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Which one of Gaia's Robotic NPC's is your favorite.

Bildeau 0.097087378640777 9.7% [ 50 ]
Bludeau 0.18446601941748 18.4% [ 95 ]
Ribateau 0.031067961165049 3.1% [ 16 ]
DefenceBot 0.036893203883495 3.7% [ 19 ]
ProsecutionBot 0.095145631067961 9.5% [ 49 ]
JudgeBot 0.064077669902913 6.4% [ 33 ]
Delugeau 0.093203883495146 9.3% [ 48 ]
Feebie/Yappie/Bogey/Townsbot 0.12621359223301 12.6% [ 65 ]
Cardbot 0.27184466019417 27.2% [ 140 ]
Total Votes:[ 515 ]
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Edit: This thread has been recreated with a new OP, please use it from now on.

Thread here.

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As we've seen with the staring of the Rejected Olympics (and the manga released alongside it, of course), we're able to see that once again the robots have been pushed to the side as they always have been.

Bots are outlawed in GAIA. You didn't hear this from me but our town has a special deal with the government that allows them here.

As it was stated, the rulebook did not allow robots over twenty feet to participate in the Olympics. This however would not have included any of the existing robots that were under this height restriction. Despite the fact that any of shop bots could of competed in the Olympics based on the rules; it would seem that they will not be given a chance to participate. This is not only unfair to the robots themselves, being pushed once more to the side, but it is also unfair to the many people who wanted to see them help the town of Aekea in the competition.

We have a total of eleven known robotic NPC's at this time;

- The three robots that were seen in the Trial of Ian; the Prosecutor, Defence Attorney, and the Judge.
- Delugeau, the robot that was built for last year's summer games, and served as Aekea's most powerful weapon; helping them to earn second place in the game.
- The three shop bots Bildeau, Bludeau, and Ribateau, who sell us our many house items.
- The three robots who collected our trash in Towns for a short time Feebie, Yappie, and Bogey. Feebie was the one who collected the trash, Bogey took your bugs, and Yappie took the flowers. They deposited all of your collected items into your inventory for you when you handed everything over. While these three are no longer in Towns, Feebie is sometimes seen working at the cinemas. (As a side note; there is still a robot in Towns who collects your trash, bugs, and flowers, but he is unnamed and thus not technically known.)
- And finally there is Cardbot, the robot who works in the Casino dealing the cards, and even plays himself.

The only few occasions in which we've seen robots outside of Aekea were during the Trial of Ian, in Towns, Cinemas, and at the Casino as the Isle De Gambino. The robots in the Trial of Ian served as the Defence Attorney, the Prosecutor, and the Judge. Based on the fact that they had numbers assigned to them, it would be safe to assume that robots are used to regulate the legal system in Durem. One would assume that they are used for it due to the sheer volume of cases that come through the system. In Towns, the three robots Feebie, Yappie, and Bogey collected our trash to deposit in our inventories. The three of them are no longer in Towns, however Feebie has on a few occasions been spotted helping out in Cinemas lately. Cardbot also serves as the last boss character in Cards, and shoots out the cards himself.

For a long time the (good)bots of Gaia have been ignored, their rights limited. Even if they are artificial lifeforms, there is no reason to force them to stay in Aekea and only Aekea. The Olympics themselves would have allowed the robots to leave the town of Aekea in order to participate, even if only for a short time. It would seem however that they are not being allowed to do even this.

For those of you who don't think the bots of Aekea are advanced enough to travel outside of their city, I encourage you to read this or just visit their store. Clearly they show enough intelligence and maybe even emotion to deserve the same rights as Gaians.

For the above reasons, I wish to make this thread to show support; not for Aekea, but for the robots of Aekea. The town itself has many support threads and guilds, but the robots themselves have little to none. With enough support from Gaians, perhaps the robots will be allowed rights. The alternative, of course, is that they are continuously ignored and pushed away.

