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Would you like better control over your eyebrows?

Yay 0.77124183006536 77.1% [ 118 ]
Nay 0.045751633986928 4.6% [ 7 ]
OMGGOLD 0.18300653594771 18.3% [ 28 ]
Total Votes:[ 153 ]
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Secksy Panda's avatar

Sparkly Fairy

I would love some eyebrow options. quite a few times there some hair/eye i wanna use, but THOSE BROWS. I just cant do it.
Foxy Bandit's avatar

Loyal Gaian

I'm guessing Gaia would have to remove eyebrows from all the hairstyles in the goldshop and make a separate layer for them. Knowing Gaia, I won't even dream of having such a nice feature.

Even if knock offs of Gaia have had it for years. '~'
yea al ittle but that is wweird
Liber Chronicarum's avatar

Kawaii Carnivore

Ahah, yeah , eyebrows sure can be frustrating when creating an avatar : at times , the hairdo will be perfect but the expression just...won 't be it.

So I think I would also enjoy an eyebrow implement item, but sadly, I don 't think they will do it :
people who want strong expressions generally work their butts off for for either Princess Manner , Angelic something or Loathing/Monster Style. But those are still extremely comic styled and concern all the face , so maybe your idea could work ...But I sadly guess that wigs ' eyebrows would cover them anyway.
yakiterri's avatar

High-functioning Unicorn

there's time when I don't want eyebrows at all... my current avi is ruined by those ugly eyebrows!
daydreamer_girl's avatar

Fluffy Wolf

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Yeah.....I think eyebrows have ruined a lot of hairstyles for me. I remember the shop updates for hair in 06-07 didn't interest me for the most part because of the eyebrows. I think that thought still holds out to this day.
I Sinistro I's avatar

Lordress Viper's Husband


I'd get more hair if the eyebrows weren't always like "HAIDERE!!!!11111!!!!!1111!!1!!111111 8D" on some of them. Like the hair in the Gold shop, for example. Some of them. . . they don't go well with my eyes. That is why sometimes I wear a mask (other than the fact that my OC wears one). But the eyes and hair that I have right now (as well as the hair for Vampire Sound), I'm totally cool with.
If Gaia let us mess with the eyebrows on our Avatars, I'd be so happy.
Kuyusi's avatar

Questionable Codger

An eyebrow mod would be amazing, I often find myself wishing I could make a more expressive character than what we're limited to with the eyebrows that come with our various hair options; I can usually find something suitable but it'd be cool to have a little bit more control over the expression, with varying shades of eyebrow color. ^-^
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Kawaii Nerd

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Yeah, unfortunately the anime style doesn't give a s**t about any facial features other than eyes, so gaia neglects everything else while giving us five pairs of eyes a week. Though to be fair the eyebrows don't bother me as much because at least gaia gives us plenty of them. They may be attached to hair, but at least we have plenty. The same can't be said for noses.

I actually really like the Bad Moon brows, but I'd really like to have them in different expressions. Like, I'd love to have sad eyebrows or one raised eyebrow or something.
Rallaa's avatar

Romantic Mage

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Yeah, I've had whole avatars that looked perfect except for the eyebrows and it completely ruins it for me.
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Sparkly Shounen

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Wish Gaia had better brows for most of the store hairs, they're all pixel-y and the girl ones are over-plucked and the guy ones too heavy. We get nicer brows with wigs, why can't they do the same for the store? gonk
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Lucky Saint

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******** yes, eyebrows! I say we need them even more than make-up.

Not really, but still My favorite face pose is the one from Sour Tsundere, because eyebrows are amazing.
Zana Bonanza's avatar

High-functioning Lunatic

I'm upset because I don't think the wig I'm wearing even has eye brows. I was gonna use different eyes, but there was this big empty space where the brows shoulda been, and I was like, "Eh, that looks weird."

Totally agree with everything else that has been said, too.
allegoriest's avatar

Apocalyptic Lover

Almost all the hair I have ends up giving IMMENSELY ANGRY BROW or the brow of eternal sadness. I'll have lips making a kissy face, come hither eyes and GRAAAAWR EYEBROWS OF RAGE. ~__~

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