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I [USERNAME] acknowledge the superiority of the original Grunny.

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          Oooh I love grunnies! Please add me to the list 3nodding
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all hail the little green bunny i still have in my inventory
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The original grunny yes! Add me to the list. whee
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long live the original Grunny (and Prunny)!
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I still have original Grunny in my inventory. Add me on the fan list! biggrin
Six months? Wow. eek I love my G Corp, but that's dedication.

While I don't dislike Diedrich per se, I'm a bit discomfited by his presence, mainly because of the dubious connection to Gambino and being...something clearly not "true" grunny but marketed as one. If they really are active in the wild, then I suppose a variant breed could have emerged by now, but in terms of the site's storytelling, there should really be some differentiation.

He could be totally adorable if not for that. *shrugs* It was amusing to watch him face off against Mitt Romn--err, Friedrich.

Either way, I agree with pretty much everything you've said here, so there's not much left for me to add. Long live G Corp, and wherever 101 is, I hope he and Grunny are together.
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Fanlist me, please. Those lime green things that claim to be grunnies are cute, but the originals are the true grunnies to me. Diedrich is a gummy-grunny or something...
Great image collection, too! Thanks for posting this thread.
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The gramsters in ZOMG!'s sewers were grunny cousins more or less. Loved those guys...User Image
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add me to the list please ;D
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Please add me to the fanlist? I do heart that mutated green grunny that everybody hates but I also heart the original and best. xd

Btw are you going to mention Gramsters, just because they are kinda like Grunnies?
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also add me to the list lol
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Some additions:

SDPlus #131 G-Corp Labtech
Framed Gaia Artwork #'s 13, 14, 25
Aquarium Mini Monsters Grunny Sub Drop
Aquarium Mini Monsters LT Grunny Sub Drop
Aquarium Mini Monsters Grunny Sub Card
Thank You Letter Oct 2007

Gstore IRL Merch (No longer available for purchase)
Grunny Plush
Grunny Slippers
Grunny Wristband
G-Corp T-shirt with Grunny on back
(for the last two I have images on my laptop at home, can provide later)

Wallpaper for "Gaia on the Go for ios" (or whatever its called)
Graffiti on the wall in Dumpster Dive
Giant Grunny in RO-Mini Comic
Jigsaw puzzles: x5 refrences
Gaionline.com/downloads: x1 poster image x1wallpaper refrence (grunny chocolate)

And that's all I've got for now as I should get back to work.
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emotion_kirakira It's so shiny and nice! 6 months is a long time, I hope you feel like it was worth it, it's really informative.

I wish they'd do more with the original Grunny's, alongside having Diedrich. I assumed when he was first introduced, that he had human DNA spliced in, but they never went anywhere with where he came from. G-corp could have created that catastrophe that is Diedrich. I think the community didn't like the idea of him being part Gambino, because they wanted Gambino dead completely, so the staff may have decided to go away from that.
It was the only thing that made sense to me, and explained why he had human aspects unlike all other grunnys. He does have some form of mind control, like Hitler with his public speaking skills, so I thought "OMG, the G-corp mixed a grunny and human, perhaps Gambino!" Apparently not.
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add me to the grunny fanlist heart
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Wild Lover

Count me in!

I keep hoping the original grunnies will one day try to eat Diedrich ninja

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