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le iggy
The purse is sooo cute! I really like it!

But why just one pose?

Probably because we got three initial poses when it was first released. 3nodding

Oh, it makes sense!

I just hope it goes faster from now on sweatdrop

Me too~! I'm already impatiently waiting the next evolution! whee
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i love the new mini-evo handbag
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That purse is so cute! I really like this light green that's being used. Could I please be added to the fan list, Winter? 3nodding

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Aww the purse is adorable! I'm still deciding whether I should buy it or not though. >0< I'm sure this decision will kick me in the butt later on.
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I absolutely love the colors and detail... but none of the poses have impressed me enough to get it yet.
Hopefully the next evolution will have some clothing items! c:
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The submission phase of the Graphics Contest will end in 25 minutes.
Hurry hurry hurry if you want to enter.

Edit: I will be updating the poses and the fanlist soon.
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I bought another one heart
i know its gonna be girly but idgaf
Its probably by buki so + 500000
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Ohh pretty purse is pretty *A*
I can't wait to see more of it, and apparently it will have some of that peach color, like the one from Kaguya and La dragonne
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Hmm I'm really deciding if I should get his or not.. The poses aren't too wowing for me, but then they may become really amazing and I'll wish I got it.

It has so much potential.
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I have no idea who to vote for, for the graphic contest.
Both are awesome. (and different) gonk

    Eh...a little disappointed tbh. neutral I'll hold onto mine in case it picks up I guess. (temp. lost profit too)

    To top it off, I just realised the item is spelled wrong. sweatdrop It can be either Petite Chérie or Petit Chéri, not one in between (unless that was deliberate but I'd say it wasn't since this doesn't look like it has a plot with a trap or anything).

    lol @ how I notice these things after I'm disappointed
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That green is so lovely and artist put in lots of effort into getting texture nice heart
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That's a really cute handbag! emotion_dowant
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I don't like this REI so far :/
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le iggy
add me to this list winter~! emotion_yatta

I think you forgot me, Winter. :c

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