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This is an REI (Rapid Evolving Item).
This REI has reached its finale..
It will no longer be evolving.

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1st gen / 2nd gen

Oh my gosh, there we have it. Our holiday REI.
The artist was revealed to be the lovely PRlSM.
Although poor Petur has lost his precious Isa...
His ice maiden and star goddess Isthur has healed his heart.
With Isthur heading back to the sky, Petur may be alone,
but his memories of his wife Isa will live on forever in his heart.
Thank you PRlSM for the touching story and beautiful REI~ <3

Item Introduction:

My ruined heart grows ever fonder,
Ísa, Ísa, where have you gone,
I am lonely where I wander,
Ísa, Ísa, rise with the sun.

The Poses:

User Image

Artist = PRlSM

Rapid Evolving Item Facts

For those new to Rapid Evolving Items REIs), here are a few facts or observations) that you should become familiar with.
REIs will not have a pose count similar to the old Evolving Items you may be used to. (old 499GC EIs)
At most, REIs have been known to generate 18 poses upon reaching their finale and will never gain more poses.
They also evolve at a specific rate. A REI will never lose poses upon evolving like normal EIs.
space space space They evolve by gaining one or two new poses every Tuesday and Friday until reaching their finale on a following Friday.
Once a REI has reached its finale, a 2nd generation of the item shall be released in the Cash Shop.
This 2nd generation REI will be fully evolved and have all the poses as the 1st generation and will cost the same.

Fantastic Discussion Points

So here it is my GCD peeps. Our new addition to the line of holiday evolving items.
What are you expecting from this wintry piece of goodness? Wintry apparel? Snowy goodness?
Story-wise, are you hoping for a deep and meaningful plot? Or just a bunch of pretty poses?

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The Poses

User Image User Image User Image User Image

[ Pose 1: Icon ] [ Pose 2: Apron & Tools ] [ Pose 3: Polar Twilight ] [ Pose 4: Lamb's Wool Sweater ]

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

[ Pose 5: Portrait of Isa ] [ Pose 5x: Hidden Pose ] [ Pose 6: Glacial Crystal Skin ] [ Pose 6x: Hidden Pose ]

User ImageUser Image User Image User Image

[ Pose 7: Glacial Crystal Braided Bun ] [ Pose 8: Glacial Visage ] [ Pose 9: Isthur's Crystal Gown ] [ Pose 10: Isthur's Melting Tresses ]

User Image User Image User Image User Image

[ Pose 11: Petur's Wool Scarf ] [ Pose 12: Petur's Shearling Boots ] [ Pose 13: Petur's Snow-dusted Hair ] [ Pose 13x: Petur's Hair with Agape Scissors ]

User Image User Image User Image

[ Pose 14: Discarded Dress ] [ Pose 15: Starlight Locks ] [ Pose 15x: Starlight Locks with Agape Scissors ]

User Image User Image User Image

[ Pose 16: Encrusted with Crystal ] [ Pose 17: Shooting Star ] [ Pose 18: Polar Dawn ]

Please note, the black hair and the eyes in most of the images are not from this REI.
The black hair is a goldshop wig and the eyes are from the Oisin's Blessing.
They have merely been used for "base" purposes. Nothing more, nothing less.

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The Announcements (aka Story Time)

User Image

Far in the frosty North, at that time of year when the sun never quite lifts the morning over the
horizon and the long months are covered in perpetual twilight, an ice sculptor named Pétur
waited out the winter. For many years, Pétur and his wife, Ísa, had spent the dark months in
each other's loving company, but the previous winter, a sudden, jealous illness stole Ísa from
Pétur forever. His tools sat in their case, unused for several months before, in the pale light of
what-- at any other time of year-- might have been morning, the ice sculptor felt a strange
longing to walk out to the glacier, where the ancient ice slept...

User Image

Polar Tear followed Pétur as he discovered a strange secret in the northern wilderness. Urged
on by a mysterious call and shivering in his lamb's wool sweater, the sculptor trudged through
the snow to the foot of an ancient glacier. There, in the dim blue of perpetual dusk, he saw a
bright, crystalline light shimmering in the ice. Pétur had heard of glacial ice as clear as crystal
and hard as diamond, impervious to heat and forever frozen. His Ísa had given him a locket
containing her portrait and claimed, winking, that the star-colored stone on its face was
immortal glacial crystal... As he watched the light in the ice pulsing like a heartbeat, a shape took form in his mind...