If you wish to join in showing your support, simply say so and I will add you to the list. We hope that you all will join us, the more people we have the better. Thank you for your time.
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1. Thomas Light
2. Anatomist
3. PaperAceChace
4. Persium
5. Q Cumba FX
6. Black Witch of Ra
7. Teh Savior
8. Soul of The Wind
9. [Saria]
10. Lord Master Link
11. Puke Queen
12. Luna_Riven
13. Dwapook
14. masterdark1
15. The SuperGa
16. Swirly_Rains
17. airisi
18. Itami
19. Gerakabatta
20. radioactivechicken1234
21. Meirelle
22. candycane elf
23. Coyotecom
24. BurntPie
25. River Kelpie
26. Masco
27. Skittles Of Darkness
28. The Twisted Truth
29. dark-flare kirby
30. Robotic Eevee
31. [Mr. Moo]
32. mouse1992
33. Sparklykiss
35. Kiiloy
36. Streamjumper
37. Go Catch the Westbound
38. ArtfulDodger
39. LycanTraitor
40. Scatterheart
41. birddog3
42. Elegante Noche
43. Abominable Puffin Monster
44. Yralda
45. Ookami no Hoshi
46. Hai Kono
47. WTF Robo
48. Zestrel
49. Siegfried Faust
50. Orange Smiles
51. penultimate lachrymosity
52. Fuhrer des Drachen
53. Shadow SparX
54. Holmcross
55. SirRadChip
56. mr mr ky
57. Hello Naku!
58. morozco420
59. MizuRatiosu
60. FylkSoul
61. UltraViolet Flashlight
62. PrimeOdd
63. Elegante Noche
64. Jazzie-Azzie
65. Omiyora
66. Ethurill
67. Panic At The Park
68. Yoshikazu
69. Macha VI
70. iKittah
71. No Danger on the Roof
72. MegamanPsy
74. Konan Tatsuhiko
75. hiki girl
76. Fol
77. Ardent Fang
78. [Dill]
79. Agent Crab
80. Spooky Tanuki
81. Golden_Starfire
82. IceboundIllusion
83. HalsefighterX
84. Gundamu
85. Eris_Incognito
86. evil shocktv3
87. Odeko-kun
88. T r u ff l e ss
89. duckie986
90. Panic At The Park
91. Agent Crab
92. Forumite
93. RAcastBlaster
94. soniichi05
95. Zin Dobre
96. Macrosoft
97. Labtech Kingy
98. Tyranny of Roses
99. woebot
100. TempusBliss
101. Calvin Greenwood
102. BloodyHeartz
103. BeamStarGazer
104. Camron Flamheart
105. Toonami-Ops-Module
106. taintedvisage
107. iDeus
108. kelzvieira
109. Tricksterchild
110. Dreigan-H2O
111. iMutt
112. Nautilus Ocellus
113. Rhine Elmao
114. Metal Deception

Remember, if you'd like to support this, please say so in your post!
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Bildeau:User Image
Bildeau is one of the three robots that work in The Faktori. His specialty is the base floor and wall tiles. Bildeau also identifies himself as a C-class construction bot. Bildeau seems to be the more average of the three robots, mostly focusing on his job. One of the more interesting things that he says is "IRASHAIMASU!", a Japanese word which translates to welcome. Bildeau is the first robot that you see when entering the Faktori, and will great you with, "You have entered The Faktori. My designation is Bildeau. I see your username is *Insert username here*, I am pleased to make your acquaintance." This would show that Bildeau has been programed with the proper manners to oversee a store.

Bludeau:User Image
Bludeau is the second robot that works in The Faktori. He specializes in the Floor Furnishings of the store. Bludeau is by far the robotic NPC with the most emotion. Almost all of the things that he says are related to love, and other emotions. Bludeau has a great desire to feel and understand the emotion of love, and once believed that he understood it, only to find that a bushbaby had found its way into his chest. He has also been known to hug customers, although a few have been accidentally crushed in the process. Bludeau is a great example of how advanced the robots of Gaia can be.

