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Aekea 0.22222222222222 22.2% [ 2 ]
Barton 0.11111111111111 11.1% [ 1 ]
Durem 0.55555555555556 55.6% [ 5 ]
Gambino 0.11111111111111 11.1% [ 1 ]
Total Votes:[ 9 ]
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Aekea Champion

Just checked the leader board and dis:

Aekea 1344
Barton 1327
Gambino 1189
Durem 1094

We're [still] totally winning cool

Which made me wonder what happened last time, who actually won? I was there (Aekea represent!) and I know we sucked so bad that time, but I can't remember what happened and I was sure there was a conclusion manga, but the manga goes from Gambino prepping zombies for the olympics and then into Halloween.

2008 Results

The announcement of the 2008 winners
[credit to Ametenshi Vlos Valsharess]

The Lost Manga
[credit to MoonRosePetal]

Short topic is short not as it was before I edited it.
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Bloodthirsty Abomination

Barton won I think.


I know we got the burned toast trophy.
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Tipsy Man-Lover

I'm fairly certain it was Durem.... but I might be thinking of the Water Balloon event.
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Magic Mage

Barton won last time. It was kind of an upset, since Durem was the most visibly popular team, and had won the water balloon fight previously.

Aekea was dead stone last that event. :V ... I think Barton might have been dead last for the waterballoon fight, too... if I'm right, that's funny.
Dan D Lie N's avatar

Beloved Perfectionist

Barton won I think.


I know we got the burned toast trophy.

yeah... i got my silver trophy to prove it. (was durem)

if barton comes from behind and wins again im gonna be pisssssssed.
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Dedicated Bunny

They fell behind on the Comics 4 years ago which is sad it had some cool stuff with Louie and the magna form of that one fangirl from the mini game. They posted them later but they pages aren't canon sadly
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Magical Kitten

I have a burnt toast trophy in my storage from either 08 RO or the water balloon fight, and I was on Isle de Gambino for those.

But I don't remember much else. xd *so unhelpful*
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Swashbuckling Nerd

I think Gambino must have lost. No surprises there really.
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Invisible Phantom

Nobody ever remembers Isle de Gambino, which I have always and always will consider to be my hometown. emo
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There was a thread, or maybe it was an announcement, of a comic that was never going to be. It was the conclusion of the rejected olympics. I read it, had something to do with louie and vegan blood packs.

@ OP: Sorry for kicking your a** last olympics. And, I dont know what the ******** is going on this year. You guys are back with a vengeance?!
Idk, but it's scary. We would be winning otherwise. Damn underdogs.
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Moonlight Mage

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User Image

There was a conclusion manga: Gaia's Lost Manga

But yeah. Last time Barton pulled ahead and won. I figure they might try to equalize the scores eventually like they always do sweatdrop

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Barton won, Aekea was last only slightly if I remember correctly.

Really the biggest thing to come out of it if I remember correctly was Gimpi was released cause the imps were so popular.
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Hallowed Nerd

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Girl-Crazy Hellhound

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Barton won I think.


I know we got the burned toast trophy.

Yep! This is how it went down!

I was a Bartonite. I have a gold trophy in my invo still... I was envious of the burnt toast, that was so funny! I don't even have a team this time around.

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