnly being shoved into a RIG; or having to match the theme of a item bundle.

It's like a mini RIG in that you get to get at what's inside and get a guaranteed item out of it!

While I appreciate that a lot of people think it's obsolete, I think, that for the purpose of the above points (guaranteed item and excitement guessing) it's a feature worth keeping. Yes, RIGs give the same guesswork, it's not a guaranteed item!
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I still like them. I just can't afford to get them consistently. True then; true still.
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I like them more than the recent trend in REIs and RIGs. They're cheaper, have multiple poses and at least I know what I'm getting when I open it.
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I can say for myself, the MC's this year didn't impress me much.
But I keep getting letters every month.
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-- What's the significance of the MC to Gaia now?

I believe it's the same as the RIG, CI, EI, and REI. Some people like the MCs while others don't. However, I will admit that the MCs have improved more to become more useful for the people than what they were before.

-- Still excited for every month's MC?

Excitement is a bit exaggerated word for me. I prefer intrigue.

-- Has the value of the MC now dropped so low?

To be honest, it depends on how useful the MCs have for the users, despite how old or new the MC see. So yeah, there are some old MCs that have their value dropped despite being older than the new MCs. But it's as I said, it depends how useful the MCs are to the users.

-- Are MCs still seen as a good investment like before?

Depends on what items/poses the MCs have in them. If the stuffs are good, then it's a good investment.

-- Do away with MCs and replace them with things like RIGs and Verge/CS Monthly Items?

Although it seems difficult to see my avi, I'm wearing three MCs on me. So no. MCs are not being replace by RIG/CI, REI/EI, and Verge/CS Monthly Items. If people still see the use on the MCs, there's nothing to worry about replacing. However, I will admit that the old MCs like the 2004 or 2005 are being replaced since it's somewhat difficult to use the item/poses. I have some MCs that I haven't touch for so long. sweatdrop
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I'm wearing old MC's

No new ones
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@___@ donation items.. those were the good days. hehe,
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Although I don't collect them all, I look forward to the 15th of every month just for the MCs. They will always hold a special place in this Gaian's heart. heart
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-- What's the significance of the MC to Gaia now?
Not exactly sure, the items aren't that great anymore... But I wouldn't like not having them around anymore.

-- Still excited for every month's MC?
Not really, after the MoMo Monkey I kinda dropped the MC/DI's. They are just getting too cheesy.
I remember when they were like amazing.

-- Has the value of the MC now dropped so low?

-- Are MCs still seen as a good investment like before?
Not really. Haven't seen a sealed supplier in YEARS and well if your going to make a good investment you might as well just deal with RIG's.

-- Do away with MCs and replace them with things like RIGs and Verge/CS Monthly Items?
No they are a part of Gaia history, sure they have dropped in value and the items aren't that great anymore but I just cant picture Gaia without them. Besides once in a blue moon I can make some of the MC/DI's work with one of my avatars...
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The MC items now are a symbol of, (oh gosh this is going to sound so sappy) a past era in the history of the site. They were a 'reward' for contributing monetary funds.

These days there are other ways to 'contribute' to Gaia and the humble MC has been overshadowed by the thrill of various other CS, RIG, Bundles and now Verge releases. In addition the MC's aren't particularly profitable in light of many other items.

So while for a sentimental kick and nostalgia trip each month the MC is tops... that's really all it's good for.

Despite this fact the s**t storm that would happen if they were removed would probably be huge.

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-- What's the significance of the MC to Gaia now?
Tradition, nothing more. RIGs serve the same purpose and could also be considered a tradition at this point.

-- Still excited for every month's MC?
Sure. New item is new item; all the same to me. Since items are random without an expected theme, there really isn't anything distinctive about them aside from being arguably limited, and getting to choose the item inside.

-- Has the value of the MC now dropped so low?
Yes, in all aspects of the term "value".

-- Are MCs still seen as a good investment like before?
Like way before? No. But it's pretty obvious which ones will be worth investing in.

-- Do away with MCs and replace them with things like RIGs and Verge/CS Monthly Items?
No. Why would you want to anyway? Aside from being the most consistent item update on Gaia, they've all been living together well (and MCs are guaranteed to make profit). So there's no reason why it should be nixed.
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used to be cool now they're not

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