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For sentimental or aesthetic reasons, what items do you almost always have in your avatar's outfits?

I'm particularly fond of the shadow spirit in the pose I have it in now, me and a friend irl call it 'bleach' (inside joke, eheh). I also really like this halo I bought today, imo it looks a lot nicer than the angelic one (silver > gold).

discuss, gcd!
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Mah, I change items a lot, my outfit usually changes thrice a day, but I've never changed my hairstyle. I've had it for over three years now. 3nodding
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My pimpin' cane and my scar. The scar for obvious reasons being scars don't heal, therefore unequipping it would be stupid. I don't know why I grew so fond of the cane... but I love beating n00bs with it. twisted
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My mask an elven ears never, and I do mean never, come off. All my outfits have to be able to work with them or I won't make the outfit. Why do I never unequip those items? Tell you what, go try and equip them together and see what happens.
pandy pack couse hes my buddy xd
My demonic anklets.

I e-stapled them to my ankles so they won't come off. crying
With my current avi, there is officially nothing I absolutely have to have on my avi.

It used to be I always had my emo glasses and Buck Teeth, but lately I've been a bit more adventurous. I still think that any other avi than this one will probably go back to having my glasses and teeth. I'm not used to seeing my avi's eyes/mouth. It looks weird, to me.

I guess that's one thing I always have on my avis: face covering.
I can't seem to not have an avatar without gold in it. I think it's cause it's so easy to match. n_______n
Odd combos? I have no consistency...
Well, hair. xd

Seriously, I spend a lot of time on getting just the right hair when making up new outfits.

I actually plan to use my NOW bought pet in many outfits...I always did love the shadow spirit in all of its forms. :3.

my ears and teeth mrgreen
The only times I'd ever leave off the elven ears would be if something's covering the area where they'd be, and the only times I'd ever leave off my horns of the demon are when I want absolutely no black on my avatar.

I like using the kings [sic] beard, devil tail, morgana's gloves, and pirate patch too, but they aren't absolute staples.
Elven ears and the leg warmers heart no matter what avie i made i´ll allways have to put those items on, is a shame that male avies can´t use them emo i would like to put them on a mule too :XP
My Goti clips x3
Well over half the gold I used to buy them was donated to me.
It was the biggest donation I ever got, so I really appreciate it whee

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