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Rufus rocks!

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Banner made by Dinotoes.
Welcome to the Official Rufus fan thread!
Here we will discuss, ponder, and hypothesize over Rufus, the lovable cat from Barton Boutique!
Enjoy the thread!Dancey Dancey!
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1. Do not quote the first page.
2. Do not spam, please.
3. Do not just "chat", if I have to I'll make a hangout thread if it comes down to it.
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~September Nineteenth, 2009-- Contest is over, talk like a pirate day is today! pirate
~September Seventeenth, 2009-- Contest is almost over, talk like a pirate day is soon! pirate
~September Thirteenth, 2009-- Event canceled due to bad planning, contest is up!:3
~August Twenty-Fifth, 2009-- Our one month anniversary is coming up, and we are going to have a party! Look in events for details.
~August Twenty-First, 2009-- We may have to get rid of our Officialness due to this. Don't worry though, I have alerted that thread, and we'll keep this name as long as possible, fight for the name!
~July Thirty-First,2009-- So much has happened, fan stuff, many members, us becoming official, affiliates and more, it's going by quick. biggrin
~July Twenty-Ninth,2009-- The fan thread is made!
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Everything Rufus! From facts to appearances, this is where you can find everything there is to know about Rufus!
Rufus' Profile!
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Rufus is the pet cat of Ian, owner of Barton Boutique. He seems to change eye color, from being spotted with yellow eyes or brown, and he has gray and white hair. He usually gets into mischief, such as spending his college fund on 60,00 painted eggs so that there could be a Easter Event. He has gone through many things, such as owning Barton Boutique when Ian was away, through fish shortages, and never wearing pants.
Here is what Rufus looks like as a human!
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~Likes-- Fish, Dancey Dancey time with Ian, Ian, and Diaries.
~Dislikes-- Pants, and Rina dressing him up.
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~Manga--#8: The Masque's Press Conference
#9:The Masquerade
#10: The Trial of Ian
#11: Valentine's Day '06
#18: Convergence
#22: Prom Drama
#25 Cat Fish
#28: Stranger Danger
#29: Stranger Danger 2
#30: zOMG!
#33: Valentine's Day 2009

~Mini Comics--When Ian Was Away
The Gold Mountain Basement
Eggcellent Adventure
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Here is our fan section! If you want to be a fan then please clearly say so. 3nodding
1. Darkening Flash
2. Coolfactor
3. Esper Shiva
4. Alinasashina
5. g-team ranger cyradius
6. Jayce Reindhardt
7. Hug Stealer
8. Dinotoes
9. likespike/nerdherd57
10. mistress_hydro
11. Unshared
12. Mizzy Jagger
13. Chromatic Effekt
14. MystrousOfTheDark
15. dragonlord523
16. Lulu_Tiffany
17. ashleyapathyy
18. Tinidril
19. Slick Southpaw
20. Hnakki IV
21. Help The Bombardier
22. Kuchiki Riuku
23. Kaneko Kawagishi
24. Amurana
25. Neko Tifa-chan
26. RokketoDan
27. Twiganut
28. Fruitbot
29. ii-angelicfoxpup
30. Sephyroth Von Helson
31. Love of Hatred
32. Solerace
33. lifelovelaughter
34. NekomiChan001
35. Grooviness
36. Xefi
37. Hello Kisty
38. demi_and_selena_fan
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Make fan stuff of Rufus! From art to fanficts, do what ever you want that involves Rufus!(PM it to me or post it in this thread)
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Rufus with a fish~By Darkening Flash
Fish?~By Dinotoes
Fish face~By CioccoLatte
Rufus:3~By Enheritance
For the fish!~By SofiaDragon
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Diary entrys made by fans on what we think Rufus would write in his Diary, click here to read the entrys!
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On August Third, 2009, I went into Ask The Admin, held every Monday, and asked six questions at 6:00PM! This was suppose to be a one time event, but the first one went so well that now I go into the AtA, representing the fan thread, and ask questions! Click here to see the archive of questions/answers we have received!
If you want your own Rufus related question asked, just post in this thread and I'll put it up for the admins to answer!
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Run Rufus' errands!
The contest is over! Congratulate the entrants/winners:
Entry by Kaneko Kawagishi
Entry by Jayce Reinhardt
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On September 19th, it'll be Talk Like a Pirate Day! Get your self a eye patch and a dead fish, and celebrate Talk like a pirate day, by well, talking like a pirate! Maybe we could bombard Barton town? surprised
[Future event]Rufus Cosplay day!
Tell me how it looks, everything is customizable except the items:
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Total Value: 4,146 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Black Whiskers Face Tattoo
Radicool Fluff Socks
White Gloves
Gray Longjohns
Rufus Cosplay

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~Links in--User Image

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~Signature links--None yet.
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~Dinotoes-- For making some awesome banners, art and Rufus appearances. 3nodding
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No one yet, let's keep it that way.
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Loaded Billionaire

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I was wondering when this was going to open... I love Rufus! He's so cute! I will gladly be a fan of your thread. I can do some art of Rufus in a while.
I was wondering when this was going to open... I love Rufus! He's so cute! I will gladly be a fan of your thread. I can do some art of Rufus in a while.

Yay, first Rufus fan. biggrin I got sidetracked when opening the thread, which was suppose to be six hours ago...
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Yes, I'd like to join ninja
Esper Shiva
Yes, I'd like to join ninja

Yay. biggrin
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Rainbow Lunatic

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Rufus is adorable whee heart
I'll join. XD
One fact is that he's the pet of Ian. :]
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Magical Spirit

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im joining. another fact is that rufus hosted the easter 2009 event.
Jayce Reinhardt's avatar

Noble Spirit

I'll join.
I own the Ian fanclub so Ian and Rufus go together like PB&J.

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