User Image

Pétur has carved from the glacial ice the likeness of a beautiful woman: his beloved wife, Ísa.
He named the statue Ísthur - a goddess made of ice - and gazed at her strange, glittering heart
until sleep overtook him. As he dreamt of lost summers, of soft breezes and soft smiles, Ísthur's
heart watched over the sleeping sculptor. Her frozen eyes, as deep and blue as the heart of a
glacier, slowly opened, and a shimmering tear fell down her cheek. Her limbs began to move,
and her crystalline hair softened, spilling over her shoulders like water. Ísthur awoke.

User Image

The goddess Ísthur ha revealed her true nature. As Pétur slept, Ísthur gazed at her creator,
something like tenderness in her cold eyes as she searched his dreams and saw her shape. It
was not Ísthur-- those long-ago summers belonged to someone else-- but she smiled sadly as
the ghost of a memory passed through her ancient heart. She placed a gentle kiss on Pétur's smiling lips.

But morning-- finally, after many months, true morning-- drew near. Ísthur slipped out of her
earthly garments and out of the front door, slipping barefoot into the pale dawn. Her silvery hair
unfurled behind her, shimmering and long as the tail of a comet. It was time she returned home.
She would forever be grateful to the sculptor for freeing her from the glacier. Nearly forever, she
thought, as she melted into light and rose into the velvet sky... for a star is very long-lived, and looks down on the earth always.

When Pétur awoke, he found his sculpture was gone, her crustal gown (so like Ísa's wedding
dress) a glittering puddle on the floor. Throwing on his boots and scarf, he ran out into the pale
light, where a woman's graceful footprints suddenly disappeared as if she'd been lifted into the sk.
He gazed at the morning star, shining brighter than ever before, and touched his lips. That's
right... He had dreamt, and Isa, and the memory of her kiss had begun to thaw the cold ache in his heart.

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The Fanlist

Here I shall be compiling a fan list for the Polar Tear REI.
For those that like this item and want to be on this fanlist...
All one must do is place "I want to be a fan" in their post.
Please only request to be a fan once. I do read EVERYTHING.
I will update the fan list once every 3 days. Please be patient.

( Next update: 12/27/2012 )

1. Pfefferminze
2. flickadur
3. Purgatories
4. Tear of Fate
5. Denham
6. Mrs Jesse Hasek
7. Evelin333
8. Buttercream Pendragon
9. Magnificent Moonbeam
10. x Karurie x
11. RPC Crystal Summer
12. Huckleberry Sawyer
13. Equinoxious
14. _Mya_Kohler_
15. He Ate my Shorts
16. Scarabsi
17. -Seraphoid-
18. Flz
19. Deathflight
20. Purloined Parfait
21. Environmental Unity
22. Mermaid Eater
23. Zefius
24. Oeuf
25. Skm Imperatoriene

26. Joe Kiing
27. Sifen Yamishi
28. Yokies
29. Star Box
30. Soundholic
31. John Stamos is in a tree
32. AsterKurayami
33. meteolojinx
34. H3av3n
35. ManiacMercenary
36. SongwriterPatries
37. Enchanted Blue
38. Camilia_Chan
39. dramaluver
40. chocolate drizzles
41. Ora Serphanta
42. Pirate Royal
43. Lapsis Stella
44. Black Death Goddess
45. Milk Kittea
46. A_Smile_2_Die_For
47. jojo_jus
48. dat xx

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The Polar Tear Raffle!


So I have decided to hold a raffle on the day of the finale! (December 28th, 2012)
If you have never participated in any of my REI Raffles before, let me lay the ground rules.

There will be a total of 120 raffle tickets up for grabs. Max of 10 tickets per user.
You, the user, will able to buy 1 ticket for exactly 10k (10,000 gold).
You, the user, can request which numbered tickets you want to buy.
To request you tickets, please send the appropriate gold as a trade to me.
In the trade, indicate which numbers you want to reserve.
You can ask me to randomize you order based on the number of tickets.
Once I have randomly chosen your numbers, there is no going back.

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

I will randomize the winners using the post style GaiaOnline has provided.
There will be 3 posts after all the tickets have been bought that will be used.
These posts will indicate the winners, each winning a Polar Tear. (with the post style)
The same ticket can win a 2nd or even a 3rd time. You just have to be really lucky.

