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Deen's been around for awhile. In his first appearance he showed off his lack of respect towards clothing, and shown again in his SDPlus doll.

Colored manga....natsukashii naa~!
I miss the plot/shop NPCs.....

Already tried the "I am" pose in Towns2.... So much fun flapping about!
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I Love The Finale Of Deen's Potion biggrin Im A Angel Imp Right Now :3 Hope There's A Devil Imp..
660k Is Actually Low.. Make It 740k biggrin
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I Love How Angel Imp Flaps His Wings/Ears xD
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When I first saw the announcement, I didn't see the wall paper, but oh my, it's lovely! 8D

I'm still a Gimpi fan over Dean and Mona though.Still kinda wanna buy Deen and Mona's potion, but Mona's potion is now seriously inflated for what it is.

I kinda want them to do a sequel EI where it shows Deen as a knight and Mona and Gimpi doing whatever they ended up doing.
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I'm going to miss hearing about Deen's funny little nudist outbursts whee I hope to see more Gimpi, Deen and Mona related items in the future wink
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I need those eyes in every single colour please Gaia~
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I wish these poses were included in the original Gimpi. I feel that the poses themselves don't really stand alone, and the finale moved a bit too far from its base story.

Sorry to be such a negative Nancy, but I guess I had higher hopes for this one.

But, I do like the eyes. Those are pretty. 3nodding
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Those eyes....
....are the windows to my kawaii weaboo soul~ emotion_bigheart *kirakira*


I was hopin' for a lil' more out of this REI but eh.... The eyes are cute. XD
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I love this item! It has so many uses for my outfits! heart emotion_kirakira
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It's terribly cute. I am a fan heart
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That cape is so unique too. I hope we get more REIs from gem2niki. surprised
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im a deen fan. as well as mona and gimpi. and i was very sad about this item. i was hoping for an angel imp pose. so that i didnt have to rely on the potion that changes me forever and it not cheap. and it could have included more nudeness. not just an open shirt.

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