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I had issues with a crazy stalker a couple years ago whom bothered me through my posts. Though I dont have issues with him any more, with this new system in place I can rest easier knowing he has no way of contacting me should he decide to see what Im up to. This update is a big win in my book.
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I think it's used more in RP as well. I run an RP thread and I would occasionally have issues with people, so I would ignore them. If it's just someone disagreeing in a discussion thread, well of course that's a silly reason to use it.

But say someone starts following you around and spamming you with PMs all the time. Constantly. With things you don't want to read/look at. I mean sure you could troll them right back I suppose, but not everyone enjoys doing that.

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i dont have anybody on ignore at the moment, but its nice to have when it comes to a point where you have exhausted all your patience trying to understand the person and have been proved time and again that he/she has nothing else to post that you would find worth knowing about.

on being ignored...well if you know you are not being offensive to anyone and you still get blocked just shrug it off as something petty and move on. it's just not worth the trouble of getting butt hurt over something trivial.
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For some people, getting into conflicts is part of what they consider entertainment. but for others, it's just not their cup of tea so the better alternative is to put anger-inducing persons on ignore.

This is exactly why I use the ignore feature. There are some users who I completely disagree with so rather than shout at them or get frustrated at what they've got to say I just use the ignore feature so I don't have to come across them anymore.
Some people may think it's rude but hey, you would ignore someone in real life if they were annoying as hell (unless you're one of those 'Real Housewifes').
i love this feature. especially after its new update.

i ignore everyone who irritates me. simple as that. gaia is more or less like a social networking site. and any social networking site needs a block feature.
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I stopped using the ignore feature a few years ago whenever realized that I didn't want to have a list to remember people I didn't like xD so I removed those people, who also happened to be no longer active anyway (nor could I remember them). I've only used it recently because I kept getting tons of these botting PM's. and after one account got banned, another one would surface. So reporting didn't really solve that problem xD
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I disregard people who are complete pillocks and with whom I do not want to have to deal.

... I am also somewhat obligated to similarly disregard the people that my typist hates. She will not assist me in communicating with such individuals, and I'm not about to do my own typing like a plebian.

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