Ribateau:User Image
Ribateau is the last robot that works in The Faktori. His specialty is wall furnishings. Ribateau is one of the more interesting robots. One of the things he'll say is "We bots were once used as war machines. It is illegal to use us as weapons in this day and age." This statement lets us know more of the past use of robots on Gaia, showing that robots were once used as tools for killing. Ribateau holds a grudge against Gaians for enslaving robots and using them as they do. He makes mention of a robot named Bloudeau, although this may be a typo for Bludeau. (This has been confirmed by Lanzer as a typo.) He also seems to have a distaste for his brother Bildeau's pandering for the sales of the house items. While it is of concern that Ribateau holds a hatred of Gaians for what they do to the robots, I feel he is one of the best indicators of how important it is that we make things better for them.

DefenceBot:User Image
A NPC that appeared for a short time in The Trial of Ian. He served as Ian's defence attorney during the trial. He was a robot who was fresh off the production line, and was in his first trial. While at first he was struggling, and not doing well in the trial, he started to pick up and do much better towards the end. Thanks to his efforts, Ian was found innocent of the arson charges. While leaving the courthouse with Ian however, Ian was shot. Since then, the DefenceBot has not been seen. It is assumed that he continued to work within the legal system as a defence attorney.

ProsecutionBot:User Image
This NPC was also a short-lived NPC that made its appearance during The Trial of Ian. Unlike his counterpart the DefenceBot, ProsecutionBot was a veteran of the court. While he was trying to get Ian declared guilty of the charges of arson, he was an important part of the legal system. ProsecutionBot was undefeated in the courts, but suffered his first loss against DefenceBot. While we have not seen him since the end of the trial, it would be assumed that he continues to prosecute for Gaia's legal system.

JudgeBot:User Image
The last robotic NPC that was seen during The Trial of Ian. The JudgeBot naturally served as the judge for the trial. He has also been serving in the legal system for some time when the trial occurred. He has not been seen since the trial ended, but it would be assumed that he continued to serve as judge for many other trials for Gaia.

Delugeau:User Image
A giant robot that was created for the Summer Festival's water balloon fight. He towered over the town of Aekea as he launched giant water balloons at the other towns. His design resembles that of a submarine, although it's not known how he would fare if he was put into a body of water. Delugeau mysteriously disappeared after the event though. It is unknown if he was dismantled, or just moved to a different location for storage. It has now been confirmed by Lanzer that Delugeau is currently in storage.

Feebie:User Image
Feebie was one of the robots in Towns for for a short time sat in the center areas of each square, in order to take the various things we would collect over Towns. Feebie was the one who collected the trash that was found, such as the paper, boots, and cans. After the three robots were removed from the centers of Towns, Feebie started helping out in Cinemas. She has allowed us to change our appearances for a few special movies. Two of these were changing into a ghost during a trailer for a movie that Gaia was sponsoring, and another was being able to turn into a zombie during the movie, Night of the Living Dead.

Yappie:User Image
Yappie is the second robot that helped out in collecting items from us in Towns. Yappie was responsible for taking the flowers and depositing them into our inventories. Eventually the three robots were removed from Towns for a more effective method, and Yappie has not been seen since.

Bogey:User Image
Bogey was the third robot that worked in Towns. Bogey was the one responsible for collecting the bugs we gathered. After a change was made in Towns, the three were removed from Town centers. Since then, Bogey has not been seen.

The Unnamed Towns Robot:User Image
This robot is the current robot responsible for depositing the various collected items into our inventories. He has not been given any name, but he is responsible for trash, bugs, and flowers. Clearly he was given the job over the other three robots due to him being more efficient in the job. While this is an unfortunate example of obsolete robots being replaced by newer models, it is a good example of the robots being able to improve in what they are capable of doing.

