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Welcome welcome o’ fellow users of GaiaOnline! Looky looky, we have our new RIG for the month! Please
be patient while I compile the list when the items are first released, it could take a few hours to find everything.
May they be ever so interesting and be ever so in our favor~ This thread is also announcing the unsealing of the
November 2013 Advance Chance. Rip open those singles/bundles everyone and let us get down to business.
In this thread, I will be listing all of the items from this RIG. I will only be listing newly released items. Do note that
older items will always be re-released in our monthly RIGs. So prepare yourself for the occasional old item.
Make sure to check the marketplace tags to make sure it is a new item before you list it in this thread. After I compile
the list, I will add “Complete” to the title of this thread and add links to other helpful threads. All right, let's get started.

Basic RIG (CI) Facts

1. RIG (Random Item Generator) / CI (Chance Item) = Same exact type of item.
2. RIG (CI) singles cost 149GC and bundles of 9 cost 999GC. (Sellable in market)
3. GaiaOnline releases Advance Chance bundles (costing 999GC) every month.
4. Advance Chance bundles unseal before the general release of the RIG (CI).
5. Advance Chance bundles cost the same as a normal bundle. (Always 999GC)
6. Advance Chance bundles also contain the same amount of RIG (CI) singles.
7. Monthly RIG (CI) will contain new items and re-released items. (random)
8. Everything is chance oriented. There is no way to “win” a RIG (CI).
9. RIG (CI) have different play types. Character, Stage, or Dating/Romance.

With that out of the way, let me introduce the RIG (CI) for this month, the Verdant Grove! Here is the Announcement
and the Promo Page for the Verdant Grove so you may be more educated about this particular RIG (CI). Below
are the links to the RIG (CI) singles and the bundles. The image links in this thread shall direct you to their marketplace
listings. Use those to your advantage so you get the most out of the Verdant Grove. Now let’s get started! heart

Single / Bundle / Advance Chance

User Image / User Image / User Image

Although this is a list thread, this is still the GCD. Discussion is absolutely required to keep this thread going.
Discuss what items you like. Did you like the game play of this RIG (CI)? Did you not like it? What items
have you won? Do you know the artists behind each item? I must stress though, please do not bump this
thread or quote any of my topic posts (the first 3 on this page). Also, please do not get off topic. This is not
a thread for selling what items you have won. Take that to the Exchange forum. Do note that the first handful
of pages in this thread will be other users posting the marketplace links of the new RIG items. This is merely
to help me compile the list faster. Once that is out of the way, discussion can properly take place by all.
If you wish to grab my attention, either send me a PM or quote one of my non-topic posts.

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*Features new and old items. All new items are listed in the post below*
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Rare RIG Pet

User Image
The Forest Fawns

Club Verge Items

User Image
Verdant Grove: Cobblestone Path
( Cost: 1,499 GC )

User Image
Verdant Grove Bonus Bundle
( Cost: 2,500 GC )

User Image
Silkrose Stroll
( Cost: 2,500 GC )

The Items

User Image
Beyond Brown

User Image
Chirpy Chubs

User Image
Dark Forest Style

User Image
Demeter's Wreath

User Image
Dirge's Serenade

User Image
Divine Deity

User Image
Emery Flower

User Image
Energetic Plantimal

User Image
Evertree Embrace

User Image
Fairy Ellette

User Image
Le Pavot Rose

User Image
Lila Fa

User Image
Mane Unihorn

User Image
Pahn's Horns

User Image
Primrose Path

User Image
Raccoon Companion

User Image
Ruby Toadstool

User Image
Sapphire Cave

User Image
Shortcake the Strawberry Plush

User Image
Syndarian Summoner

User Image
Yggdrasil Fae

The Sets

User Image
Evening Toro the Bulltaur

User Image
Daylight Toro the Bulltaur

User Image
Misguided Brother

User Image
Misguided Sister

The Recolors

User Image
Astra-110: Verdant Waltz

User Image
Astra-111: Wisteria Breeze

User Image
Bat Companion

User Image
Wood Sea

The SDPlus Dolls

User Image
SDPlus #469 Ellette

User Image
SDPlus #470 Dirge

User Image
SDPlus #471 Pahn

User Image
SDPlus #472 Kinrui

User Image
SDPlus #473 Toro

User Image
SDPlus #474 Primrose

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Seems like a nice one, but I'll wait until I see the items.
But dam, it's gonna be so expensive, at 6M+ the bundle ;__;
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urgh, this paper can wait emotion_kirakira i'm ready for some new items!
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the art is sooo cute
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Time to take a break from Pokemon and begin lurking this thread. ninja
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I just knew Winter would be on it! LOL

Hello all!
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it's coming
gaia_crown gaia_diamond gaia_crown
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so who got what?
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I've had a crappy day, so this better be awesome. emotion_donotwant
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Verdant Grove is the name

"Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wagh’nagl fhtagn."
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