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EDIT 7/3/10: HOLY s**t PEOPLE STILL POST IN THIS THING??! I'm the worst thread-master everrrr. gonk
Just an FYI, I don't look at this thread anymore. XD But have fun with yer edits an' whatnot. Wewt.

WE HAS A BANNER NAO!!!11 Made by Insert Taco Here. =D
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The other one got chatterbox'd.

Not cool. D=<

I makes another one.

'Cause I wanna show mine off to everyone.

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Font used: Anime Ace. I downloaded it at abstractfonts.com. =3


And keep it PG-13.
where did you get that?
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I made one but I deleted it.
I'll make another one in a minute.
Thats a good one.
see sig :V
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I saw that in your signature I thought it was funny xD
Sig related. I'm horrible at shooping, but I think I got the point across.


Damn, someone did it before me, and better.
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i did beat you to the idea though
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Made by: thermoplastick

~Our dreams are the wings that will help us reach the sky.~
Sweet Angel Mary
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i did beat you to the idea though

Yeah I know. xD I like yours better.
HA. These are great. xd
i shall make one soon im just thinking of the best idea xd
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I just love these..
It makes me want to get photoshop back.
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These are all pretty funny. If I think of one, I'll post it here. mrgreen

EDIT: Not Olympics related, or GCD bashing, lol.

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