Cardbot:User Image
Cardbot is the dealer for Cards at the Casino at the Isle De Gambino. He serves to supply the cards for the game, and after beating the two dealers before him, he himself plays. Cardbot is Cards "last boss" character, and as such is the hardest to beat. Cardbot has a small light on him, that shows different colors depending on what he's doing. While playing a game, his light will be red. After losing a game, his light will flash blue. And lastly, after winning a game, the light will flash green. Cardbot has been playing in the Casino since Cards were introduced, but has not been seen outside of the Casino.


The Robot:User Image
A full body item that provides a simple robotic look for anyone who equips it. It currently resides in the Barton Boutique, and is for sale for 1010 gold. The items description is "1110010110111000110!!!!!!!! Destroy all humans-!!!!" The price of the item serves as a joke for binary code, a code used by computers that is comprised of ones and zeros. This was one of the first robotic items on Gaia, and is one of the easiest ones to get.

The Robot Mask:User Image
A head item that goes with The Robot item. It is an item with a simple robotic design. The Robot Mask is currently for sale at the Gambino Hat Rack for 750 gold. The description is "if (hasEnoughGold($user_id)) $owned = true;" a joke about the programming code, Basic. The Robot Mask is one of the first robotic items made available in Gaia, and is one of the easiest ones to buy.

TV Head:User Image
While whether or not this is a robotic item could be debated, it is mechanical and rather close. The TV Head is for sale in the Gambino Hat Rack for 195 gold, making it the cheapest and easiest to buy robotic item. The description is "I thought I told you not to sit so close to the television", making a joke on what can happen to people who sit too close to a television screen. For some time, there was a glitch with this item where females were given the fuzzy screen, and males could only have a see through screen. This has since been fixed, but now there is no clear screen pose for the item.

Black Ops Gear (Surveillance Bot):User Image
The Surveillance Bot, which is one of the poses for the Black Ops Gear items, is a Monthly Collectible that was released in the Thank You Letter For June 2008. The overall description for the Black Ops Gear is "Some missions are a little too messy to officially exist. When the time comes to sneak in, wreak some havoc and get out undetected, you'll need some lightweight gear to help you along." The Black Ops Gear is a parody item from the Metal Gear Solid games. The Surveillance Bot also has an Alert pose, which is much like how the enemies of Metal Gear Solid will behave if you are spotted.

RoRo Robo-Puppy:User Image
A robotic dog item that was released in the Thank You Letter for Mar 2005. Unfortunately TekTek didn't have the fourth pose of RoRo, so I had to use myself to show what it would look like. The description of the RoRo is "KiKi Kitty's arch nemesis. From time to time, RoRo would team up with various human villains to try and capture her." Now, I'm not fully sure what to make of this, but it sounds like some sort of cartoon show. The RoRo Robo-Puppy was one of the first few pet-like items on Gaia.

G-BOT:User Image
The G-BOT is another one of the more pet-like robotic items that have been released on Gaia. It was placed in the Thank You Letter for Apr 2006. The description for it is "The next generation of G-BOT - a fusion of personality and advanced bot technology!" Based on the G in its name, it may be that the G-BOT was created by G CORP. This is not known for sure though.

Mecha Form:User Image
The Mecha Form is the robotic item with the most pose options. The largest downside of the Mecha Form though is that it requires 4 of them to be able to get any of the three full outfits. It was released in the Thank You Letter for July 2007. The description of it reads, "Choose between two powerful forms! The Variable Exo Form mecha suit allows both a defensive and offensive posture in the form of a combat robot and and fully armed fighter jet. The Neko Form mecha suit combines the protection of nearly impenetrable alloy armor with a robotic boost in speed and reflexes." The Mecha Form allows for a Robot form, a more cat-like form, and even a fighter jet; making it the most complex of the seven robotic items.