The winners selected on page 39 are show below bolded and win a size advantage~

1. Tear of Fate
2. VKiera
3. Cinnabomb
4. unrepentant manizer
5. LittleDream
6. Ib-Rose
7. MoonRosePetal
8. Khrate
9. Sara Hysaro
10. Tear of Fate
11. Prismatic Colours
12. mirukuchu

13. Fire 0ak
14. Ib-Rose
15. AstraSage
16. Code of Princess
17. Fire 0ak
18. Khrate
19. BlueSeaSerpent
20. Code of Princess
21. Cinnabomb
22. Ib-Rose

23. Fire 0ak
24. Equinoxious
25. Sara Hysaro
26. Tear of Fate
27. Code of Princess
29. Cinnabomb
30. Cinnabomb
31. Ib-Rose
32. Tear of Fate
33. MoonRosePetal
34. unrepentant manizer
35. Ib-Rose
36. sometimesalways
37. Fire 0ak
38. Khrate
39. Ib-Rose
40. Code of Princess
41. Khrate
43. LinkLuver
44. Prismatic Colours
45. LittleDream
46. Sara Hysaro
47. Ib-Rose
48. LinkLuver
49. Fire 0ak
50. Khrate
51. LittleDream
52. BlueSeaSerpent
53. Khrate
54. sometimesalways
55. Code of Princess
56. unrepentant manizer
57. VKiera
58. Equinoxious
59. Fire 0ak
60. Khrate

61. BlueSeaSerpent
62. Prismatic Colours
63. Code of Princess
64. Fire 0ak
65. Cinnabomb
66. MoonRosePetal
67. LinkLuver
68. Sifen Yamishi
69. MoonRosePetal

70. Ib-Rose
71. mirukuchu
72. Fire 0ak
74. LittleDream
75. Tear of Fate
76. sometimesalways
77. Cinnabomb
78. Cinnabomb
79. VKiera
80. Equinoxious
81. LittleDream
82. Prismatic Colours
83. sometimesalways
84. Equinoxious
85. Code of Princess
86. Chixen
87. Fire 0ak
88. Sifen Yamishi
89. Sifen Yamishi
90. Code of Princess
91. Khrate
92. Tear of Fate
93. LittleDream
94. LinkLuver
95. Tear of Fate
96. LittleDream
97. Cinnabomb
98. Sifen Yamishi
99. LinkLuver
100. MoonRosePetal
101. mirukuchu
102. unrepentant manizer
103. Equinoxious
104. LittleDream
105. Code of Princess
106. Khrate
107. Code of Princess
108. Ib-Rose
109. Eternal Ice Prison
110. Sifen Yamishi
111. Fire 0ak
112. Tear of Fate
113. Cinnabomb
114. Prismatic Colours
115. Tear of Fate
116. MoonRosePetal
117. Ib-Rose
118. Khrate
119. Cinnabomb
120. Tear of Fate

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Versatile Lunatic

18,000 Points
  • Snowflake Collector 50
  • Frozen Sleuth 100
  • Advent Attendee 50
I love the background!
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15,750 Points
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  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Team Moira 200
I bought it
But I can't say I like it until I see more poses
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10,400 Points
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  • Bunny Hunter 100
  • Bunny Hoarder 150
I tried searching the lyrics in the item description with no luck. I wonder what they mean?
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Tipsy Lunatic

7,100 Points
  • Peoplewatcher 100
  • Tipsy 100
  • Money Never Sleeps 200
Do y'all reccomend buying one? o: I have a couple hundred GC saved up.
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Cluttered Kitten

14,000 Points
  • Champion 300
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Elocutionist 200
User Image
I feel like this one has a lot of promise after seeing the beautiful background.
I'm so happy that the artists went with a winter theme like people were asking for.
That background has a serious magical prettiness about it. <3
I kinda want to get one but then again i kinda want tot wait.
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Kyvec's Spouse

Unbeatable Bunny

31,150 Points
  • Partygoer 500
  • Alchemy Level 10 100
  • Battle: Level 10 250
Do y'all reccomend buying one? o: I have a couple hundred GC saved up.
Holiday EIs tend to make very good long term investments.
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Tipsy Lunatic

7,100 Points
  • Peoplewatcher 100
  • Tipsy 100
  • Money Never Sleeps 200
Ridley Starsmore
Do y'all reccomend buying one? o: I have a couple hundred GC saved up.
Holiday EIs tend to make very good long term investments.

Hmmmm... All right. I think I will. smile Thanks!
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Apocalyptic Star

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  • Perfect Attendance 400
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Not my style at all. At least for the moment.

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