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The Deen's Potion Discussion/Fanthread

It has finally happened my sweet GCD brothers and sisters. The Gimpi saga has returned.
It has been several long years since the original Gimpi went through its stages of evolution.
Were introduced to Gimpi, Mona, and Deen, but now, Deen is finally getting his story and item.
Will we learn why Deen was naked? Will his school life be bittersweet. Who can tell? Not me.
And with all that, I know present the discussion/fanthread. May this thread be a hub for all things
Deen. It will be filled with links, evolution schedules, REI facts, in-depth poses, and more! ☆


Pose Overview (not in-depth)

User Image / User Image
1st Gen / 2nd Gen

User Image


Artist Information (info + links)

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(profile / journal)
Evolving Items:
User Image* User Image User Image* User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

RIG (CI) Items:
User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

Cash Shop Items:
User Image User Image


Rapid Evolving Item (REI) Facts

For those new to 499GC Rapid Evolving Items, here are a
few facts or observations that you should become familiar with:

499GC Rapid EIs have a unique evolution rate.
It gains new poses every Tuesday and Friday.

Once the item has around 13-14 poses it will
reach its finale the following Friday. The finale
will contain 5-6 new poses. After the finale it
will no longer gain new poses.

After the finale has been reached, a 2nd
generation of the REI will be released in the
Cash Shop. This 2nd gen will contain the
exact same number of poses.

For further information, please send me
a PM or quote me in this thread.

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The Poses (In-Depth)

User Image User Image User Image User Image

[ Pose 1: Icon ] [ Pose 2: Ster Academy Badge ] [ Pose 3: Ster Academy ID Card ] [ Pose 4: Morning Shirt ]

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

[ Pose 5: Track Jacket ] [ Pose 6: Track Pants ] [ Pose 7: Campus ] [ Pose 8: Spring Vest ] [ Pose 9: Spring Shorts ]

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

[ Pose 10: Hair ] [ Pose 10x: Add Agape Scissors ] [ Pose 10x: Add Centurion Scissors ] [ Pose 10x: Add Both Scissors ] [ Pose 11: Ster Academy Hallway ]

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

[ Pose 12: Cape ] [ Pose 13: Mouth ] [ Pose 14: Eyes ] [ Pose 15: Knight Chestplate ] [ Pose 16: Knight Shoulder Armor ]

User Image User Image

[ Pose 17: Knight Cape ] [ Pose 18: I am Angel Imp ]

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The Announcements / Story

User Image

Deen’s Potion tells the story of the angelic imp Deen as he attends Ster Academy, hoping to graduate as
an Imp Knight in training. The only problem is Deen has some… interesting tendencies that seem to ruffle
some feathers! Can Deen overcome his natural desire to be naked as a jaybird and excel at the Academy?

User Image

Our favorite angel imp’s difficulties at Ster Academy are only just beginning this week in Deen’s Potion! Deen
decides to greet the sunrise the only way he knows how: by stripping off his uncomfortable pajamas and
standing out on the balcony to enjoy the breeze. Unsurprisingly, the Dean and the professors of Ster Academy
are less than thrilled with his morning routine. After catching Deen in the act several times, they warn him to keep
his clothes on or else face expulsion. Alas, poor Deen seems to be learning all his lessons the hard way.

User Image

Deen’s favorite class at Ster Academy so far is Physical Education. It’s the only class that doesn’t force him to wear
his itchy uniform, and if he gets sweaty enough he even has an excuse to take off his shirt! Of course, Deen sometimes
gets so carried away that he ends up removing everything, which generally ends with him streaking across the field,
much to the dismay of the shrieking female students and the panicked instructors. Eventually, Deen’s quest for complete
freedom results in a severe punishment: he needs to remain fully clothed while in PE.

Still, Deen is determined to see his year at Ster Academy through! He’s given a little respite when Winter Break starts,
allowing him the chance to return home and be as naked as he pleases. Although Deen couldn’t be happier to spend
some quality pants-free time, our favorite angel imp is also eager to return to Ster and keep studying to achieve his goals.
Only one more semester to go!

User Image

Winter Break is over and that means it’s Spring Semester at Ster Academy! The warm
weather brings with it a bit of relief for Deen: the spring uniform. Its shorter sleeves and
knee-high pants are much more comfortable for him to keep on that the stuffy winter
uniform! Besides, Deen worked out some of his pent up nudist urges while safe at home.
All in all, Deen’s been doing so well he’s set to graduate by the end of the semester!

Ster Academy isn’t all studying and itchy uniforms, though. All year long, the Academy’s
students had been looking forward to the big Spring Formal -- and it’s coming up soon!
Deen’s noticed that one female Imp in particular has been really friendly with him. She
even started to give him lunches every day! One balmy morning, Deen received a love
letter to meet his anonymous admirer in the Great Hall that very night. Unsurprisingly,
it was that friendly Imp! She confessed her feelings for Deen and asked him to be her
date for the dance. However, there was one condition: he had to promise not to strip at
the Formal. With a smile, Deen flat out rejected the poor lovelorn Imp. The thought of
being unable to strip off his clothes and party at any time was preposterous. Besides,
Deen was already planning to go all out nude with his friends after the dance anyways!

User Image

It’s finally the day of the graduation ceremony! After four long years of itchy uniforms
and boring lectures on what constitutes “inappropriate”, Deen has somehow made it
to the very end. Our favorite angel imp can barely contain his excitement, as after
graduating he will finally begin his training at the Royal Imp Knight Academy!

The ceremony is an austere affair, with the students wearing ceremonial robes
and everyone else wearing formal attire. When Deen hears his name called he
proudly leaps to his feet, strides across the stage, and promptly proceeds to
disrobe in front of his family, friends, and professors. Needless to say, his diploma
is withheld. After completing a one week course on proper public etiquette, Deen
finally receives his diploma early that summer. That means he still has a few more
weeks to spend with his friends, and to enjoy various clothing-optional
events before Imp Knight training begins in the fall! Hopefully Deen has
learned his lesson and will keep his clothes on there as well.

But we’re not so sure he will.

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The Fan List

To be added to the Fan List, one must merely ask within this thread.
Try not to quote me concerning this. I do read every single post. (Trust me)
Simply put "sign me up for the fan list" and you will be added. (Eventually)

Sweet Angel Mary
Consulting Time Lord
Odd Cinderella
Baby Banirabu
Sifen Yamishi
Magnificent Moonbeam
Ami Satomora
amazing clare bear
Han Hyun
Misfortuned Checkmate
Words of Disease
Arche Elf

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setting up - last setup post
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add me first to the fanlist!

I been waiting far too long for this item! scream
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Well, Gimpi always been one of my favorites... ^.^ heart

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i'll become a fan
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Not gonna lie, when I saw the title of the announcement I thought it was a Paula Deen tribute REI about food and butter... boy was I wrong! sweatdrop

But in all seriousness, this is gonna be good. Add me to the fanlist as well?
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Fan me up, Hue! wink
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I quickly went to try to buy the whole set.
Unfortunately everything is crazy inflated for now.
It can wait xD
I'm so curious to see what we get

Add me to the fanlist please!
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add me first to the fanlist!

I been waiting far too long for this item! scream

I know, right? You all about the Gimpi.
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I was looking for this post. xd
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I didn't expect we will have another Gaia NPC REI after the Moira one. o:

Looks okay at the moment, but I'm curious how the story will go so far. Oh well, guess I have to wait till Friday to see how it goes.

Of course, I know a certain Imp fan will be pleased to hear about this item.
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Sign me up for the fan-list! Been waiting for this item to come out ever since I got my Gimpi.

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