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Has anyone recorded the Gaia Towns 1 theme?

Yes 0.12121212121212 12.1% [ 4 ]
No 0.3030303030303 30.3% [ 10 ]
The music, it burnsss usss 0.24242424242424 24.2% [ 8 ]
I would record it but lack the know-how 0.27272727272727 27.3% [ 9 ]
*coughcoughsneeze* Hayfever. :< 0.060606060606061 6.1% [ 2 ]
Total Votes:[ 33 ]
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I was actually a fan of the town's Event music in the past. I can't recall how many years ago, but it had really nice themes for Christmas and Trick-o-treating.

Edit: Found a few videos on youtube.

The kick in the regular towns song is really obvious on the headphones I'm wearing. :3

I will miss it. It is a lovely cruisy little song.
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The towns music, oh god I'd be humming that for days. Recently my boyfriend forgot his phone at work so I made him get on Gaia to talk with me. The first thing he said was, "I didn't miss this music at all."
I think towns 2 is a little better, but not by much lol

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We've been warned many times over the last twelvemonth (maybe) that Towns 2 is ready to take over from Towns the Original. And with that, even its music will be supplanted. Of course we knew this, but with the helpful prodding from dev alerts, we're reminded that time draws ever nigh.

Having heard the music, yea, even before the drumbeat was added, for such a long time, I thought of it as Gaia's true theme. Fishing doesn't have music. Word Bump does, but the game is so generic. The Towns theme is simple but charming and completely inoffensive. It matches Gaia so well in my eyes. (Those of you who see a dark underbelly, what music would you choose?)

Has anyone captured Town's music for posterity? Will it be part of the Gaia Wiki?

And speaking of posterity -- will people upload clips of themselves standing in Towns 1 in front of their houses, as one more thing to show future newbies what they can never have?

EDIT: now that I am wandering around Towns 2, catching slow-moving bugs, it's easy to hear Towns 1 music buried in Towns 2. O_O

DarkNrgy wrote both themes.
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It's on youtube. :3

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