Android Damage Prosthetics:User Image
The Android Damage Prosthetics is an item that covers a large portion of the body. It can be found in either Blue or Pink Giftboxes. The description reads, "They say the machines rose on July 2nd... some of the human survivors would wear these prosthetics in hopes of blending in and not being executed by these vile, unfeeling android hunters." This is most likely a reference to the Terminator movies. Despite being found in Giftboxes, this item is rather cheap and easy to get.

Superior Form (Platinum):User Image
While this could also be argued on if it's really considered robotic, this item could be used to give someone a robotic look to them. The Superior Form was first made available in the Thank You Letter For September 2007. The description for the item reads, "The body is a beautiful, wondrous thing- but couldn't it be just a tiny bit better? Gaia's top doctors, engineers and mad scientists have teamed up to create some strange new vehicles for the Gaian spirit. Some are cute, some are elegant and some are downright creepy, but they're all beautiful in their own way. Just like you! Choose from Dragon Skin, Dead Doll Skin, Magma Skin, Joint Puppet Skin, Platinum Skin or Feline Skin." The Superior Form allows for a robotic look much more Gaian and modern in design in comparison to The Robot or The Robot Mask, which seem based on rather early ideas and designs of robots.
User ImageUser Image

Mon Sep 15, 2008 1:34 pm:
Gaia releases a set of Sci-Fi themed items. Many of which among them can be views as robotic items. This is the largest single release of robotic themed items that has been seen on Gaia. Hopefully this will only be the start of more robotic themed content on Gaia.
Big thanks to shocktv3, who was responsible for the galaxy and automaton sets, on this update.

Mon Sep 15, 2008 8:34 pm:
Oh true, not all robots have name... no wonder Bildeau is kind of lonely... :O

Exactly... though another branch of the storyline is being updated.

E.L.F. is going along great. The game is pretty much done and we're doing a bit of extra touches to give it good tie-in with the rest of the Gaia world. Should be done soon, then we need to check and see when is an appropriate time to release the game, as many other features are coming close to release.

Thomas Light

First off Lanzer, let me just say thank you. Thank you for the item update today. I also thank any and every person who helped make this update. Everyone from the people who designed the items, to the ones who put them up in the shop. This is exactly what I've been wanting for some time now. Now then..

1. Does the robot that is currently in Towns have any name? Or is he just an unnamed robot?

2. Where did Delugeau go after the Summer festival event? Was he put in storage or something?

3. How is Electric Love Factory going? Can we get any news on it?

In the AtA thread today, I was able to get a few things confirmed by Lanzer. It seems that the Towns robot indeed does not have a name at this time.

It would also seem that Delugeau is indeed in storage, although based on his response, that may be changing soon.

And finally, it seems that Electric Love Factory is all done. Now all we have to do is wait for Gaia to find a good way to tie it in to the rest of Gaia. Of course, with the release of this game, we'll be seeing even more robotic items. This is very good news.

Tue Sep 23, 2008 3:44 pm:
The thread reaches one hundred supporters, showing that Robots do indeed have a nice sized fan-base. Hopefully the number will only continue to rise.

Sun Sep 28, 2008 12:56 am
We reach a total of 500 posts as the count continues to increase.

We are now open for posts.
I support. biggrin

Thank you very much for showing your support.
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I support wholeheartedly! User Image

Good to see that even people from other teams can support something that is mostly located in Aekea.

I love the NPC bots too heart ~

Should I add you to the list then?
User ImageI love robots, sign me up heart

Although, couple of things. Bludeau doesn't leave Aekea when he goes to the doctor 'cause Aekea has the Aekea General Hospital, although I'm sure he is fully capable of leaving the town of his own accord. Also, wanna give Cardbot and Delugeau a mention? ^-^
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I support them. They're just awesome like how the Angel Imp is naked.

That's like 100% awesome! You know?

o wo Maybe that's a bad comparasion. . .

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