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Would you buy any of them? (if you had the money)

yes 0.43617021276596 43.6% [ 41 ]
no 0.56382978723404 56.4% [ 53 ]
Total Votes:[ 94 ]
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Magical Shounen

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The Anti-hero is such a great recolour. Sadly, I would have no use for it.
The wings on the other hand...they suck balls, I wouldn't even give up $10 for it, let alone $50.
They look like those extra items in a regular CS bundle and that's probably where they should've went; A new CS bundle.
PandaBells's avatar

Beloved Fatcat

those wings heart
But I never liked the hair from the second item it leaves to much forehead talk2hand
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Feral Hunter

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That neogaia is a sexy recolor i must say emotion_drool
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those wings heart
But I never liked the hair from the second item it leaves to much forehead talk2hand
I love it. crying
Imperial Shockies's avatar


User ImageUser Image
♥ ♥

I love them. biggrin

It's nice to see that they are updating this shop a lot.
Like.. super updating it. It seems that every week now
it's getting something special, whether it's new items or
a little sale on items in the shop already.

I really like the wings, hence why I bought them. I wouldn't
have minded if they were only $30 too.. but I paid $50.
Whatever. I really hope they come in ebony or a dark color
soon. And I appreciate it even more if they're going to be
using the club to have items that are like.. nice alternatives
to expensive old, sought after items. I'll die if they make an
item that is similar to DJs. emotion_drool

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
I hope they update it ever like 2 week. xd
Yorugami's avatar

Demonic Vampire

OMG those wings!!!
They would be perfect for my current avatar gonk
Dammit why did it have to be so expensive...

Stupid Club Verge and their 50$ price tags...OTL
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Those wings would be perfect if the anklets were actually the head part. But I still love them! I've always wanted to have a more neutral colored pair of minis, too bad I am poor. crying
Ex vivo's avatar

Tricky Saint

Those wings are meh. Now that NeoGaia recolor on the other hand emotion_dowant
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Ruthless Champion

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The Ivory Florish Wings looks like a cream version to me. Not really interested. As for the NeoGaia Anti-hero, the color looks decent, but the only pose I like from the item is the leg mod. I don't like to buy items just for one pose. U___U
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I love the Ivory Flourish Wings! I'm so getting those wings yum_puddi
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Beloved Bunny

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I love those wings, but that price tag is just too high for such a small accessory.
Maybe one day I could save up gold for them.
Fanny Flaps's avatar

Devoted Heckler

The little wings have a certain charm, I'm a sucker for subtle accessories.

Call me when they've got purple head-flaps (minis)
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Magical Senshi

I want that antihero for my avatar emotion_facepalm
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Witty Risk-Taker

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The NeoGaia Anti-Hero is a pretty nice recolor. Not sure if I'd buy it though.

The wings are pretty, and I expect that quite a few people might buy them up. Not my style, but I can see a lot of people wanting them.
meep12345's avatar

Muscular Bard

Which one would you rather buy (ignore the price)?

If I had to pick, I'd say NeoGaia Anti-Hero... But only if I ignore the price... And had to pick one, because, truth be told, I don't care for either cat_confused

Are these the kind of items you were expecting from this shop?

I can't have expectations for a shop that I wasn't aware of before its release, so, no, I was not expecting these kind of items from this shop cat_rolleyes

How much would you really pay for these items?

...Maybe a 149gCa$h... You know, the same amount you pay for a single RIG, because they're nothing more than what I expect to see come out of a RIG cat_rolleyes

Do you like it?

...Like what? cat_eek

What else do you expect from this Store?

Again, I never had any expectations to begin with, but with current trends... I suspect more of what I won't being buying cat_wink

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