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Would you like better control over your eyebrows?

Yay 0.76973684210526 77.0% [ 117 ]
Nay 0.046052631578947 4.6% [ 7 ]
OMGGOLD 0.18421052631579 18.4% [ 28 ]
Total Votes:[ 152 ]
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Questionable Loverboy

Personally I think there are two ways to handle this problem and gaia should do both. One is the the gold shop idea. There are those of you saying it would take so much time to make beards and eyebrows in eye shape and shade. Well it also took alot of time and effort to do all the hair and eye items, but they're were worth it and loved in the end. I don't think anyone would expect alot in the begining, but it can be built upon later.

The second thing would be creating an eyebrow item somewhat like the agate hair item. Something change the look of the more expensive hair items. This would allow so much more flexiblity and may even make some items that unpopular because of there eyebrows a little more indemand now that it can change/give different looks. I image that you can even have fun with this. Have different looks for happy, sad, mad, confused, or shocked. Maybe have a secret look, like seductive of wiggley. That reminds me, why isn't there an animated wiggley eyebrow item? There should SOOOO BE one of those!!!! whee
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Feral Bunny

My headband covers mine. xd
My male mule accounts have suffered this problem tho.
Eyebrow EI is approved by me.
For this avatar, I have very light eyebrows.

It would be nice if there was a eyebrow style color change in the Salon Durem. It could be eyebrows deluxe made for an gaian. You can have your eyebrow tinted, thicken or lighten. You can have eyebrow poses for your avatar..... lol
I would love an eyebrow animated item or EI as well.
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The dread hairstyles. Makes me want to murder a rallier.
All the dread hairstyles have obscenely angry eyebrows that I couldn't ignore if I tried.

Masquerade is a godsend for the bangs evolution. I'm lost without my Masquerade, honestly.
Your Baconess
So I guess that's all I have to say. I thought there was more, but I'll just edit the post if I think of it......


*Edit* Don't believe how important eyebrows are? Here is my evidence:
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That photoset is creepy as hell emotion_0A0
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Corvus Enca
That photoset is creepy as hell emotion_0A0

My work here is done *bows*

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