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RIGs: Still asking for my "RuPaul's Drag Race" inspired one. scream

MCs: Maybe something along the lines of a nifty background and eye mods. Perhaps a sequel to the Gift of the Gods/Gift of the Goddess?

GS: Pay a visit to Global Imports? Maybe some nifty Russian clothing?
CS: Maybe a new Astra?

Events: Count me out.
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Now if only when they got rid of Lex from Gold Mountain he could have his own store of just Male clothing.
Yes please.
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Kawaii Striker

The only thing I want is that darn leaked shop
I never saw the leaks but I've heard rumors
and I'm antsy emotion_0A0
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RIGs: I'm not really sure what I want to see. The past few RIGs were disappointing.

MCs: Medieval armor.

GS: I hope Global Imports gets an update. I want Southeast Asian clothing.
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___‚óŹ RIG's: I have never liked sequel rigs. Something new, please! As long as it's not a sequel, it should go down well because last month was so bad.

MC's: If they are as good as last month, I will love Gaia forever. Something spring themed please!

CS: Spring themed! And something green, yesyesyes. Maybe an animated background as well, if we're lucky.

Events: I don't even bother with event predictions.
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Manly Cub

Holy ******** the Crystal Overdrive was a year ago

I feel old

But I still want a PUNK / URBAN RIG
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Regrets still haunt my hallowed head...

I'm hoping for a decent pair of slippers in a monthly collectible or as a rapid evolving item. emotion_kirakira

And I promised you that I will see you again...
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For the GS, I want Roman stuff. Tunics, togas, stolas, they have been overdue and asked for for YEARS. Why don't we have this basic stuff? They can't explain this.

Also, some blood-stained togas as an Ides of March joke?
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I'm looking forward to the birthstone anklets in the cash shop! I love them.
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Magical Kitten

There are so many things I want in the GS. I bet next month will be the leaked shop, but I am really hoping for a decent denim update sometime soon! I want me some awesome jeans, not this multi-colored crap in the junk shop (and all the rest of our jeans are really old!). Or update's in Josie's store, because I love love love clothing from all over the world. (Just no more Japanese stuff, k gaia? We have enough already, there is a big world out there to choose from!)

As far as the CS goes, I want pretty spring-themed items! And green, because we have a severe lack of the color. And I hope owlpocalypse evolves with some cute flowlers! Like the mushroom owls, but cuter. I don't play rigs, so I don't care much about that, but it would be nice if we got a few good items that I could quest for. It's been awhile since I've really wanted something from a rig. And obviously I would love another girly REI (sorry guys!) since my inventory is practically made of those.

And I'm actually kind of hoping for a decent update for housing items sometime soon-ish. I want to redecorate my house (haven't touched it in years) but all the furniture is old and awkward.
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Leak Shop, plox. I want it so badly... even if I've never seen pics of it. It just sounds cool.
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I am so depressed that "events" is last on your list.

Welp--it'll be Diedrich vs. EB again.

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