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This looks promising! I like the concept behind it, too.
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♫♫ I like the concept behind it hopefully he ends up creating a gorgeous ice sculpture of his beloved.That background is seriously everything I could want in a snowy background. emotion_kirakira
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I'll need ta see more poses on it before make an opinion

but was anyone else hoping for something like silver belles again? That was amazing last year, I really wanted something similar :x
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Oh! I am intrigued biggrin Curious, does anyone know what the font is in the announcement graphic? the part that says "Polar Tear"
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Ok, the structure of the thread is complete.
Of course I will be making it pretty soon. Very soon.

If anyone wants to help me with graphics, I would be delighted.
If not, I completely understand and will try my best as a decorator.
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the backround is so pretty smile
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The background is gorgeous. Please add me to the list, Winter.
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I want to buy some but no one has listed them at a good price. :/
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but was anyone else hoping for something like silver belles again? That was amazing last year, I really wanted something similar :x

You're not the only one. I'm surprised we haven't had another Silver Bells in the year since it was released. I'd have liked to have seen that type of item reoccur for our holiday REIs.
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It looks sorta cool, and I'm considering buying it simply because it's a Holiday item.
But I see a lot of icy blue coming, which I absolutely loathe.

I'll have to wait.
This is what I fear. I cant deal with icy/bright blue. My pora never sees the light of day...
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Lovely story. I'll wait for the next poses.
I really like the idea. I'm not buying one yet until I see where it's going though. :3

and dat background emotion_dowant
Very cool background, works perfectly for my avatar.

I wonder where they're going with this item. > w<
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this almost seems like a breath of fresh air.

i almost think ethe made this because
of the background and how similar it is to
the katamari item.
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I love that background. I've just got to find a use for it.

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