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well, i bought one, but i'm still not sure i'm a fan.
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Don't the imps have those talons instead of feet? D:
Am I remembering them wrong?

-Shows off chicken feet-

The club can't handle me.
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That made my day. lol

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Chicken feet? ;-; yum_tea

Don't the imps have those talons instead of feet? D:
Am I remembering them wrong?
I remember all the complaints and suggestions of not being able to wear shoes because of the imp base.
Personally, I'd still love to see leg mods despite this, but they may come with imp feet. emo
Well, I know users want pants...maybe it'll give us really nice pants--ones that aren't too bulky or too slimming.
I don't knoooowwwwww..... orz

Oh, that's what you meant! xD
Silly, me. I thought you were trying to say that all male leg mods look like chicken feet. orz
True, I'm not fond of those chicken feet either. :<
But naked imp sounds like we're going to get a body mod. Does Deen have abs? I don't know what to expect. yum_tea

Oh dear, no!
I meant the talons.
The really good male leg mods are sexy!

I don't know about the abs, though.
I like his blonde hair-strand-sticking-out thingie (I forgot what they are called in Japanese)
And as previous users mentioned, gorgeous blue eyes :3
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I'm really looking forward to seeing what's in store, especially if we get a nice background! u w u (Also, those MP prices, LOL)
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*rolls on the floor* come ooooooooon drop faster gonk
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I'm probably the only one who'd want an angel imp foot mod from this REI ;_____;
It think it would work so well with my tengu base

I remain semi-hopeful for this regardless
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I'm definitely intrigued by this. It was just a matter of time. xd
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new rei ekkk *u*

add me up on fan list pls emotion_kirakira
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Bought one. sweatdrop But I am now ready. emotion_dowant
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I saw a petition for a Deen's Potion last month, so this was nice to see. 3nodding
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Everyone should get Imp-a-fied.
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Going to keep and eye on it, and maybe buy one when i got some gold, cool to see a return of an items previous story always appreciated.
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I hope people buy more of them, it's current price is absurd for a REI.
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I can't be the only one wondering if this is related to another Deen somehow? Will our hero make some terrible gaffe at the academy and / or have an interest in cooking overly rich foods?
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I hope people buy more of them, it's current price is absurd for a REI.

It's probably going to stay high for a while, thanks to the sudden gold income from Flynn's Booty for the last few days.

At least it gives you time to figure out whether or not you actually want the potion when more poses has been released. ^^;

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