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I would like to see recolors of old hair from SD,cause a few hair styles need to be in other colors.Like the 'sleek' hair style,I want it in white,but thats never going to happen. emo
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Zzyli - Zzy as in Xylophone, Li as in leaf

I would really love some basic t-shirts which aren't in the 2003 colour palette. Just things which I can wear to flesh out an outfit in a variety of colours. Also, even though I've never bought from there & don't really intend to in the near future, a Dernier Cri update would be loved. At least it gives me pretty & absurdly expensive items to look at.

My other hope is that they don't keep choosing absurdly specialised items to win the Crosstich contests. I like to have things I can wear which don't steal the focus of the outfit (less animal hoodies etc. & more simple designs).

Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative...
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I am hoping for versatile basics in secondary colors from the gold shops this year. blaugh I want this to be the year for green, purple, and orange. User Image I would also love to see some more yellow that is not gold. The artists did give us some secondary colors in most of the gold shop updates for 2012, and I hope to see that trend continue. I like the suggestion Aprinn made of another versatile set like the tavern wench set that has inherent combinations but the individual components of which can also be combined with other items. I also agree with Zzyli's statement that most CrosStitch items are too decorated to be useful to me.

I don't use poses made out of froth (okay, except the Elegant Corsets), so I'm hoping to see fewer items in that vein this year; maybe that was the 2012 trend and we're done with it now. sweatdrop
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Can I has proper panda ears? emo
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I just don't like most of the ones already available. Most of them make your feet look like they have mutated in to overgrown, pixellated clubs. gonk I am being picky, but more specifically I would love a decent pair of plain brown boots that don't look like you're about to stab or squish someone with them.

I also feel as though H&R Wesley could do with a bit more in the way of 'luxury fashions'. Plus top hats, you can never have more than enough top hats.

We have had some pretty decent cash shop updates this past year though, especially the Chullo hats which are adorable.
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I'd love to see something for the CNY. Snake boots, dresses, coats...there is a lot of potential there. Hopefully we'll see some accessories and trinkets in Barton Jewelers as well.
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I'm the kind of person who likes simple colour accents for their outfit. As such, I wouldn't mind an update from Barton Jewellers again since that shop seems more dedicated to that sort of thing. Wouldn't mind a few new clothing accents from elsewhere either.
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I am hoping Global Imports will have new items but not CNY related stuff. I think we have plenty of Chinese-themed items already (I'd definitely welcome snake items though).
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I like really simple stuff that goes with anything, or can make anything. I guess I mean stuff that is versatile? Also more male and gender neutral items, since that stuff is more my style. And I know the guys would appreciate it immensely.

What I really want is a huge jock strap update with kits for a bunch of soccer/football teams.

Just. want.

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emotion_kirakira I love gold shop updates!!! can't wait for the first of this year <3
I want gloves... in basic colors, and regular feathered gloves... please :<
I really want is a huge jock strap

Oh, the phrases I pick out...! emotion_awesome
Anyway, I would be interested in seeing more casual clothing like sneakers and jackets.
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I really want is a huge jock strap

Oh, the phrases I pick out...! emotion_awesome
Anyway, I would be interested in seeing more casual clothing like sneakers and jackets.


Agreed with your sneakers and jackets. More street style clothing would be nice.
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I would really like to see more recolors. I think that's a nice less labor intensive way to get us more updates. I think that's all I really want are just more of them. It's a good old fashioned gold sink and I don't know why it's not taken advantage of more often. I dropped over 100k with the last recolor update without even trying to.
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I am not a fan of the gold shop so i don't have any expectations. But i can still be surprise like last month. Those recolors fishnets and bow are pretty cool i guess.

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One thing that I'll say now and to which I will always say: More purple. Purple in shades that actually exist, instead of the very common idea whenever purple pops up to give it a brand new shade that sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the rest. That, and I welcome cheap purple. rofl
Shop wise: I would like Durem Depot to get a shop update this year. Simply because it has been seriously neglected for the past year or so. Majorly dissapointing. Also, less Buttercup cafe. Please, less Buttercup cafe.
As for what kind of items would be nice for this year: I've started to secretly wish for some band merchandise themed items. You know; tees, buttons, signed objects, holdable disc cases, you get the drift. I mean, we have so many NPC bands and all, and one of them does have a store NPC in them. So I would be so happy if a gold store actually had them. But that's not going to happen is it? OTL
Realistically, more casual clothing and basic accessories would be nice. As would more basic corsets along the lines of the dark elf ones.

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